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  1. I first picked it up in 1995 when I was fifteen from the school library on the recomendation of a friend. I couldn't put them down. I tried jumping ahead to book four because TDR was checked out but put it down right away because I didn't know who Falie was. I was too impatient to wait for TDR to come back and went and bought it instead. Then I caught up to A Crown of Swords and couldn't wait for the next one. I then would reread the series each time a new one was about to be released. So about 19 years.
  2. I loved it. It was satisfying for me and didn't explain everything which I think is a good thing. Plenty of people died and Rand lived. The body swap wasn't something I liked before I read the book but after..... it turned out ok. I was disappointed with Demandred coming out of Shara. And the fact that he came off like a cheesy video game villain. "Face me Lews Therin"! over and over with random flashes of balefire thrown in just seemed... dumb. The only thing that saved Demandred for me was Lan coming and being his bad ass self. When he told Dem you didn't listen, I came here to kill you, that was pure awesome! So other than Demandred I was very pleased with the book. Thank you Brandon, Harriet, and Team Jordan for making this happen.
  3. I have never really thought that it was possible to seal the DO with the True Power. I mean the TP is supposed to be the DO himself right? So if saidar or saidin were to touch the buffer of TP, couldn't the DO then taint them both this time?
  4. I started my re-read in June I think. Just started Knife of Dreams and plan on finishing by Jan. Should be doable even with my crazy schedule right now. I discovered WOT before Path of Daggers came out and did a re-read every time a new book was coming out until Towers of Midnight. Then I just read KoD and TGS before. CoT was as slow as I remembered and I skipped most of Perrin and Elayne's scenes. Couldn't do that with Mat though. He is still my favorite character. I plan on re-reading everything again sometime after aMoL.
  5. Man I hope Demandred doesn't turn. That would be really lame in my opinion. Dem has been built up by BS as the best Chosen for this book and everything about him will pay off. If he turns back to the Light then all of the Chosen will have been absolutely worthless as real villains. Hopefully Rand says something like "I'm really sorry I was such a douche for so long. Please forgive me Barid. I should've embraced you instead of competing with you. Barid, I was just really lucky. You really are the brilliant one." And then Dem is like "No way I can't bloody believe that you really think that. Goodbye Lews Therin!" And then Rand falls down as Dem's sword leaves his body. That would be cool.
  6. Not only that but Dem and Messana are allies of a sort. So maybe Alvairan was furthering not only Messana's plots but also Dem's too. I've always wondered what she was up to on Tremalking. I used to think that maybe she helped the Amayar die but that doesn't fit because they were convinced that their prophecy was fulfilled. And were busy killing themselves without any help I think. So her being there to help further Demandred's plans make sense to me now. The question still remains though of what plans she was helping to fruition.
  7. Don't forget that before ToM Brandon also had people looking for his Big Unnoticed Thing which he said had not been discussed as far as he knew. It turned out that the BUT turned out to be Mat's ashendari which had been discussed before. So I don't know how far to trust that BS quote. @Mik I love the theory and can't believe I never thought about Dem being among the Sea Folk. I think it fits and doesn't mean Dem couldn't have influenced Roedran in Murandy so he can strike from two unexpected directions at once from ground where his enemy doesn't expect him to be. Kudos to you!
  8. Had a thought today at work about Taim. We now know that Taim is Chosen but not for how long. I think that he was the one impersonating Sammael ordering the attack on Algarin's manor. Also the one to order Slayer to kill Rand in WH. What do you guys think?
  9. But we know she will live to have her babies. And she is not close to term yet. Unless the LB lasts for a month... Maybe you mean she will die in childbirth?
  10. Probably because he is not sure if it will kill him too because of the link between them. And at the time of aCoS Moridin wanted the Choedan Kal I believe. When Rand lost his hand because of Semi Moridin felt it too and seems to have lost the use of his hand since then.
  11. I'm sure he wouldn't like to explain it either. Moridin: Um yeah I'm linked with LT because I saved his life in SL when he was fighting Sammael. Make sure you guys don't cross balefire streams with him to prevent future linking problems with the Champion of Light. The rest of the Chosen: You did WHAT?! Get him! Lol
  12. I can see it now, Dem's armies show up without him with everybody asking where he is and then we get his POV as he lays dying asking himself why did I eat that peach?
  13. Rand will live and go off to the Two Rivers with Min to have kids with her. He will still see his other children. Lan and Nynaeve will re start Malkier. The Children of the Light will go off to Mayene and become Berelain's army because it will be pointless to be a Darkfriend any longer with the DO sealed up. Gawyn will die a heroic death involving the bloodrings and redeem himself for being such a worthless jerk for so long. Gareth Byrne and Siuan will have a bunch of kids so House Byrne won't die. We will finally know who Demandred's alter ego is and what he's been up to all this time.
  14. Who says he has to hide? He can still be involved in the world and have a safe haven in the TR. He can Travel. That way if he needs somewhere safe where nobody knows where he is he can go there. That doesn't mean he won't be involved with his kids, just that he won't have to be involved with politics if he doesn't want to be. Unless he gets killed at the LB he has hundreds of years left to live as does Avi and Elayne. So why not go off with Min until she dies and live a quiet life? He could still be involved with his other two women. Besides Elayne might not want him hanging around her children openly for fear of retaliation. I have always felt that if Rand lives he will return to the TR. But that doesn't mean I'm right. Just that maybe my opinion is different from other peoples.
  15. This is perhaps the biggest failure in the literary world. After all the buildup of a character and all the adventure it is so easy for authors to kill off their hero rather than write of what happens should they win and live. After all the excitement writing a "happy ever after" ending is greatly difficult. I wouldn't call it a fitting ending. A fitting ending would be along the lines of what I saw someone post a while back. Rand retiring to the Two Rivers, raising a son on a farm and tending sheep much as his father did after being out in the world and riding with the Companions and killing Lamen, sort of bringing it back full circle where the story originated. Of course it is a matter of personal preference and opinion, and in the end, the ending is what RJ has determined. Let's all hope it's as awesome as everyone that has read it is saying. I agree with this. It has been foreshadowed in TEOTW that after his adventure is done, he will come back home to the TR. I can't remember exactly where it is in the book but I think it is somewhere during their travels out of the TR. He thinks to himself about returning home no matter how far or long his journey was.
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