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  1. See, I tend to give Lanfear the credit for stirring up the Shaido, I always thought Asmo was mostly just going along with her plans there. Waiting for his own opportunities to seize, of course, but I never thought he was the mastermind. And ultimately that plot didn't particularly aid the Shadow, as Rand came out of it in a stronger position and with Asmodean on his side, however reluctantly.
  2. "Favorite" and "most effective" are two completely different questions. Asmodean is far and away my favorite Shadow-side character, but he sure as hell wasn't a very effective tool for the Dark One.
  3. I think he was embarrassed after the nandera mistake and didn't deal with her again because of it. What happened with Nandera? What mistake? She was another Maiden, correct? Sanderson mistakenly has Sulin with Rand in The Gathering Storm, when she should still have been with Perrin. He apparently tried to come up with some explanation for it, then gave in it was changed in later printings (I think) to be Nandera who was with Rand and not Sulin, which is correct. Sulin's absence from AMOL bugged me too. I wanted to see her reunion with post-epiphany Rand. She considered him as brother, and her being sent off with Perrin's crew was part of Rand sending away people he cared about. Edit: I would add that there's no reason to think Sanderson was "embarrassed" and "didn't want to deal with her again," because he wrote her in Towers of Midnight. Her absence in AMOL is just one example of many minor characters who seemed to get lost in shuffle.
  4. I wouldn't consider her out yet. Graendal was basically captured with the gateway explosion, however she may be able to undo her own compulsion without it adversely affecting Sarene (by-the-way there was a viewing by Min about her having a temptuous love affair - presumably with her warder - which hasn't been mentioned yet). I actually assume their love affair had already happened, off-page. It certainly won't happen in the future, since her warder Vitalien was killed. His name is missing from the OP's list, BTW.
  5. You know what? That's actually an excellent explanation, as far as I'm concerned. The dead were walking the earth and interacting with people. Both RJ and BS showed us moments where that was to the detriment of people, this is a moment where it is to their gain. The dead were just walking the earth, but they were not interacting with people at all. The supposed "ghosts" never showed any sign they had any awareness of their surroundings. Which is why I dismiss the idea of Nakomi as a ghost, she doesn't behave like they did. I also don't think the ghosts were actual ghosts at all, but more like temporal anomalies, portions of the past bleeding into the present as the Pattern weakens and frays. I have no real theory on who or what Nakomi was. Nothing I can come up with seems to fit.
  6. Yeah, that's what I was saying. It looks to me from the quotes I've read on the subject like Brandon created Nakomi out of something found in the notes because he needed to set-up this mysterious Aiel-dressed woman RJ had talking to Rand as he comes out of Shayol Ghul.
  7. According to yesterday's twitter chat, the scene that includes Nakomi in AMOL was written by RJ: http://twitter.com/BrandSanderson/status/294203184098967552 Mike Cox ‏@Mikecox20 
 @BrandSanderson would like to know how much of the last chapter was written by RJ and how much did you do? #TorChat 

 Brandon Sanderson Verified ‏@BrandSanderson @Mikecox20 I did Perrin and some of the in-between writing with Loial. RJ did Mat, Rand, scene exiting the mountain, and others. #torchat ockquote>So that seems to say that RJ did "plot" her for this book. No it doesn't and that response wasn't a complete answer. We know Brandon added a number of things. For instance the Cadsuane part of the epilogue was Brandon as well. Brandon has previously stated the character was his. But it says right there that RJ did "Rand, scene exiting the mountain." That's the scene in which Nakomi appears. I know he broke up the later Rand POV to add in Cadsuane's, but I haven't seen anything that proves he added in Nakomi to the Epilogue.
  8. I was thinking that Nakomi's brief appearance in the epilogue was written by RJ, and then Brandon had to go "deep in the notes" to figure out who this random Aiel woman who Rand sees after coming out of Shayol Ghul was supposed to be, and then went and added her appearance in TOM so that she doesn't come completely out of nowhere in AMOL.
  9. Another character who didn't show up in the book that I had been expecting to is Berowin, the Kinswoman with the shielding talent. I always thought her "I could hold one of the Forsaken" comment when she was shielding Nynaeve in ACOS was foreshadowing, but then she ended up just never even re-appearing at all.
  10. Egwene's death and subsequent conversation with Rand, and on through to Olver blowing the Horn and up to "That man...That man still fights!" basically forms the emotional climax of the entire series.
  11. I thought it was obvious that was indeed in Verin's letter. I also think it clear that some version of "there's at least one Darkfriend amongst the High Lords of Tear, I suspect Weiramon" was in there too.
  12. Looking at the prophecy I'd say it is Perrin. He is referred to as the Fallen Blacksmith just before, but keep in mind the scene in AMoL where he learned to be both Wolf and Man together. He was no longer a Broken Wolf or Fallen Blacksmith, he was both. My interpretation of the Prophecy is that it foretells the Forsaken trying to kill Perrin, and tells that if they succeeded it would be disastrous. I think this was a prophecy of what could happen not what would necessarily happen, similar to what Aviendha saw at Rhuidean. I agree with the interpretation I've seen a few other people make: the Broken Wolf was Demandred. The "Midnight Towers" that he fell to were a reference to the towers of Malkeir, embodied by Lan, and Demandred is the only character who's death shook the will of men (the Sharans). I think Perrin was still the Fallen Blacksmith, though I'm less certain on that.
  13. Some characters who didn't appear that I had hoped to see, but don't think have been mentioned so far: Caraline Damodred. Areina. Merana. That one raken pilot who had the POV when the gateway exploded. I seriously expected it to be her flying Mat and Olver there at the end.
  14. Why would that be a question? He's Moiraine's Warder, that's why he was allowed to go.
  15. Dobraine is one of my favorite characters, and I've been wondering this as well. I can only assume he's still in Cairhein, as Elayne would have had to leave someone in charge of the city.
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