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  1. Haha well, what kadere said: The sound and the fury. A very interesting novel, I'd recommend anyone reading them, just as I would recommend anyone reading ASOIAF
  2. Woah man, what kind of pills are you taking? at least TRY to counter-argument him. I'm very interested in watching the debate after having read your rant, not some incoherent, dismissive bull****. You invited to a discussion about objectivism now please do enlighten us or do you willingly submit to the notion of objectivism not being so repugnant as you first thought?
  3. (long time lurker, first time poster) I knew there was a widespread dislike towards TG and his books, but I couldn't quite have imagined it was this dire. I read the SOT series before hearing or reading anything about them and I already then agreed with most of the points stated here. However, like I said, I think some of the "hate" towards TG is a bit exaggerated. Granted, I've never read any other books that felt more "cheesy" except for maybe Wolves of the Calla with all the dishes being used as weapons :-X. The whole "evil chicken" thing is beyond hilarious. But honestly, the first book was really really good in my opinion and could easily be read as a stand-alone novel. I also thought Faith of the Fallen was fantastic and I appreciate how TG manage to convey his philosophical views in fiction-litterature. I read the whole series and admittably the books are a bit inconsistent, with some parts being cringe-worthy even for the most open-minded of people but I don't think this overshadowes the series
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