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  1. Disappointed.... Don't know if I built it up too much... Don't know if I read it too fast.... It didn't feel like a Wheel of Time book. Maybe it's the realisation that it's the final book.... but.... I don't know, I am underwhelmed.
  2. 5. Rand dreams of Cyndane. Rand has warded his personal dreams so no one can get in. So what was that "NOT TAR" dreeam he had in TGS when he and Moridin shared a chat by the fire? I think Moridin's link to Rand's mind - brought about by the crossing of balefire streams - has provided Moridin a window into Rand's mind that he can use to manipulate Rand's dreams. It may be that Cyndane is acting, but I think more likely Moridin is truly torturing her to draw rand out so he will be distracted attempting to save her while the Shadow's attack on Randland begins.
  3. My first post in quite some time. I agree that Perrin's impact at Dumais Wells may not be fully understood. Sure, Rand broke free and knelt Aes Sedai before him, but had perrin not been there he may have been tramped by an army, unable to defend himself because he was blinded by rage. regardless, the point is that Perrin WAS there, and as such Rand survived, as per the foretelling.
  4. Was that the role in "The Sum of Us," Oz?
  5. Anyone catch Naomi Robson of Today Tonight doing her show on Tuesday from out the front of Australia Zoo wearing khaki's? That woman is a serious deadsh*t.
  6. If you read my post, I did agree with some of your other comments. I just thought the way you expressed what he did was inaccurate. I wasn't taking a personal jab or anything. If you don't want to partake in a discussion, then why post here at all? I don't see what you intend to gain from your "now what" comment. If anything it seems that you were expecting someone to attack you and you have read my post with a different intent than it was written. So maybe you should think twice before your next witty retort, how does that sound?
  7. I hardly think your description of "molested" is accurate. Steve Irwin relocated salt water crocs from populated areas so they would not threaten human life or be hunted for invading our suburban lives. He put himself in harm's way time and time again to help us to understand that all animals, even the dangerous ones are creatures of beauty. I agree in that there was always a possibility that something like this could happen. But I think your comments of Steve routinely molesting animals is a bit crass. I think once Steve found people would listen and wanted to see these animals
  8. Here, Here, Kati. If any news station in Australia was to screen it, I can't imagine it would be too well received. Showing that footage is not about reporting the news and bringing the facts to people. We already know what happened, screening footage of the incident is simply sensationalism.
  9. It's funny, today I was amazed to hear that everyone I know that has never had a nice word to say about Steve Irwin were all as respectful as if they had known him as a mate. It's a shame that sometimes it takes a tragedy like this for people to see beyond the Crikey's and the Crocs and appreciate a bloke for what he is. A devoted and passionate individual who loved the world he lived in. Now someone start a thread about something Australian while GQ's off our backs!
  10. He was a great man who has done more for this country's environment than all of our Prime Ministers put together! I met him at an airport once about ten years ago. I shook his hand and was amazed to see the size of his mits. They just engulfed my hand all together. :? :( :cry: You're a top bloke, Steve. I never had a problem with anything you did. Now I'm grabbing my harpoon and going to hunt that Sting ray down! Oh, you wanted us to respect and revere nature... okay then.
  11. Ahh, the old, You're thoughts are bull$hit and that's all I'm prepared to say on the topic approach to discussion. You don't happen to go to the GQ school of how to appear totally inept do you? And I'm kissing nothing of yours.
  12. I think Dice makes a good point about the potential for monogomy to be detramental to the species as a whole. But I do disagree with the implication that because we are humans we are superior to other animals. We may be more intelligent than other animals, but I personally don't see how that makes us in any way different in a biological sense. We are all creatures of this Earth who are born, eat, poo, and die together. i don't see any evidence that we are in any way different other than our level of intelligence. As for the theory that God said we should be monogomists, I'm afraid y
  13. "I think it's important to the story, but would speculate that anyone who describes monogamy as an act of social conformity has never been in a relationship, let alone one of substance." - Genesis_XVI I know that my imagination sometimes runs away with me and I know that this isn't the Debates and Discussions forum so I am going to do something very unlike me and ask before I react. Are you meaning to imply with your speculation that I have never been in a relationship, let alone one of substance?
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