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  1. At the end of KoD, Rand has a sword he begins carrying with him. Does anyone remember what it is?
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    Ahhh right right... I failed to notice that subtle twist. It is indeed an interesting question.
  3. This quote here says it all. Terry Goodkind did one thing right, he stumbled upon an engaging idea, made a big wave with it and rode it all the way to shore. He was JUST OK enough as a writer to be able to hide that after the original idea, he couldn't back it up. How many times is Richard gonna 'sit and think' about a dastardly, death-to-all type of problem, be completely unsure of what to do, then, when all hope is lost, all of a sudden stand up and exclaim "Ive got it!" And go save the day. It seems that happened once per book at least. And after book 2, It was Richard and Co. running for their damn lives at every turn. There is never any real victory, just barely getting away by the skins of their heinies. And when the 'good' guys are backed into the LAST free country, in the LAST fortress, with millions of enemy soldiers camped on their doorstep.......How does it resolve? Let the big bad guy in and rely on a misinterpretation(which makes a HUGE amount of the plot turn into fallacy) to bring him down. And, having every innocent bystander get raped and/or brutally murdered, lost its impact, say after the 6th time.
  4. Can someone direct me to the, "Is Bela the Creator?!?" thread? Thanks. ?? ;D
  5. Then don't be suprised when you opinion becomes less and less valuable as time goes on. You call them nit-picky flaws. We are calling them differences of style. Clinging on to RJ doesnt help you here. Because RJ cant finish these series. Sanderson can. And you could go find another series if it bothers you so.
  6. Ooi, I can tell the switch between authors is gonna cause some sniveling. I think right now its important to remember that the beloved creator of the WoT fell prey to blood cancer. He is gone. Forever. The One Power cannot bring him back.(My respects to the family) Besides the tragedy of his death, we as fans are left with a problem, and there are two solutions. A) Let this series pass on with its author. B) Let this series be written by another. I can tell you the first option left a VERY VERY VERY bitter taste in my mouth. How can this thing just die?!? It seems his family felt the same way. So here we are at present....RJ's wife has chosen someone to finish this bad boy, and he is a third of the way done. Are you gonna read them or no? They could have hired Rush Limbaugh to write the durned thing and I still would have read at least one! SO we have Brandon Sanderson trying to write the finale of what is, in my OPINION a fantasy fiction enthusiast, the largest most epic series of all time. You can nit-pick things if you want to. I was kinda thrown off a bit by the use of the word carbon also. But we arent reading RJ. We reading Brandon Sanderson. And really, thats all there is to it. Now, specifically, about Mat....Im glad the boy has some life in him! Im 28, and in my younger days spent some time in bars and pubs, played darts here and rolled dice there. If anyone else has ever spent much time in these places, then you know Brandon Sanderson has done a better job than RJ ever did of capturing the spirit of the scoundrel. The banter between Mat and Talmanes was great, but underneath this somewhat modified personality, you catch glimpses of the same, frustrated Mat that has been with us since the beginning. The Mat that always talk so self servingly, but in the end always self sacrifices to help someone else. While it is a obvious change in the styles, I dont think people will look back and think it was a huge mistake. More likely they will look back and chuckle that it once upset them at all.
  7. I hear ya Fischer King... Two years doesn't ring right in my head. Even with some of the reasoning, the story it self FEELS like 5 years old, definately not 2 and 1/2. Even if you consider each book 3 months, thats still 4 years to the series. On a positive note, If anyone has read Raymond Feists magician series, he is know for letting decades lapse and introducing NEW MAIN CHARACTERS in that void. Infuriating.
  8. Funny, from the thread title I thought were were gonna see HP fanatics and WoT zealots duking it out. A little combative title isnt it? As far as any loose similarities go, thats all they are. Loose similarities. JKR might have had a vision of a huge tower where magic was the ciriculum, and it stood out, so she made her own. The White Tower doesnt have talking picures(well maybe in some long lost depository)or shifting stairs, while Hogwarts is run closer to a modern day school. Pens and pencils, detention, cliques, all of that. Loose similarities. To anyone who HASN'T read HP, you should do so immediately. Its picks up maybe a bit slow, but you will be long past that once your reading "The Deathly Hallows"
  9. Elan was also VERY influential inn...whatever ways they were influential in the AoL. Another books mentions that no matter how many Honors and Awards that Lews Therin gave Elan, it just made the man all the more bitter. It also made mention that Elan WOULD have been the TOP DOG, so to speak, of the AoL, if it wasn't for Lews Therin being just a little bit better at everything. So you have Elan turn to the Shadow, as much in jealousy of Lews Therin as anything else. BECAUSE he was so powerful(2nd in the world, right?) he automatically becomes the leader of the DO's forces, and therefore Leader of the Aes Sedai who turned to the dark. Because of Elan's position before turning, it is nearly assured that many others also turned simply because Elan turned himself
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    This is accurate from what I remember. Rand actually DID it once. When Rand was fighting Rahvin, Rahvin killed Asmodean, Mat, and a few others with lightning. Several tense moments later, Rand drilled Rahvin with a particularly big bolt of Balefire, and the ones who were dead were sitting around confused. Asmodean even had had an idea of what happened. I wondered why Rand at the end of KoD didn't balefire Semirhage and get his hand back.
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