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  1. If Ned's marriage to Catelyn would make Jon a bastard, why wouldn't Rhaegar's marriage to Elia of Dorne?
  2. If you look back on the Tower of Joy sequence, almost half of Aerys' Kingsguard sat out the war that destroyed the Targ dynasty. No one ever wondered why? What's written in the White Book about those three? Ser Barristan has to at least suspect that Lyanna was pregnant. Dany's vision of a blue rose growing from a chink in a wall of ice while in the House of the Undying pretty much confirms that Jon is Lyanna's son, with Rhaegar certainly the most reasonable guess as the father.
  3. Anyway, here's what I think's going to happen with Littlefinger/Sansa/Tyrion: Littlefinger's master plan is for Sansa to marry Robert's heir Any theories about what's rolled up in those tapestries Cersai is sending Littlefinger? I'm guessing its the lost Targ sword "Dark Sister".
  4. I finished Name of the Wind today and I really enjoyed it; Kvothe is quite the memorable character. I'll pick up the second the first time I get off work early enough to go to civilization. (Man camp in the middle of the Atchafalaya Basin.) Hopefully the second installment sheds a little light on the Amyr and the Chandrian.
  5. eh. Imagine if he had really tried to bring an anti-war stance into the books, and had some hippy-elves as good guys to the extreme. That would have been a snoozefest. Well, the Children of the Forest are gonna show up one day, (maybe). They played some role in the War for the Dawn but its not clear what it was, just that they used primitive weapons, primitive for Westeros I mean. The Crannogmen have stayed out of the war as well. Howland Reed was at the Tower of Joy and apparently saved Ned from Arthur Dane but again we really don't know the details. The Crannogmen have a distinct Cajun feel to them though, and Cajuns have never been known for pacifism. Isolationism maybe. I really love that the Crannogman live in mobile homes in the swamp though.
  6. So is the number 3 connected to the event in tDR? If so, could it be the scene where Siuan mentions the two male s'angrael that are more powerful than Callandor? I gave the early books to a friend several years ago but if I remember correctly the actual phrasing was something like only two more powerful that a man could use were ever created. Which leaves the possibility of a TP s'angreal that could be used by men or women. Siuan is not likely to know the details of the TP but there could be fragments of writings from the AoL that mention a very powerful gender neutral s'angreal.
  7. A while back I was really big on this being the BUT, but someone pointed out that RJ had directly stated there would be no dragons. Still, the comment about how the jumari? would never transform now has been bugging me for years and I still think its a hint of something to come and not just a forgotten aside.
  8. Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix Culeen McCullough's "Masters of Rome" series goes into great detail concerning Sulla's humble beginnings, his association and later enmity with Gaius Marius and his complicated relations with the Julii. She bases her version mostly on Plutarch but its a much easier and more entertaining read. I believe the series is eight books long, beginning with Marius' rise to power and continuing through the fall of Antony and Octavian being declared Caesar Augustus. It seems like a project on the scale of WoT when you're starting the series but I found it fascinating and informative. My nominee for real life taveren is the great voodoo queen of New Orleans, Marie Laveau. Her real life accomplishments are so intermingled with her mythology that its more or less impossible to separate the two. Her first documented acclaim came during the aftermath of the Battle of New Orleans when she worked alongside Pere Antoine, the chaplain of St. Louis' Cathedral and a noted physician in his own right. He stated in various letters that he learned more about herbcraft and the treatment of fevers and inflammations from the illiterate teenager Laveau than from all his classical medical training, (he even named her as his mentor in contemporary medical treatises that he published decades later.) She was the dominant political figure in New Orleans for close to a century, no one could even claim to govern New Orleans without some accomodation with the queen. But what really gives her such a special place in my heart is the legend of how during her elaborate dance of ever-shifting loyalties during Reconstruction-era New Orleans she had reason to pick a fight with the Federal occupation forces by supporting the streetcar workers union, who were then known as the Po'Boys. During a protracted strike in the mid 1880s she sent out the call to all of the black kitchen employees to save all of the scraps from the kitchens for the striking workers. Various kitchen scraps on hard french bread softened with gravy eventually came to be known as the po'boy sandwich. Healer, midwife, hairdresser, spy, witch, politician, madam, at times a conductor on the underground railroad and at others a slave trader; legend links her romantically to figures as varied as the Marquise de Lafayette, Aaron Burr, and the painter George Caitlin. Quite an interesting figure.
  9. There were a couple of pointed references to a very large gravedigger who kept his face covered.
  10. Only problem with that is that the horn's affects only lasts a few hours. Once it wears off, Victarion will be fried. I'm assuming that some people must be immune to the horn's destructive effects. The Valerian Dragonriders did after all tame the dragons; of course they could have gotten a slave to blow it, but wouldn't the dragons then have obeyed the slave?
  11. I've always thought of Weiramon as a darkfriend, but off the top of my head I can't remember why.
  12. Has Brandon ever said if this was to be resolved in Towers or are we waiting another two years?
  13. Jon's parentage is not necessarily important for the overall story of the entire series (if the theories about him being the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna are false), but it will expand on his character development, especially if it is revealed that his real mother is still alive. Dany's vision of the blue rose growing from a chink in a wall of ice seems pretty definitive regarding Jon's mother. For the Undying to have knowingly provided a false vision wouldn't they have had to know a great deal about the Stark's and King Robert's Rebellion? I haven't seen any alternative theories that even attempt to address this detail. ?+L=J, with R certainly being the most likely candidate.
  14. Jaqueline Carey's two volume series The Sundering is told from the point of view of Tanaris, the top general of the "Dark One", Satoris. There were three humans who fought for Satoris in the previous age's apocalyptic battle, roughly the equivalent of the Forsaken or Nazghul. The rest of humanity + the elves believe Sartoris and his followers to be evil incarnate. Pretty much what you're looking for, but none of the characters are nearly as memorable as Phedre or Melisande from Carey's Kushiel series.
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