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  1. tying in with one of the above posts about what the pattern needs him for in 20-odd years, ive been thinking for a while about that. what do we know RJ planned to write about AFTER TG? the mat tuon series/trilogy/whatever seems a good candidate(its the only outrigger that im aware is set AFTER TG, or was planned to). seems to me that maybe Gaidal is currently in Seanchan somewhere waiting for some plot armour(or at least a book in which to have more than one line). Brandons mention of this could have a tiny relevence to the ongoing discussions of team Jordan about whether to have them written(from RJs notes) or not. i know Brandon was against the idea, so maybe hes throwing us a bone about what happens after, as we may not see this resolved in print.
  2. I'm pretty sure that the Song is mixed up in a Ter'angreal that Elayne had read way back in one of the books. Oh wait no, that was the Talisman of Growing. Or is it both? Can someone help me out here? the Talisman of Growing was given to the ogier by male channellers in thanks for the refuge of the stedding. it grows an entrance to the ways. and has nought to do with "the song". i dimly remember the Ter your on about though, it was activated by Avi, and is an AoL library of sorts, containing books from that time in audio-descriptive format i hope, as not many can read the old tongue lol.
  3. long time without posting(pc blew up), but during a recent reread i THINK, in seeds of shadow(tSR), min sees elaida with an a'dam on her neck. ".. and another, crossing the corridor ahead of Min and her guide, seemed for most of those few strides to wear a silver collar around her neck." followed a few pages later by elaida hanging around outside the amyrlins study thinking about min, and the 3 ta'veren etc. so we have the last aes sedai seen before entering the offices, and one Elaida eavedropping on Min and Gawyn immediately after(in WoT time, not Page time). anyway, this became one of my top chapters after reading the assault on TV last book. and it has Min in a dress, whats not to like.
  4. to me its probably to do with who sent the trollocs to attack the others. im pretty sure that one of the forsaken/chosen thought about sending them in tGS, possibly messana? they were under orders to do so, so it maybe has some ramifications coming up. Lanfear used it to ingratiate herself with rand on the fly, and as i say, its had a recent mention.
  5. a wha... something being too close to the lord of the rings has not stopped authors before, and most of the troops from the south actually came from the east...
  6. i could understand the whole siswai'aman channeling-singing etc if we saw any of them doing it. channeling? really? aiel men believe they have been chosen to fight the dark one if they start showing the signs, and run off to the blight in an attempt to do so. Singing? i think i would actually burn my books if this was the B©UT for its lameness. it is possible theyll sing. for the dead like all aiel men. there purpose was in saving rand from the tower AS in lord of chaos, not bring about a new age of peace and love and... enough of this, im a hippy, and even im a bit sick of the hippy c**p people are spouting. All the societies wear a different cut of cadin'sor to differentiate between them, its just not as obvious to a wetlander as a bright red headband. it seems to me that the scarf is to help reinforce the "under this sign", "tower bending knee to this symbol" thing going on in LoC
  7. lanfear didnt send them, she just gave rand the impression she did. it was another of the chosedn, ordered to do it. i just cant remember who. i think its said in TGS, but could be wrong.
  8. what about the sister alvierin sent to tenobia in the prologue of the fires of heaven? just started the book again today, and it immediately jumped out at me.in the same convo we first learn that bashere is chasing taim, that theirs fighting in shienar, and elaida doesnt like being snubbed(lol). it is a convenient time to get a darkfriend advisor in place as bashere is now gone, and it is one of the front-line nations in the coming battles. the sisters in the borderlanders camp keep being mentioned, is one of them a black? if so thatd be a kick in the teeth, especially as tenobia is keen to reinforce the bonds between the borderlands(she want to marry an uncle to ethenielle if i remember right). could she be a dupe?
