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  1. The text of his death strongly suggests that he was killed by balefire. The appendix of one of the later books (along with some conversation between ishamayel and Graendal) show that Graendal was the one who did it. People killed by balefire can't be reincarnated by the Dark One. I also doubt the DO would want Asmodean back, since he kind of betrayed him.
  2. There are sub-sections of the girls storylines that are completely useless once the book is finished. What's the point of the Black Ajah Hunters storyline? To show how the Black Ajah worked and that there were some people inside the White Tower who were willing to cooperate when the distrust was at its highest. Egwene finds them ... and then they play no part in her storyline after that. The breaking of the Tower is solved due to the Seanchan attack. The Black Ajah is hunted due to Verin telling her how to do it. And later the Black Ajah is defeated when they attack Mesaana in the world of dreams and in various battles in book 14. The Shaido/Masema storyline took so long to solve (end of book 7 - end of book 11) that it, in the end, became useless. It was neat to know what happened to the Shaido, but Perrin's character development had to be done later by Sanderson in book 13 (finally solving the fear of becoming a wolf, getting skills at Tel'aran rhiod, accepting becoming a ruler), not to mention plot advancements (from book 7 to book 11, Perrin's army doesn't actually grow. The growth comes in book 13, when the matter of the Whitecloacks is solved and a new alliance is made).
  3. What about the Empire trilogy, written by Raymond E. Feist and Janny Wurts? Daugther of the Empire was written in 1987, Servant of Empire in 1990 and Mistress of the Empire in 1992. In it we see our protagonist, Mara of the Acoma, play the Game of the Council, the intricate politics, subterfuge and violence actions used by the nobles of the Empire of Tsuranuanni to gain power. It's also called The Great Game in that series. Just, so you know, to put credit where is due: Feist and Wurts created the whole "fantasy politics as a game" thing way before Jordan or Martin. To be more precise, Feist already had mentioned the Game of the Council in the Riftwar saga, going back as far back as Magician (1980), but the Empire trilogy is basically Game of the Council: The Fantasy Series, whereas the Game of the Council is a sideshow in the Magician series.
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  5. Forgot about that, my mistake. What happened to Fearil, her warder, after she died?
  6. Perrin: Because one of the good guys has to die and Mat and Rand are protected by the author. This is the only way WoT will have a meaningful main character death, IMO, with the fullfilling of the dark prophecy. Davram, Deira, Tenobia Bashere: Even if Perrin doesn't die these guys will bite the dust. Min saw an aura of darkness around Bashere and he can't be a DF since Rand Christ looked him in the eye. So he's probably going to die, along with Deira and Tenobia, making Faile queen of Saldaea. Alana: Somebody in the Shadow should know about her connection to Rand now. I don't think Rand'll become insanely suicidal (like normal warders do) due to being bonded to four women and also being ta'veren. But this could upset him much. Lots of Aes Sedai and Asha'man: we already saw some of the Black Ajah hunters die in TofM. Eben bit the dust in WH. So many will probably die in Tarmon Gaidon.
  7. We know what the Forsaken did before they turned to GLoD. Lanfear - researcher in the OP and TAR, hottest of the hot, power-monger. Ishy - Philosopher, Aginor - bioscientist Belal - Lawyer, swordsman Demandred - politician, soldier Sammael - athlete, soldier Balthamiel - anthropologist Mesaana - educationist Asmodean - musician Moghedien - investment councillor Graendal - shrink Semirhage - physician Rahvin - womaniser These are all full-time professions. No reason why any of them would have dabbled in ter'angreal making. It was a stroke of luck that Moggy had a clue about making cuen'dillar. FWIW, quite a lot of the stuff that AoL used would also have required advanced technology - funny glass columns with bizarre properties, weird metallic alloys, sound-recorders, kindles, stasis boxes. Even if they know how to do it in principle and they have some Talent, it would be impossible to reproduce these without a major industrial backup. The simple stuff like the domination band, they could reproduce even with 3rd Age tech. I'm sure foxhead medallion copies might suddenly appear somewhere at TG Not a single engineer there. So we don't get to see someone attempting to build a shotgun or a chainsaw, like in Evil Dead 2. It'd be kind of weird (but still awesome) to have an Ash-like Forsaken who tried to arm himself and his men with shock-lances and sho-wings and stuff like that.
  8. Slayer knows about Perrin's TAR abilities. Maybe Slayer underestimated Perrin and didn't think he should mention to Graendal that Perrin could walk in the world of dreams. That's one case where not sharing information hurts the bad guys and not the good guys (as usually happens in WOT). But I think Graendal's plan wasn't all that much, even without the dream spike. It consisted of trapping Perrin in a place where he would battle lots of trollocs and/or Whitecloaks. Among all the confusion, a DF whitecloak would try to kill Perrin, if a trolloc or other soldier didn't do the deed first. That's not really a great plan. Perrin has more channelers than the other forces he would face, not to mention that his army (with all those longbows) proved very good against one of the best of Randland's forces (the Aiel - the Shaido). Even if he was trapped, he could still defeat those armies and survive (unless Graendal was thinking about sending 1,000,000 Trollocs. But that would just be silly, since how much power would be needed for that? And how could that go unnoticed if it was done in weeks?).
