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  1. From the aMoL Epilogue and Perrin's search for Faile... It seems to me that Perrin did something not unlike what Rand did in lighting the pipe. He pulls the horse aside, but doesn't use his strength to do it, or the passage would read "the strength it required" or somesuch. Since one thing Perrin had in common with Rand was his ability to bend reality in Tel'aran'rhiod, are we to assume that the waking world now has a watered-down version of the properties of T'a'R? And that that is why will now works on the waking world? From Chapter 13, "What Must Be Done."
  2. You're right. Logically, he had to have been in Aridhol before Aemon died, because Manetheren died right about when Aemon died, so there would have been no Manetheren to betray.
  3. It's possible that Mordeth was a high-ranking officer of Manetheren before coming to Aridhol, since we don't really know anything of his origins before that, but that's a shot in the dark, whereas we know the person in the flashback commanded the entire army at a battle remarkably similar to the one describe by Moiraine in tEotW and in the BWB, which was commanded by Aemon.
  4. Here are the parts I'm talking about. So he's referencing things like Dreadlords and Trollocs which, to my memory, were not present at Falme.
  5. Must have the wrong chapter, I will double-check when I get home, but it's just after being separated from the dagger, while in Tar Valon, and it's Mat's POV, in italics but in English.
  6. I'm open to the idea that his experience in tDR chapter 18 was not a memory, but that's how I personally understand it, especially with the flashback-italics used. I agree that it is impossible to pin any particular aspect of Fain's madness given all the things that have happened to him, but it still checks two boxes on things he has in common with Mat.
  7. An opinion, but not mutually exclusive with old-life memories if true. I don't recall him speaking the Old Tongue, but he chose the name Ordeith because it meant "wormwood" in the OT, so he at least knew something of it that a peddler wouldn't have. Whatever traits Fain has post-Shadar Logoth can certainly be attributed to his merge with Mordeth, but he takes on at least a few other aliases throughout the series. That's not out of the ordinary, but it could fit into a puzzle where he doesn't know who he is anymore...
  8. I'm not either, but Mat had the rare occasion for a non-channeler to be affected by a Shadow-related taint(yes, I use the word "taint" freely) unique to male channelers like Rand. Mat later would receive memories from the Eelfinn, and there's no reason to my mind that those memories had any connection to the dagger because the Eelfinn just had them and gave them as part of the bargain, and probably could have done so to anyone. His episode in the White Tower in the Dragon Reborn, though, was long before he met the Eelfinn. He already had something in him, unrelated, that led to him barking orders to long-dead soldiers, and it manifested at the very time said darkness was being forcefully removed from him.
  9. I figured someone would mention if he had. If I'm wrong about that, then at the very least, I would maintain that it can't be coincidence that both Rand and Mat experience memories/behaviors that aren't theirs to an extreme when deeply held by a taint of some kind, and hold that as evidence that Rand can still be considered mad for hearing LTT in his head even if LTT is actually there.
  10. I don't think Aemon popped into his head when he picked up the dagger. I believe he was always in there, and that LTT was always in Rand.
  11. At the time when he was at a breaking point with the dagger, yes, that's what I believe. Once Healed and recovered, he was "sane" again and IIRC did not have instances like that. The memories he received in Rhuidean are different. They were placed into the part of his mind where his actual life experiences used to be before he lost those- the "holes in his memory," so accessing them is no different for him than remembering things he'd actually done in his current rebirth, except for having so many more than a 20-something should have.
  12. The tDR one, from what I recall, he was in the process of being separated from the dagger, which had such a hold on him that the Aes Sedai weren't sure he could be.
  13. I always equated sanity in the Wheel of Time to being able to filter out all the lives and memories inside one's head, being someone constantly reborn and spun out, and focus on the present life. Among other things, the Taint wears at that filter, allowing other lives to slip in. In this way, it is true that LTT is really there, and also true that Rand would not hear him fully sane. This would also be why Aemon bled through when the taint of the Shadar Logoth blade was at its most potent in Mat, near to consuming him.
  14. You're right, I totally forgot. And yes, Bera and Kiruna. They wanted to send Greens so the Warders could defend them from Aiel.
  15. In Chapter 50 of The Fires of Heaven(To Teach, and Learn), Leane laments that two Aes Sedai had been sent to the Waste "chasing ducks." Unless I'm mistaken, Leane and every relevant person in the room at the time are well aware that Egwene is not actually Aes Sedai yet, only Accepted, so besides Moiraine, who was the other?
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