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  1. Er...Because of the way prophecy is written? Not only putting Perrin's name twice would make him more important than Rand, it will be an useless effort since he is mentioned just before that line. What would be the point of naming him twice back to back? And yes, even if Perrin was not the fallen blacksmith, he still won't be the broken wolf. Broken champion is mentioned in different context.. Haha, I like how you can use the argument for perrin and say that every other example is not valid because of context.
  2. I don't understand why so many people think that Perrin can't me named twice in the same prophecy by different names. The dark one is reffered to as: The Greatest One, Great Lord, Him who Will Destroy, and the Lord of the Evening Rand is reffered to as both First Among Vermin and the Broken Champion. So i don't see why the idea of perrin being the Broken Wolf and the Fallen Blacksmith is so abhorrent to most people. Personally, I don't think the Broken Wolf is Perrin, but there is certainly no reason it can't be him based on the prose.
  3. I wonder if the regeneration effect from the Warder Bond is enough to counteract the poisoning? That's an intersting idea.. that would pretty much make Gawyn a super hero. Either way I think he has a large role yet to play and i'm sure the bloodknife rings will be used.
  4. Has there been any discussion of Gawyn's rings that he's wearing around his neck? In the glossary it says that the Bloodknives' rings will activate once they come in contact with the wearer's blood and that death is inevitable. So if Gawyn is ever cut or hurt he could inadvertantly activate those rings and become a 'bloodknife'? Since there are three rings that he's wearing, i wonder if the effect with be threefold.
  5. The TGS Chapter 34 is called "Legends". It's the one where Mat comes up with those dumb complicated storylines for everyone before entering Trustair and Verin also shows up. Any chance this could be related to the ToM chapter "the End of a Legend"? I was thinking Noal, after revealing he is Jain Farstrider, will die in some dramatic act of redemption...
  6. I think there's a "subwoofer" on cbc.ca.... I feel like i've seen that 'woofTM' before... is that you subwoofer? Fellow canadian?
  7. Good question. Verin was the one sending out pictures in TGS, could her pictures have made it all the way to Caemlyn? I doubt it. I am willing to bet it is more than just a few random darkfriends too, maybe the Gholam?
  8. I could see Elayne copying the medallion and making some kind of weapon/protection-device for mat if not for the following reasons: A- This might take a lot of space in the book. I'm not sure that there is room for another 'woe is me' Elayne chapter about how she's the only one in the world who has this talent for detecting Ter/A&S-ngreal.... B- She's preggers and we all know how hard it is for her to channel even the slightest amount, so unless she actually shares her knowledge with someone, it will be difficult for her to replicate the medallion. C- Mat not wanting another queen to die at the hands of a Gholam, which i think means that he will either try and kill the darn thing or give elayne the medallion for protection. I think that the most helpful thing Mat can do is kill the Gholam as quickly as possible with the medallion somehow... I don't think that a pregnant Elayne will be able to duck.dodge.dive like Mat did when he fought the Gholam the first time anyway, so giving her the medallion wouldn't help that much.... maybe Brigitte could use it? Can't wait to find out though. EDIT: B ) turned into B) which looked silly.
  9. I'm still not sure if I buy your theory Terez... But the point about the dice landing on their corners.... That means something huge will happen to Mat or he will make a huge decision. If a choice he makes (ie. leaving the medallion in caemlyn) leads to the death of the Dragon Reborn? That would be big. So, it definitely adds some credence to your theory.
  10. I thought mat was great in this chapter. Other than the 'bloody ashes' (which i've moved past), I thought it was great that he was thinking about not looking at other girls, while blatantly doing so. "Hmmm. maybe Thom would like her" ... i thought that was very much something mat would think after getting married.
  11. And an Aes Sedai being reasonable for once... nice touch. Hopefully that catches on.
  12. that was awesome. Mat's back! I wonder who's blood is all over his tent... can't wait for this book to be released.
  13. The first thing that came to my mind when I saw "Use A Pebble" was the 'Crow and the Pitcher' from Aesop's fables. Where the crow sees a pitcher of water but cannot reach down far enough to get the water with his beak. So he drops a pebble in and sees that the water rises slightly. he keeps dropping pebbles until he can drink. The moral being, 'one small step at a time'.
  14. I think the Tinkers are the "remnant of a remnant" of the Aiel that Rand will save. I also think that the Song will come into play during the Dark One's re-sealing or destruction, even though I am not looking forward to the singing and hugging.
  15. I thought so too, but I had a look through in the TGS forum and there was nothing there. Although, the Wiki article says the pics were added on May 31 and June 2, but they may have been out for a long time before that. I don't know. I hadn't seen them before...
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