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  1. What I can't help wondering is: where's Mat and Perrin? You know, the other two of the three that shall be one. They must be dressed in drag.
  2. I thought this little snippet was great, especially the pacing. The slow meticulous crafting of Bayrd vs. the chaotic rambling of Jarid. I can almost hear the war drums starting up as everyone drops what they are doing and begins their solemn march to the Last Battle. DOOM. DOOM. DOOM.
  3. I voted Moridin-linked related suicide because it comes close enough to "death via Alivia killing Moridin."
  4. If the purpose of the Wheel is to maintain the structure of the Seven Ages (which I agree with), does this mean that when the Second Age comes around the Wheel will ensure that someone comes along to poke a hole in the Pattern? Taking this a bit further, did the Wheel spin out LTT in anticipation for a need to (temporarily) seal the Bore or did the Wheel spin out LTT to bring about the end of the Second Age (i.e., to both cause and seal the Bore)? Something to think about, Lanfear wanted two things: LTT and power. LTT dumped her, so she went after power...
  5. Don't forget that Rand regularly spies on his buddies. The longer Moiraine stays with Mat the more likely Rand will find out. Once he does, I think Rand will interrupt whatever he's doing to Travel to wherever they are.
  6. My motto regarding release dates is: if you can't handle disappointment, stop asking. Release dates get pushed back all the time. And it seems to be a physical law that the more something is anticipated, the more it will be delayed. It's like watching water boil or paint dry. Know why I'm all cool? It's because I didn't even know about the Nov. 2012 date. Now I'm going to sit back, forget about Jan. 2013 and be all chipper when Mar. 2013 comes around...
  7. As Tuon only does it as a hobby(not a career as Sul'dam) I find it unlikely she would have worked enough to be held by the a'dam. Tuon was able to train an Aes Sedai into a damane (Mylen) herself to the point that Teslyn told Mat to abandon her. This doesn't indicate that Tuon is close to touching the Source, maybe she just has excellent trainer skills, but I think it does show that Tuon takes her "hobby" seriously. Calling it her hobby is a serious and unfair underestimation of her abilities, IMO. Also, "a long time" is subjective and Tuon clearly has been a Sul'dam for longer than four months. Having said that, I have to agree that it's unlikely the collar would work on her. She's been tested less than a year ago and Tuon is young enough that I don't think "a long time" (of anything, really) would apply to her. Still, it's possible and unlikely doesn't quite have the same meaning where Mat is involved.
  8. I'm not so sure they will go to Caemlyn or the FoM (does Mat even know about that?). I'm under the impression that since Mat chose to save Moiraine instead of doing what Verin wanted that he won't be there for Caemlyn. Not that it's not physically possible, just that a sequence of events has started that will take Mat elsewhere. By the way, I was just joking when I said that they had nothing to do. Oh, I agree. One is born with the spark or not. Which is why I found the phrase "forced to spark" odd. But just because one is born with the spark does not mean the collar will work on them right away. It seems the collar will only work on those who have touched or are close to touching the True Source. RJ has said that Learners can start channeling on their own. It must be a conscious effort and they will likely fail (and like all wilders if they succeed they could also die). But it is possible. In the case of Sul'dam, I think their practice with the damane is akin to training in the WT. They learn how to control the OP through the damane while under the protective buffer of the A'dam. They never channel themselves, but they learn how to do it (safely?). RJ has described the experienced Sul'dam as "on the brink of channeling" which is why the collar will also bind those Sul'dam as well. One of Mat's Sul'dam starts to channel on her own, I believe. If she's a sparker, they'd just leash her like all other marath'damane. That's not such a big deal. The timing is especially bad now, but it happens. I think it'll be more of an issue when they find out all their Sul'dam will eventually be able to channel. I don't know if Tuon's "I choose not to" will fly with the general populace. When was the last time she was tested? She does get a lot of practice in and as Rose pointed out, she seems rather adept at it. She certainly seems to be "on the brink of channeling" to me. She doesn't have to have actually channeled to be held.
