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  1. I really thought during the Book that Moiraine was going to be the key to saving Rand's soul during the final battle. My theory was set back by the ending in this book when Rand seems to shy away from the Shadow. But, maybe the Dark One isn't done with Rand and the Dark One is going to continue to try to corrupt Rand, so that the fate of the world depends on Rands ultimate choice. Maybe Elayne, Min, or Aviendha will die and Rand will go all evil Spider-Man again.
  2. I think Rand was schizophrenic. Lews Therin was not a separate person in his mind, but an aspect of his mind that had taken on a different persona. There is a point during the book when someone is discussing Rand's insanity (is it Verin? I forget). Anyway, the speaker eludes to the stress and weight all placed on Rand's shoulders. Actually, I believe this is mentioned twice in the book. Sorry I dont' have it in front of me to find the quotes. During the series he's learned who he is and what his destiny is. Add to that the taint that weakened the boundaries the Creator placed to block off access to our current memories. The result is a schizophrenic delusion that took the form of Lews Therin in Rand's mind. The voice is how Rand was dealing with all of these things. Fortunately, by finally confronting the voice about what he did in his previous life, Rand has started on the path to healing.
  3. I don't know if anyone mentioned this yet as I didn't scroll through all 55 pages of text. Sorry if it's a repost. There's been a lot of discussion about Rand's use of the True Power. Was Rand using Morridin, as if Morridin was a living Ter'Angreal like the Choeden'Kal? Did the Dark One purposefully intend this connection so that he could fight Rand spiritually? Is the Final Battle not really a Battle at all, but rather a spiritual contest between the Light and the Shadow to see which side Rand ultimately chooses?
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