  9. It must be said that Verin's compulsion was very subtle, so noone noticed a difference in Elza. Well, everyone thought it was weird that a Red would swear allegiance to the Dragon Reborn, but she functioned normally on all other matters. Moghedien's compulstion on the tavern owner in ACOS isn't as subtle. The woman had her brain partially fried. Also Graendal's compulsion isn't subtle as well. Rand comments that the guy they find who gives the name of Natrim's Barrow probably was slow witted due to her Compulsion. So using mass compulsion in the White Tower would be problematic. It seems people don't function as normally as they did before in several cases. The Aes Sedai could notice that something was odd with all the dumber people around and become suspicious of the Shadow. Rahvin used compulsion on all channelers he found in Caemlyn and it's possible that Be'lal and Sammael did the same. But they were in their own power base, secure from the notice of other channelers.
  10. Add to that list: Moghedien saw Nynaeve in Ebou Dar. Moghedien used compulsion on a tavern owner and went to the top story of the building. Moghedien used balefire to destroy the boat Nynaeve was in, sniper like ... BUT some birds took flight at that exact moment and she didn't shoot right. Nynaeve just kind of drowned and then got rescued by Lan. Nynaeve isn't even ta'veren for god's sake. This was just random luck (aka the author demands it). If all of the forsaken made a circle of 11 at TGH and attacked the White Tower or Rand probably a random lightning would attack the leader of the circle and make them easy bait. It's incredible how random luck save our heroes so much. Except for Graendal's plan to kill Perrin, which was just dumb. And for those who said that the Gholam should be sent to the Cleansing or the White Tower, remember that the Gholam received orders from Sammael only, who discovered him. And his orders were to kill Elayne and Mat. That's it. No one else even knows that he still existed or where he was. Sammael could've ordered him to do differently, killing different targets, but Sammy died in the meantime in Shadar Logoth.
  11. RJ talked about the why of that in one of his posts in the blog. He compared the Forsaken to the Nazis. In WWII some Nazi commanders were still sending resources to the concentration camps to kill the people there (Jews, gypsies, homossexuals, political dissenters) even when the people defending the Reich in France, Italy and Eastern Europe barely had resources. Why use trains to transport these undesirable people to be exterminated instead of soldiers or ammo or fuel? Evil sometimes is stupid, according to him, and so are the Forsaken.
  12. About Birgitte: She wore a short sword in this book. In previous books she refused to wear a sword when Elayne suggested it because she knew, from her past lives, that that would cause a distaster somehow. So there are two reasons Birgitte wore a sword in this book: 1) She forgot that she wasn't supposed to wear one. She's losing her memories more and more and this is one thing she forgot. 2) Brandon Sanderson forgot she wasn't supposed to wear one. I'm going to go with reason # 1. I'm just waiting for the disaster to happen now. Is the Caemlyn invasion going to be it? If so, it's not that directly related to the sword she's wearing. But maybe this works like superstitions do, like breaking mirrors or walking under a ladder.
  13. Exactly. It takes a long time for someone (not to mention a society) to understand that something is wrong. Like the example I used above: raising animals to kill them to eat is wrong. Yet most people in most countries (except India) nowadays eat meat. People five hundred years from now will be asking "How did people back then let it happen? Didn't they know it was wrong? How despicable they were! Their government should be dismantled and replaced for letting such a terrible thing happen! Animals have rights too, how can't they understand how cruel those farms were?". Just like we do now when we think about slavery or serfdom two hundred years ago. Indoctrination takes a long time to disappear. Slave-free societies are a very recent development in Europe/the Americas.
  14. I love the Seanchan. They're very morally ambiguous, being at the same time a system who's unforgiving and has slavery and a system that allows free trade, regional autonomy and gives stability to the land. They're also very feminist, with equal opportunities in career to both men and women (even in the military). They're probably one of the best of RJ's creations. Their society is incredibly detailed and has many similarites to the Ottoman Empire, the Chinese Empire and the Japanese Empire. Slaves there are both the hard-toiling guys who'd like to rebel and slaves of the state or slaves of the nobles, who're basically very powerful bureaucrats (like the mamluks, the janissaires or the eunuchs). Mamluks, janissaires and eunuchs never ended the slavery that created them, they just took power from the monarch and ruled in their place. The same thing is the most realistical goal possible with the Seanchan. Slavery isn't going to end out of the blue in that society, unless imposed by a much stronger foreign power. It'd take decades of reform (and the loss of prestige and power that actually demand any kind of reform) for slavery to completely end. Also they have a completely different mentality than most other Randlanders, again kudos to RJ to how realistically he prortrays a set of values and how people are very adamant on not changing it. Telling a Seanchan that slavery is bad and has to end is like telling someone nowadays that eating meat is cruel to animals, who are raised in a cruel manner and die cruel deaths. It's true, but most people don't change their views just because of that (only a minority does).
  15. Ishamael used Jain to his uses ("painted him a fool"). How isn't exactly clear, but both Ishy and Jain admit that this happened. Jain is probably ashamed of that, so he tells Mat to tell a Malkieri he died clean. It probably has to do with Isam and how Malkier became part of the blight. Jain caught one of the guys who did it. Maybe he feels guilty of not catching Isam? Or maybe he took part on that process against his will? Who knows? Also, Mat is going to run out of Malkieri men to tell about Jain very soon.
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