  9. I really like this idea. It's plausible, Moiraine knows the Seanchan need to be dealt with and now has a link to the Empress. I was thinking Rand would work out Mat and Tuon's relationship himself but here we find Moiraine with Mat and nothing to do. A slight quibble though, what do you mean by forcing Tuon to spark? If you mean force Tuon to consciously channel, I agree but this can be done whether or not Tuon has the spark. I think Tuon has far too much Sul'dam experience to be channeling subconsciously. In any case, slapping an A'dam on her would probably be far easier than whatever forcing someone to spark entails.
  10. True, it's not undeniable proof that the Wheel acted. But it is suggestive. As I see it, there are three viable causes of the memories. 1. Wheel's influence. 2. Lucky coincidence. 3. DO's influence. Knowing that the Wheel needs Rand to have the memories doesn't disprove 2 or 3, but it does support 1.
  11. Nothing makes this turning special. We know that for fact... Despite that this would support my argument that the Wheel always wants Rand to have the memories, I think you are taking RJ's answer out of context. The question posed was if something special made this turning the final time. The answer was no. I interpret this as: there is nothing outwardly special about this Age to make it the final time. If I could show why they would be valid, they wouldn't be assumptions. All I can provide are rationales for why I make them. If you care to list which ones bother you the most, I can perhaps defend myself. I don't want to stray any further off-topic so I'll just say that I'm in the real-world-is-not-predetermined camp and leave it at that.
  12. None of this compels me to think that the Wheel is incapable of action and intent. Nor would I consider the Dark One's acts part of the Pattern. We'll just have to agree to disagree. Oh, is that it? It seemed as if you were saying some real world human actions and interactions were predetermined. That may very well be the case. I just like to think that at some point the Dark One would try something different. (Think outside the box, buddy!) And let's not get into how things work outside of time. Circular time that doesn't repeat itself is bad enough. No, but the evidence does suggest that Rand's memories are a symptom of a form of madness. Therefore there is ample basis to say that Rand's pat life memories require insanity. This is where we disagree. It has not been determined whether Rand's memories are a symptom of his madness or whether Rand's memories are the cause of his madness. Not the point I made. Whether the Wheel wants them or not does not mean that the Wheel acted. It's a point I'm making. If the Wheel wants Rand to have the memories, it is reasonable to assume that the Wheel would act towards its goals rather than sit back and hope for the best. Afterall, Rand is its champion. It's not mutually exclusive, I agree. But the Wheel using the Taint to give Rand memories implies the Dark One always taints it in every turning of the Wheel. Which either implies the Dark One is incapable of change or under the influence of the Wheel. I'm not too fond of either ideas. It implies no such thing. Not unless you operate under the assumption that Rand must always have memories, which there is no reason to believe. That is an assumption that I am making. The reason is having LTT's memories is critical for this turning of the Wheel to the point that Rand must die if he does not have them. If it isn't the case that Rand needs the memeories every turning of the Wheel, what makes this turning so special?
  13. The Wheel isn't sentient, but it is reactive. Ta'verens and Heroes aren't spun out because the Pattern is exactly how it's supposed to be. They are spun out because the Pattern is straying from what it's supposed to be. And the Pattern is straying because individual threads are straying. Not everything is pre-determined. Referring to the bolded part; Come again? As to the Taint and actions of the Dark One becoming part of the Pattern, I see it more as the Wheel trying to weave the Pattern around those disruptions. Everything about the Dark One just screams "outside of the Pattern." Using the TP doesn't change the Pattern, it rips it apart.
  14. It's not mutually exclusive, I agree. But the Wheel using the Taint to give Rand memories implies the Dark One always taints it in every turning of the Wheel. Which either implies the Dark One is incapable of change or under the influence of the Wheel. I'm not too fond of either ideas. Yes it does. It answers the question "Does receiving past life memories require insanity." And the answer is no. This does not prove that insanity isn't the mechanism the Wheel uses. But it clearly shows that it doesn't have to. Unless you believe 'Finn magic is superior to Wheel magic. RJ said this about the Wheel: "The Wheel is more than a simple mechanism. Remember the Wheel can spit out ta'veren, can spit out Heroes as a self correcting device because the Pattern is drifting from what it is supposed to be. We are not talking about something as simple as a spinning wheel at all, we are talking something more along the lines of the most complex computer you could possibly imagine." And as to my objections with the Wheel using the Taint, see above in this post.
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