  9. yeah, fain can sense all 3 of them, since before book 1, its all to do with his distillation thingy the DO did to him. theyy knew the dragon reborn lived somewhere on his peddling route, so they did all that stuff to him, then set him loose, then after 1 year he returned to shayol ghul where he was distilled further which narrowed down who the dragon was to those three, then on his next visit to emonds field he knew it was rand cos he tugs at him the most. i think moiraine explains it all at the end of book 1/the beginning of book 2.
  10. tuon flat out says she cant weave with the power, that the difference between her and marath damane is that she CHOOSES NOT TO. and she wasnt shocked to hear about suldam being able to channel, so she knew THAT secret, its probably something handed down, you know when they get announced as the heir apparent, the empress takes them to one side and says "you can channel, but your not marath damane unless you do so, unless its to power the crystal throne, in which case, heres how to invert weaves". now im not saying it happens exactly like this, but in a society like the seanchan, the people in power know more than those they subjugate, and would see it as necessary for the good of the empire.
  11. i thought ishy told LTT that a sisters healing would only give him a few lucid mopments, that doesnt seem to be "better" healing than with the true power. he says the great lords healing is much more painfull, and i got the impression that the healing itself was more permanent, it was just the outcome of realisation that killed LTT, not madness.
  12. despite what some think, we DO know quite a bit about shara, and it often hinted at. also, dont forget that originally there was going to be "outriggers" which possibly would have expanded on the culture more. however, with the potential non-writing of the outriggers, who knows? i do think it was highly probable as an original plan for him.
  13. the forsaken already know how to trace ta'veren, why would he need a finder? im not debunking the roedran theory, but this has popped up a few times, and it just seems unnecessary.
  14. personally, i always felt avendasora paralleled yggdrasil, the norse world tree, what with all the other norse references, and the ultimate reference when matt hangs from it for knowledge, as odin was said to have done. though it had 3 taproots, each taking water from a different source and combining them in the trunk. hmmm, that also seems to be a metaphor in the wheel of time too... may go do some research now...
  15. i see TaR working just like karma ed. it all fits, its a place where if you dont follow the rules, you get hurt, even if your not a hero of the horn. verin went in ignorance, and payed the price...
  16. if only it was so simple. for real world references look at WW1, trying a cavalry charge(highly successful in prior wars), but against trenches, theyre useless. and i doubt a vet of WW2 would be able to command in current day warefare and vice versa. im not saying he is roedran(or bela, or luckers), but hed still need current books on war. it could work the other way, like matts did, but matts warfare is similar to current warfare, where as Dems war style was vastly different on all levels, supply, tactics, strategy, what weapons are available(a shock lance is probably nothing like a bow), transport(foot and cavalry as opposed to rapid vehicles), and in terms of fire support(missile launchers etc as opposed to just formations and outflanking). on top of which even the men are different, with regards to combat effectivenes and numbers(lots less people, who are more warlike in nature, as opposed to the population in AoL, and attitudes to war). its not as simple as keep the men fed, and go this way/that way, strategy and tactics.
  17. London! no really! on a serious note though, the bore is in what was once a temperate island in a cool sea, which was popular with holiday makers. the collam daan(sp?) was a world reknowned university and scientific research facility, not a volcano! it would be fair to assume it rose up where the collam daan was, due to the DO influence, kinda like the blight. does anyone else imagine the seanchan with american accents?
  18. im almost certain min told cads about the bond when rand was captured in far madding, and shes been using it ever since, even in the second to last chapter in the gathering storm.
  19. the aiel were servents of the aes sedai due to the covenant(later the way of the leaf). they were sworn to non violance, and the aes sedai saw it as their resposibility to look after them, in return, the aiel acted as honored servents. the general populace respected them for three reasons, 1. they lived a pacifist lifestyle. 2. they served the servents of all(kinda repaying the debt from society). 3. they helped with the singing of crops. when Rand lived the lives of his ancestors, during the singing, there were aiel, ogier, and a nym present. the ael began the singing, then the ogier joined in, whilst the nym danced and seemed to weave the singing and seperate notes etc into growing the crop. i dont think it has anything to do with the power though. the ogier treesing these days, wich is the modern version of crop singing, and the ogier do not use the OP, in fact, they sing in their stedding where the OP is useless anyway. i dont think it can aid in long distance circles, that a bit far fetched for something that doesnt use the power.
