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  1. That's a good idea! That, or if the Fade knocked the throwing knife from the air with his blade then and struck the bridge in the same swing . . . Regardless, good idea. Blue flashes for power wrought blades, why not other power wrought artifacts?
  2. Can you channel into a stedding from outside? Or create a gateway into a stedding? I don't think so but I could be wrong . . . Far Madding just blocks the ability to embrace the source, it doesn't disrupt weaves. If a stedding disrupts weaves it wouldn't matter if you had a Well or not.
  3. Damn time traveling Englishmen! Stay in the 1800s where you belong!
  4. Another question . . . once the Dark One is properly sealed away (no patch jobs) . . .will Fades lose their ability to shadow walk?
  5. Perhaps he's just the Dark One's favorite tool. Everyone else is a hammer, he's the swiss army knife.
  6. Oh so Aviendha does have multiple Talents. Both rare, even among Talents. Which are themselves rare. Super.
  7. I think Aviendha just has the one Talent. It's just an aspect of the series. Talents are 'rare', but not for the main characters. Weaves can do virtually anything you can think of. Without ta'veren, Talents, and inexplicably discovered weaves where would we be?
  8. PLUS as it's said above the use of his beard would most likely be instinctive. Also, based on the above quote I would think that if they were fighting in an impromptu battle, Perrin wins. If Egwene planned ahead of time, she could win. Although I believe that if Perrin and Egwene had EQUAL training time in their respective ways . . . Perrin hands down.
  9. Well in this instance we certainly know that the Empress doesn't think so! I don't think so either, the Empress certainly has more military power directly available, more political clout and more channelers. How much land does the Empress control? The Amyrlin?
  10. That I've read (maybe it's just me) but weaves of the Power seem to glow, at least to the channeler. Even though it may not illuminate the surroundings you can see the Power being used, and therefore see it to weave with. Plus I think that even a blinded channeler could lash out with the Power around them . . . they just wouldn't be able to weave very well. Maybe they can even weave some things but couldn't use those weaves very effectively . . . Why spend so much time and effort shielding Semirhage if you could just restrain her and blindfold her? I don't think that would work.
  11. This one: http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/43161-sword-forms/ pretty funny stuff
  12. No, it's not consistent but it allows for more interesting dialogue. Of course the whole 'Speak no word that is not true' allows for a huge amount of wiggle room. How can a word by itself be untrue?
  13. I think it's less like Compulsion and more like an unspoken (and forced) Oath. You Will Obey Me type of thing. They can still think for themselves and such, but can't act on it. Similar to the Oath against speaking untruths.
  14. Yeah I agree with sleepinghour. It might be that way because technically the minimum number of men required for a circle of 13 or fewer is zero. Kind of nitpicky, but there it is lol
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