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  1. an interesting cover. Better than TGS, maybe not as good as ToM. Qujick glance at the HD version - looks like Rand has some blood spots on his left side? is that where the wound(s) that never heal are? One thing that was pointed out over the years was that DKS always painted these his own way. It doesn't sound like their was much collaboration between him and RJ. I think here Whelan has paid more attention to the actually backstory. Rand looks more Rand-ish, Callandor looks much more like it is described in the books than on the cover of TDR. Looks like some of the covers to the Coldfire books - which I think Whelan did as well? I guess it's suitably iconic for the series swansong. Looking forward to the read.
  2. I've been reading WoT since the early 90s and it really feels more like research than reading for pleasure. I've read most of the later books a couple of times, but the early books at the most I've read only once or twice. I just started reading EotW again a few weeks ago. What a difference! I cant believe how young Rand is, you can almost see the hay in his hair lol. And I always thought that the animosity towards Aes Sedai was something that built as the series went along, woops, Aes Sedai are synonomous with Dark Friends from the start. Padan Fain, one of my favorite characters, has a whole conversation with Rand in Baerlon and at no time does Rand try and rip out his throat with his bare hands! I'm not sure if I'm down for a series reread, I don't think I have the time to spare these days, but it's great getting to go back to the beginning with the final act on deck. Sandersen has done a great job picking the series up and giving it the spark that it needed to carry it to the finish line, no disrespect to the Master meant. Can't wait for AMoL when we find out that the War between Bela and Narg has been going on through endless ages!
  3. I'm sure this has been brought up but I'm pretty sure RJ unequivocably denied that Demandred was Taim. I'm working on a Demandred = Sorilea theory.
  4. Possible? Yes, but we don't have any evidence that says so. They gave the male a'dam to Bayle Domon with instructions for him to drop it into the sea. His ship got captured by Eaganin before he could do so. She presented it to Suroth. That's was how she got raised to the low blood. There is ample evidence that Cadsuane is many very unpleasant things, but nothing to suggest that she is Black. Thanks for your informative responses Bob!
  5. y'know I've read all the books several times, and I still can't keep anything straight. Normally I don't come to forums looking for answers but I'm hoping one of the WoT blackbelts here can help me out. Question 1 - Is is possible that Sorelia is a Darkfriend? She knew about the male a'dam in TGS before Semi got it around Rand's neck. With the Wise Ones devotion to Rand, I guess I don't understand how she could let it sit there. I'm not sure if we have ever had a Sorelia POV. Question 2 - I vaguely remember Nynaeve throwing a male a'dam into the ocean back in her adventures in Ebou Dar. Where did this one come from again? Do the Seanchan have more? Or is this a Randland ter'angreal? Question 3 - Is the jury still out on Cadsuane being Black Ajah? I know we have here associating with Black sisters in A New Spring, and Siuan suspects here. Verin didn't list here, but Verin has only been black for 70 years I thought, and Cadsuane has been out of public life for 60 right? What other evidence do we have to suggest she may be black, or have we confirmed she isn't? Her POVs seem to suggest she's on the light side. We need a chart or something.
  6. Didn't read most of the thread, but I saw this mentioned a few times. Everyone knows that Elayne is Ilyenna spun out of the pattern again right? I thought that was a given.
  7. 1st time poster I have a couple of issues with the Black Ajah Purge. First, how did Verin come up with so many names? We know from past BA POVs that a black sister only knows the names of two others and that their meetings are hooded. I also think it's stated that only Alvarin knows all the names. I haven't started my second read of TGS but was this mentioned in Verin's chapter? I don't think so. Seems to me the BA has gone to great lengths to keep membership a secret, even from eachother, so Verin just coming up with a who's who in the BA is a little thin and contradicts alot of what RJ has written in the past. Obviously Verin's prequel nees to be 1st on the list once BS finishes the series. Second, what's with the BA purge happening off camera? Some of the best POVs in the series are darkfriends dealing with the ramifications of there various deeds. Lliandrin, Bors, Galina all endure deservedly horrible mental and physical tortures but RJ really had a talent of making you sympathize with these terrible people during there downfall. 50+ women, all used to wielding power, all who thought they had everybody fooled and that they were going to live forever, collectively having the rug pulled out from under them and there heads come off, that would have made for some good reading describing their terror and incredulity. Thirdly, what's up with the Warders? You don't kill 50 sisters and just round up their warders and put them under guard. Especially when the Warders find out that the majority of the group are most likely darkfriends. Since we don't have an exact count of how many warders the BA sisters had, some probably didn't have any, some probably has several (given the amount of Greens that were actually black) so lets just assume for the sake of argument that we are talking about 50 warders. 50 pissed off warders who've just felt there sisters die, most of whom are darkfriends, that's a group of men capable of doing violence on a truly epic scale. I know we're in a rush to get to the Last Battle, and we need to wrap up as many plotlines as we can, and this one was definately critical in moving Egwene's story forward, but still this felt like just a footnote when it was actually the most important thing that's happened in the Tower since the Breaking (guarantee nothing like this was in Siuan's secret histories!). But TGS was a great book, truly a master work of fiction. I am looking forward to the reread.
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