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  1. I don't think it can be Fain. According to RJ he's outside the normal weaving of the pattern now, a free agent unique to this Age. I don't believe he can necessarily be predicted in prophecy and potentially can cause any of them to fail, including Fortellings and Min's visions.
  2. How exactly? Other than a totally cheesy escape from balefire has done nothing worthwhile. She removed Arad Doman from the picture entirely via behind-the-scenes manipulation. It's still looking doubtful that they'll have any significant presence during TGD. No, Sammael has been confirmed as dead for quite a while. No, he has not. In fact, he was specifically cited by the others of the forsaken for leading the trollocs through the ways, as I have written. Read more carefully. Did you miss the scene I described in which the forsaken met? I am 100% sure that RJ said in an interview that Sammael was toast. Sammael escaped to T'A'R at the last second before being engulfed by Mashadar. Once there he was accidentally turned to toasted bread by a dreaming Basel Gill on a split-second appearance in the world of dreams. However since then Sammael was found by Moridin and reverted to a non-delicious form.
  3. If he's about a year old it could be Gaidal.
  4. We've seen this sort of manipulation before, when Egwene used the threat of Talmane's army of Dragonsworn to drive people to join her cause. -- dwn I don't think that's how Mindtraps work, they don't change your persona they just force you to someone else's will. I don't think you'd see that kind of "lifeless and cold" look in a mindtrapped person. From Moghedion's POV in ACoS: That description fits well with the dead-eyed lifelessness we are shown Tarna and Mezar. Their souls have been separated from their bodies/minds. Granted, it could still be the 13x13 trick at play here, yet RJ described it as heightening the darker parts of a personality while suppressing the good, which doesn't match that effect nearly so well. -- dwn Mindtraps pose far more problems logistically than 13x13. Provision of the mindtrap ter'angreal in sufficient quantities (we're talking many dozens if not numbers in the hundreds) plus trips to/from SG for the process to occur for each victim. With 13x13 you just need the relevant channelers and fades handy.
  5. I assumed the "super-weaving" was due to integration with LTT rather than directly part of his Super-Rand Powers.
  6. Light isn't doing as well as you seem to think. Most of the Black Tower seems to have been turned to the Dark. That's MAJOR. Demandred, the Dark's greatest general has been working unopposed and undiscovered since he escaped. Caemlyn could easily fall in the near future. The Seanchan are still determined to attack the White Tower and believe that they have to force Rand to submit to them. As it stands the big chunk of Randland they control may not participate in a helpful way in the Last Battle. I count failures there for Matt and Rand. Perrin has succeeded though, I'll give you that.
  7. "I don't have the answers yet." ... "In one months time, I'm going to travel to Shayol Ghul and break the last remaining seals on the Dark One's prison." ... "I want you to meet with me the day before I go to Shayol Ghul. And then... well, then we will discuss my terms." There's just no possible way a 'good course of action' could be determined in one day, so it's more like #2 than #4. Ehm, he has a month and a day to figure it out. He didn't say he would form a plan while meeting with Eggy...
  8. Presumably they think Grady's ugly son, though I didn't get the impression he was young enough to fit.
  9. Except that's not the point I'm arguing... Fine, here's a completely different analogy that may get through. Your umbrella(Seals) has a huge hole in it that's gradually getting bigger (Seals weakening), and 100 feet ahead is an umbrella bin (Plan for TG) with an umbrella in it. You're 200 feet through pouring rain from home (Tarmon Gai'don). You don't know if the umbrella in the bin (A plan for TG) is better or worse than your umbrella, so here are your options- 1. Keep going towards home with your rapidly deteriorating umbrella without stopping at the bin (Hold onto the Seals until TG and then wing it) 2. Throw away your umbrella because it's broken and walk to the umbrella bin with no protection whatsoever (Destroy the Seals and then make a plan to use during TG) 3. Throw away your umbrella because it's broken and walk home without stopping at the bin (Destroy the Seals and then wing it for TG) 4. Use your broken umbrella for the little protection it gives until you get to the umbrella bin and find out if it is better or worse than the current umbrella (Keep the Seals until a good plan has been made for TG or atleast having the Seals still handy if a better plan can't be made) From what Rand said, Egwene thinks he's trying #2 or #3 (Breaking the Seals then making a plan or just winging it), where the logical option is #4 (Keeping the Seals until a plan is made) I don't see why you would think he was planning anything other than option #4 from that analogy. He didn't say the seals had to be broken immediately, just that they had to be broken. He hasn't figured out the step to take after that yet, but hopes to before the time comes to break them. That's how it read to me anyway.
  10. Weren't they both in the same 'voting bloc' in the Hall? Egwene supporters that she had had called in and were left out by her opponents. It made complete sense to me.
  11. Alright, say the dam has been reduced to 10% efficiency. How do you know that 10% is not what is keeping your house above water? You don't destroy a dam before making sure it won't destroy the surrounding area in turn, that's common sense. Rebuilding is different, there is no problem with destroying a broken house, it's destruction will do no harm, the Seals are much more like a dam, breaking them is certain to do harm and then it may be too late to fix the problem. I guess we'll have to agree to disagree. I view the seals as a structurally flawed design from the very beginning. If you have a structurally flawed building, you can't simply patch it up and hope it's fixed. That's just putting off the inevitable collapse and handing the problem to someone else. You have to clear away and totally remove the bad and then start over. Confirmed by RJ. The Randlanders don't usually appear to see it that way but they should. The seals were clearly not completely or permanently effective.
  12. I don't think anyone is saying that the Seanchan culture isn't deeply flawed. But it's a mistake to judge it compared to modern society and condemn it while not looking at the other Wheel of Time nations in the same light. As an alternative to most of them it is nowhere near as repugnant.
  13. I tend to take every fortelling/vision/dream etc for post-Last Battle with a big pinch of salt. Fain is going to play a part in TGD and as RJ said he is a free agent, not part of the pattern's weaving. He can change it all imo.
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