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  1. Wow bobo, I was hitting post to reference that same quote when it said there was a new reply... Found Here
  2. If Rand BFed himself it'd most likely be as if he didn't even do it. BF erases what the person has done, so he'd be undoing his own history by a few seconds and un-BFing himself.
  3. Seriously? I obviously didn't mean me personally. I don't think I can use the OP or the Force or fairy dust. Thanks troll.
  4. I think I know the answer, but I don't remember seeing it asked so... What would happen if I balefired myself?
  5. Similar to what I said a few pages back, but in mine Rand kills Gawyn as Morgase enters. Yours is more Jordanesque, mine is more I want Gawyn to die-esque.
  6. So it wasn't the Pantry he walked into! The billiard room perhaps?
  7. A channeler can't fly because, as RJ said, it's like trying to pick yourself up. Now imagine I pick you up, then you try to pick me up. I'd imagine the dual flying thing would work similarly. Otherwise, I doubt you'd need a second channeler. Just stand on a rock and channel it up. Then dress up in all green and really hate Spiderman. Cadsuane eaten alive by anything would make me pretty happy.
  8. Dalven


    Well, if it were just his books I'd say, "meh". It was the comment he made about RJ dying of heart disease that made me dislike him.
  9. Do we know that Adam and Eve was the first age? Maybe they were 5th, Jesus was 6th, we're 7th, and 1st will be w/e leads up to the age of legends and stuff. But, I don't actually believe that. I think the Age of Legends is what would follow our current age. Like C.E. 2100 channeling is discovered.
  10. One other thing. We know RJ was a Catholic and that the WoT is a circle. So wouldn't it be something if the only two survivors of the Last Battle found themselves with no memory and in the middle of a garden with the Creator who renames them Adam and Eve? I don't think this is likely at all. But interesting.
  11. Dalven


    So, I've been posting on the Asmo thread for a while now. I've never introduced myself. So hi. I like WoT, I like music, I wouldn't cry if Terry Goodkind found out he had heart disease.
  12. Gawyn texts in his vote for American Idol while riding. Gets in a head on collision with Faile. There are no survivors. Slayer or B.A. Jane Doe or Graendal or Sammael or Taim or Chuck Norris thinks to him/herself, "That time I killed Asmodean was super fun." (I'm incapable of posting without referencing Asmo.) Morgase shows up just in time to make eye contact with her stupid son, just as Rand runs a blade through him. His last thoughts are, "Boy, am I stupid." This of course is assuming my text-while-riding event somehow doesn't make it into the novel. Shortly after, Faile dies of natural causes.
  13. I agree. Laras is a cook who steps outside her roll once in a while. Nothing more. Bela is the Creator though, and she did Balefire Asmo...
  14. Sure, I actually receive an advanced copy of the Chapter titles for ToM: Chapter 1: "Letters for the Wolf" Chapter 2: "The Elusive Oath Rod" Chapter 3: "In need of tea from the kitchens" Chapter 4: "Laras turned into Mesaana, but gave me the tea anyway" Chapter 5: "Compulsion made me forget Mesaana's fatsuit" Chapter 6: "Heading upstairs to talk to Egwene" I read that too, but BS told me a little more detail. In Chap 1, "Letters for the Wolf", Rodel "Little Wolf" Ituralde is going to be practicing his handwriting. In Chap 2, "The Elusive Oath Rod", the title is actually "The Elusive Oath, Rod", Rod is short for Rodel, who SWORE that he'd keep practicing his lower cased t's until he got them right, but got confused and went looking for tea instead. In Chap 3, "In need of tea from the kitchens", Rod in the kitchens looking for tea. Mesaana catches wind of this and devises an evil plot. That's right, she's really not in the White Tower anymore! In Chap 4, "Laras turned into Mesaana, but gave me the tea anyway", Mesaana, in a fat suit, spikes Rod's tea. She's trying to ruin the plans of the Light by getting Rodel drunk. In Chap 5, "Compulsion made me forget Mesaana's fatsuit", under Compulsion, Rod sees his wife, triggering a memory of Mesaana's Compulsion and says, "It's you! You fat forsaken *****!" In Chap 6, "Heading upstairs to talk to Egwene", Rodel goes upstairs in a beaten up, drunken stupor to cuddle with the doll he named Egwene, that old pedo. ---- On a serious note, BS is going to have to pull it off, according to Storm Leader Report: Lexington, KY
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