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  1. I never sugested that the Seanchan culture was simmular to that of the US or the Jews. I was talking about their role in the conflict not the culture. Anyway, Jhinko managed to poke a big hole in my theory :)
  2. I bow to your argument, Sir. You obviously know more about this subject than me, thanks :)
  3. Ye, maybe you're right, but I wouldn't say the Seanchan Invasion is as simple as a fight between good and evil. Other than their treatment of channelers (which is based on a misconception) I wouldn't say they are evil. They simply think they have the right to take back the lands which were once theirs. And no I wouldn't compare his writing to that of Goodkind, but even good writers beliefs sometimes shine through. One that comes to mind is Brandon Sanderson. His Mormon beliefs shines trough the Mistborn series. He does it without preaching but they are still there. Thanks for the reply!
  4. I'm not sure if I'm reading too much into this but I can't avoid seeing similarities between the Seanchan invasion and the Israel/Palestine conflict. If it was meant to be an analogy It seems like RJ weren't as hardcore Zionist as I imagine US soldiers to be Ok, so here are some of the similarities I've noticed - The return - They claim to have some ancient right to the land - They improve the standard of living for the inhabitants while taking the few right they had away - Their culture are more advanced and they have greater military power - (This one might be far fetched) their colors are red, yellow and blue. It made me think of the American flag even though it's not spot on. So what do you think? Am I Imagining the similarities? I do realize that you could probably make a list of of differences that's twice as long, but maybe not as relevant? I don't suggest that the Seanchan culture are anything like that of the US or Israeli. PS. I know this is a touchy subject for some people and I don't claim to know much about the conflict. I'm from Sweden, and in the spirit of the Swedish people - I remain neutral :) Please excuse my poor English.
  5. Hello fellow fantasy lovers! I'm currently working on a piece of fan-art for Joe Abercrombies First Law series and I need some help remembering some character descriptions. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/819/firstrule.jpg answer as many of these as you can please 1) Logen's missing a finger. on which hand? 2) I know Ferros eyes are yellow what eye colors do the rest of them have? 3)Is Bayaz fat? I saw some fan-art where he was depicted that way. 4 )What color is Jezals hair? 5) how tall is Bayaz and Jezal? taller or shorter than I've made them? On which side of the face did Jezal get hit by the mace? If there is anything else wrong with the sketch so far please point it out :)
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