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  1. I disagree Sharaman: Brandon Sanderson has claimed that you can use the True Power in FM. So if Demandred was able to use the True Power from the DO then he would have a huge advantage being with the Borderlanders in FM waiting to meet Rand. Personally I think it would be awesome if Demandred was the the Ayyad over in Shara because we have never visited this region in the WoT world. Demandred could also be with the Land of the Madmen since this was not visited yet in the WoT books other then a quote from a SF Windfinder.
  2. Thanks for the input guys. It seems the two greatest fantasys outside of the WoT are ASoIaF and Malazan so i think I will give them a whirl while waiting for ToM
  3. Thanks for the information Werthead, I think that I'm going to pick up the first book of George R.R. Martin and The Malazan Book of the Fallen. I have recently been on TOR's website looking at various sagas and epic fantasies. I came across the Annals of the Chosen and it seemed to be a well written fantasy about some very cool things. Which magic system is more intriguing? ASoIaF or Malazan Since I have to wait for ToM to get here then I gotta read sommmmmmething ;D
  4. So Malazan Book of the Fallen and Mistborn seem to be the input I'm getting on what I should start reading while I unfortunately wait of ToM. Just interested, but none of you have read Annals of the Chosen or Runelords? I was looking up fantasy books on Tor Fantasy's website and I found some intriguing books that I wanted to read. Annals of the Chosen seems like it would be a great read, along with the Runelords. While I was reading the wikipedia website for Malazan Book of the Fallen, I didn't really grasp too much magic. Not saying that it wouldn't be a good read, but that's what I'm kind of looking for. A Song of Ice and Fire??
  5. I read the first 500 pages of Wizards First Rule and I thought that it was very predicting in what was going to happen next but it just didn't grasp my attention like WoT...I need some input guys, What should I read ?? ( I am a huge high fantasy/magic/socery guy ) Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn? Mistborn? Malazan Boof of the Fallen? Runelords? Annals of the Chosen? Shannara? The Dragonvarld Trilogy?
  6. I have not read Malazan Book of the Fallen saga just because there are so many various books out there that I do not know which one to begin. I started reading Wizard's First Rule SOT saga but after 500 pages it got kind of predicting on what was going to happen with Darken Raul and Richard(father/son stuff). I was thinking about picking up A Song of Ice and Fire then I heard that they were too far political and not enough magic/sword/socery(which I am kind of akeen to reading). What should I read guys?? Mistborn? Runelords? Annals of the Chosen? Shannara? The Dragonvarld Trilogy?
  7. We have seen Cyndane POV. We saw it at Shadar Logoth when she was going to stop rand from clainsing the taint. She finds Alivia and comments on how Alivia is probably as strong as she was before she was trapped by the 'Finns. -- Alivia was also using an angreal at the time And its true that Rand has no relation to Elayne (or at least within several generations), but that doesnt mean that Rand doesnt have a stronger claim to the throne than all of them... would be still quite an interesting event Yeah you are right about the POV, it slipped my mind sorry. But I still think it would be cool to see a little more of Forsaken POVs in ToM (deffinately Demandred because RJ and BS have made him mysterious in a way). Does Rand have a stronger claim to the Lion Throne then Elayne?? I don't know that's why I am asking. Because if he has the stronger claim to the throne, then that means Galad would have the same strength in claim to the Lion Throne maybe even more due to Rand's father being from over the Spine of the World
  8. Wait until Morgase, Gawyn, Elayne, and Galad all learn that Rand is Tigraine's son Technically speaking: Galad and Rand are step-brothers to one another because they have different Fathers. So Elaynes stepbrother Galad, who is stepbrother to Rand has no connection for Elayne and Rand.... Just thought that this was kind of weird in a way if no one else thought the same. TOM Speculations: I am hoping to get the Tower of Ghenji out of the way so we have more time for the last battle. And after rescuing Moraine I would like to know her story of how she defeated Lanfear/or who did. I would enjoy seeing a POV of Cyndane because we have not seen her own personal POV since she was Lanfear(before reincarnation).
  9. to wumpuss reply.... that would be awesome if LTT/Rand did that... i would hope that by the beginning of the 14th book that we should already know how Callandor can be wielded in a circle of 3. I was wondering if anyone had thoughts on who the 2 Aes Sedai might be. I think Rand will wield Callandor during the last battle with Nynaeve and Egwene with both Perrin and Mat at there sides producing the taveren effect..... this would be a good ending with all the Two Rivers main characters back in action together at the same time
  10. What if you were in a huge battefield and you used balefire on let's say a Forsaken...then in return you got balefired during the same battle seconds later.... Does anyone see that this would create an inconsistent problem if everyone used balefire, the pattern would unravel itself
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