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  1. 1. The Rand Must Die To Live Thing my opinion on this is not that rand must die but that LTT must die to allow rand to live... their souls must be separated in someway during the last battle allowing rand to survive... Rand dying is to obvious!! also the idea that maybe Rand and Moridin switch bodies seems kinda lame to me... just my thought 2. Taim, Logain and The Black Tower an interesting point. I think it is inherently obvious that Taim is either a new dreadlord or a supreme darkfriend so from this and the glory presented to Logain by Min my opinion is a climatic battle of good vs evil Asha'man in which Logain triumphs to pronounce himself the M'Hael... i am sure that the Black Tower will survive and continue. In fact i just wish there was a 13th book focusing on the growing trust a relations that will develop between the Asha'man and Aes Sedai my reasoning - i believe the term WARDER is a corruption from the Age of Legends that has happened because of the Breaking... I think that Warders are just a substitute for the "guardians" ie Aes Sedai therefore it will become a prequisite that Warders will have to be Asha'man and the relations between the towers will shape the future of the world
  2. reply about post credits ending that man in the body was professor X... the body was the brain dead guy we saw in the video... the body moraigh mctaggart "suggest" would be receptive to a life form Prof X was killed his soul lives because of his mental capacity and so he transferred himself into the body there ya go simple expl
  3. Jean Grey uses the asha'man trick in the final battle of xmen :O watched it last nite... exactly how i imagined it
  4. i was desperate for a new book because i had just finished the Pullman/Tolkien/Potter Series' and i found the first three in a used book store and havent looked back
  5. your all so harsh on faile big up the woman!!! she rocks... the whole her and perrin thing is hilarious the wolf, falcon, hawk idea is great because the whole animal thing rules the nature behind these people is great... unlike matt or rand they are so far fetched its cool... well i cant put it into words but the relationship is great
  6. well heres my idea... its just been thought up so please no damning if its wrong :) my idea.. that the whole history of RandLand is a wheel... HENCE 1st Age the time of non-power intelligence BUT bore gets cut/bored/watever 2nd Age the age Rand and his buddies are in now 3rd Age... a pinnacle of power 4th Age to 6th Age just more industrialisation 7th Age a self destruct thingy where they lose everything they worked to get there is my idea... rand and his friends are rediscovering lost talents... maybe they are becoming the AoL's again... also on the blurb of all the books it says "the constant struggle between light and dark" my opinion is that it is a game between the Creator and Dark One that us a cycle... and it has happened thousands of times before...therefore RAND could be the dragon reborn for like the 500 millionth time(hyperbolicism there) my final idea is that RAND and his companions are going to break the wheel... they are going to "flatten" the pattern and make it possible for people to prosper forever though this part of the theory is extremely weak THIS HAS BEEN EDITED
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