  20. I think he still needs to shed tears of joy. He shed tears of sorrow, for Min. I think he'll shed those tears of joy when his babies are born. No man can stop from crying at the birth of his children. IMO, he needs to shed both kinds of tears to fulfill that part of the prophecy. He's already shedded those tears of sorrow, in regards to his scene with Min. I just believe he will also need to have those tears of joy as well. And don't think Rand doesn't know about his babies, he's bonded to Elayne and can sense everything through that warder bond. he could sense this about her except for one thing... .... hes too far away to do so, and wouldnt know what it meant in either case. throughout the series we are told and shown that the warder bond carries less info about the bonded/bond holder the more distance between them. a country's distance, and all you can really tell is that the other is alive. i ndont think Rand has visited andor at all since knocking Elayne up has he? no, doubtful he knows yet, or we'd know. he wouldnt be wasting time elsewhere otherwise.
  21. i really dont think the BUT is the song, or song related. what exactly do we know about the song, and the talent of seed singing. 1.requires ogier, nym and aiel or people with the "Voice", but from the one sane glimps into the AoL, its aiel that have the voice. 2.the current travelling folks are searching for what they call the song, and from their history, we know this started as a SMALL group of aiel looking for the old days when people respected and sought out aiel singing. after 3000 years of recruiting tinkers from non aiel stock, it can be assumed that the bloodlines have become so mingled, that the ability in all probability has been lost to them. 3.the aiel chiefs and wise ones already know about the singing, and the travelling people, and havent told them about it. nor would they, as they see the travelling as "Lost", and not even deserving of speaking to, let alone telling them big secrets from theyre past. 4. "the dragon is connected to the land and the land linked to the dragon" ok, maybe not a word perfect qoute, but im working from memory here. we know that the crop spoilage etc was down to this connection between rand and the land, will it not return to normal when he does? 5.the crops were failing in the eye of the world as well, and was corrected without the need for singing. it returned due to a victory over the dark, and pressure coming off of rand(thought hed killed the DO). 6. with all thats coming up in the next 2 books, all that stuff that needs resolving, and on top of all that, resolving the most unimportant thing in t5he series? id rather it was cut if it was the plan to wrap it up this way. there really is more important stuff to sort out before the end than this, it can all be sorted out differently. besides, even if the song was returned to the tinkers, do you think theyd know or care what it was. after 3000 years of travelling, i doubt the song is actually a song anymore to them, but the ideal of freedom and peace, kinda like a metaphor for their existance, other than affecting main characters in positive ways.
  22. Can I just agree with the above post? Not everyone knows/spells /types/reads/understands american. And, that yes, the PST covers a LOT more than just the west coast of the states. I'm not backing up bad spelling/grammar, and try to check/correct most of my mistakes, but some things do slip notice, and assuming that just because its a second/third langauge for someone automatically means they have perfect spelling or typing skills is a bit much. Anyway, on topic. the peeps looking for a group session of the three with rand, EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! I would pull my eyes out, but the image is in my head, not my sight, may go and blow my brains out. Wonder what RJ woulda called it though, "flocking the herd" perhaps? Did the sword that rand was gifted get sorted? Last i read it was thought of as a hats off to RJ, but does anyone have a description of high lord Turaks sword? I cant put one up, as the early books are in the loft, recently moved y'see, but thought it might be that one, as rands comments on it, and remembering that fight as he held it. he was supposed to recieve the blade as proof of bladesmastership by tradition, yes?
  23. theres a school in caemlyn too, elayne kept it going. and maybe one in tear? not sure on that one though... rand was building them for something to remain after TG though, so it swtands to reason he did it in the nations he had at the time
  24. i always felt that the dying and living again a part of what was, was something to do with mat being the hornsounder. hes linked to it now, and i thought he would also end up a hero of the horn.
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