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  1. Not sure if it was said in this thread, I have yet to finish reading...but I would have loved to known more about this "Bao Wylde" gimmick.
  2. I do wonder if anyone will find Demandreds pimp-cane in the near future. Apparently it was +10 to power....
  3. Still gotta wait a few days before I can get my copy. :( I've come to a happy medium though. I'll read the chapters 1-5 thread, but that's it. I figure I've read a good portion of it anyways by now....
  4. Todays memory was .....meh. Anticlimactic I think. Doubt many people are paying attention though as they are all eyeball deep in the book by now. Going to pick mine up in a while. TaTa!
  5. Yeah, there's a large list of names in there. I'll go no further than that other than to say stay out of it for your own sake.
  6. In this crew as well. Just couldn't resist the spoiler board temptation, and I don't want to ruin it any more so see you all on the 10th or so!
  7. What.....? Like thats never happened hear before? LOL!
  8. We know per RJ that they are not clean... Darn. There goes that thought. Still...I could see it being the ogier coming through the ways..
  9. Well, when lumped in with the presumably Loial moment of talking to marriage with Perrin, it makes me really think this is very very likely. Just opinion of course, I won't know for a smidge over a month. As for the ways, we've not heard of them in forever, not since the taint was cleaned (god that really does sound awful doesn't it?). And as well, we have Rand hurling fire into its midst in the great hunt, and what not with Ordieth. So there is no telling what they are like now, possibly clean? That'd be a neat plot point clreared up easily enough. But I ramble....who knows, guess we will just have to wait and see! :D
  10. I am personally leaning towards ogiers just coming out of the ways. i assume the great stump went well. Assuming so, what better way to move multitudes of ogiers to FoM? Minus the issue of MC of course...
  11. Oh...not planning to skip anything, but I'm not adverse to just brushing up on some of the slower books...we'll see,
  12. I started doing a re-read back in October. About mmmm.....halfway through The Great Hunt. So far I did notice mins viewings of lights being swallowed around nyn and mor. I suspect because of this they will be 2 or the 3 there at SG with Rand. I also suspect Egwene will too based on Mins viewing,s and Egwenes whole watcher of the seals stance. So those may be your 3 with Callandor. I can't see him using El or Avi, and putting them in harms way. Either way, I suspect he's gonna have a whole gang of people up in there with him...
  13. I am Reson8, and I approve this Theory. :)
  14. Given that there are still a good 3.5 months left till release day, think TOR/BS/Harriet will release any additional content, be it paid for or free? I suspect the answer will be no, but I really wish it'd be a yes....
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