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  1. I got one of my friends to start the series, and he LOVED the first book. He just bought the second, and he'll probably read the whole series. I guess it's because he likes good fantasy books. It's really interesting how he learned about the series, tho. One day he saw me reading WoT Now? (the webcomic at shadowburn.com)and he asked me what it was. SO i told him it was about the Wheel of Time, and I guess that was enough. I have a problem though! One of my close friends has read books 1-10 and refuses to read any further, because CoT sucked. HOW CAN I GET HIM TO START READING
  2. ahk


    ok, wtf?? why the hell is min not pregnant yet...apparently, she and rand get down every night for the past 3 and a half books...
  3. power- aided/wrought weapons!!!! u kno what that means? t3h ub3r l33t h4xx0rs who have Elayne's ability could so totally make like BFGs for everyone (but then u gotta worry about black market trading n sh!t) i kno...once they're outta the dark ages and back into the good techno age with pulse rifles and EMPs an the like....ull have writing like "then Perrin totally pwnd the Seanchan wit his mages but the frickin campers keep tryinta frag us at the respawn points." n "the lone whitecloaks are always LFG for UBRS"
  4. wow, i think ur right!!! especially since, in New Spring (novel) the Oaths and their effects are descrived in such a way that they are completely unbreakable. This must be one of those little things that ur supposed to overlook. I guess in this case u just gotta bear with RJ's inventiveness (he /has/ created a whole world in such detail...)
  5. yea, how much does it suck that Rand is actually Power-less??? how the hell is he supposed to fight Shaitan?
  6. when Rand and Galad meet, will there be an awesome showdown, or what? i mean Galad is the leader of the rebel alliance (so to speak) of the Whitecloaks, and Rand is, well...the mortal enemy of all Whitecloaks. Perhaps if Galad does want to fight, Rand will feel hesitant (Galad /is/ his half-brother) and maybe Galad will see him as the true Dragon Reborn? Incidentally, how the hell are the Whitecloaks supposed to treat the DR? does ne one kno?
  7. I'd agree with u on the above' date=' but I must say that I hate Rand/Elayne [i still picture her as being about 16 yrs old'] a lot more than Rand/Min
  8. i've read other people's ideas about this, but how much time has passed in the series? by my calculation, it's been 1 year (EotW opens in the late winter (April?); then TGH and TDR happen within about two months (up to beginning of July?); then TFoH sees the drought, which carries on into what should be the fall; then the Bowl of Winds is used in PoD in what should have been the fall already (beginning of November?); the winter storms are striking up in the sea in chap 21 of PoD (beginning of November?); then WH is obviously in the winter, and then once the Choeden Kal are used (mid-Decemb
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