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  1. Fair enough, didn't remember that happened!
  2. Has to be rand finding out that Moridin is ishy. He still doesn't know that fact but has been seeing moridins face since book 7 i think? Also Leigh mentioned something along this line of we knowing a fact for ages but a character in the story not. Edit: it's also a confrontation we know has to happen at some point in the book.
  3. Considering all the religious paralleling that has been included in these books I would say that it is highly likely lanfear will admit her sins to LTT and achieve redemption just before death. If this includes info about the bore who knows. Considering sealing the bore I've always thought that Rands wounds show a way to contain the dark ones power/taint and deal with fain at the same time. Coupled to the fact that Rands wounds are mentioned in practically every book would show classic RJ foreshadowing.
  4. maradon

    Tarmon Gaidon

    Also great picture! Increases my anticipation of AMoL no end :D!
  5. maradon

    Tarmon Gaidon

    @White Star, I think you would have to say that perhaps mat is the right height but the other two arent.
  6. I would say it has more similarities to matt's medallion, one is cold to the touch when channeled agianst, the other is always warm. As far as we know one burns the skin of Ghollam, whilst the other burns the skin on trollocs. I would not be surprised to find out that the hammer stops Perrin from being attacked directly with the power as well.
  7. ... Anyone else think that the end of the word in the text could be 'rolm' which I would guess is actually 'Grolm'? Edit: Just tried some other possiblities using Courier New and its more likely to be 'cain' I think.
  8. One word as to why this age is unique: Fain.
  9. I don't think there's that much similarity, really. Aram went after Perrin because Masema had convinced him that Perrin was a DF. Byar tried to kill Perrin in ToM for similar reasons. If Olver does go after Mat, it'll be for straightforward revenge. The Perrin parallel would be Bornhald, who's convinced Perrin killed his father - but he killed Byar to stop him (ToM41)! I thought Byar tried to kill Perrin because he was a darkfriend working for Greandal?
  10. The thing that allows the dark side to use the Ways is that the dark leaders are willing to accept some "shipping loss" in the same way that egg producers know that some eggs are lost in transit. The egg producer cares about the resource waste in shipping, but doesn't get emotionally involved in the loss of the individual eggs. The dark side knows that they need to send 2 or 3 fists into the system to get 1 fist out. The Chosen might care about the resources represented by the Trollocs, but they don't have any emotional or moral investment in the Trollocs themselves. I think the Ways would be pretty hard to destroy. Realistically "killed" is probably more accurate than "destroyed." I am not sure if the light would be willing to go to the effort unless there was a huge strategic payoff. A few dozen fists of trollocs popping out here and there probably isn't worth the effort, especially since the dark side seems to have figured out how to use portal stones to move shadowspawn. Portal stones are potentially more useful than the Ways, so shutting down the Ways would have limited payoff. The waygates are supposedly warded. That raises the question in my mind about how the trollocs are getting through the Caemlyn waygate. There are two possibilities. One is that the dark forces have discovered and learned how to defeat the ward Rand had placed on the waygates. In that case I wonder why RJ went to the trouble of having Rand send out the Team Waygate. The other possibility is that the ward is still in place. The ward was supposed to kill shadowspawn that passed through it, but it was a delayed reaction. If the ward is still working, then the fires might have been started before the ward killed the emerging trollocs. In that case the battle in Caemlyn is likely to be mercifully brief as the trollocs die from the effects of the ward. (A third possibility is that Loial missed the waygate in Caemlyn, but that seems highly unlikely.) If the Ogier play an important role in the last battle then I would not be surprised to see light-siders try to clean the Ways as thanks to the Ogier. However, there are so many topics that must be covered in AMOL that I doubt that it will happen there unless it is incidental. I would say that Rand didnt account for the possibility of such a large force of trollocs in the ways. So it may just be weight of numbers that defeats his wards... its all pure speculation though.
  11. But there was a moment of creation, so there has only been a finite number of turnings of the wheel to date. Which also leads to the fact that both final victories for light and dark can still happen. I do find it amusing the number of circular arguments that occur in these threads.
  12. I've had a hunt through the forums but could not find a thread on this topic, so here it is. I've just finished re-reading ToM and have noticed that there are an unnatural amount of references to Rands new coat. What I want to know is whether this is because there is something special about the coat, or is it simply that the coat is a symbol of Randhi's new mental state. I tried attributing the amount of references to the fact that we see Rand from so many POV's, hence he gets introduced alot through the book. However many of those POV's do not reference other characters clothing. So what do you guys think, is the coat special? or is the coat just a coat?
  13. I may be wrong here, but I had always thought that the bore was located at a thin part of the DO's prison (which is now located at SG). Perhaps they had openned the bore to the extent of this thinness and to extend it further would be akin to shattering the prison, which I would assume requires incredible power. I too had also assumed that Rands ta'veren ability had something to do with the seals breaking. If it was to do with the TP then Moridin could've just found the seals in one of his little 40 year escapades and weakened them.
  14. It still sounds a bit of a stretch from relying on being in a parallel world to see the future doesn't seem to be the sort of character that BS is refering to IMO, but that is just the way I read it.
  15. I voted for One Power only, as that is what the original is made from (power of the creator). However I think that Fain and his crazy logoth power have a key role to play as has been foreshadowed with Rands wounds through the whole series. Any chance of a Fains Power plus One Power option?
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