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  1. It was most likely Tuon observing mat fight the guys, to see if he was worthy. And we see mat sensing women channeling when kadere confronts thom at the end of KoD. Mat rides up and the aes sedai and the damanae try to sheild each other.
  2. Hmm in Breaking the Seals i was referring to LTT's rant inside of rand right after his sparring lesson, Bashere hurls a dagger at him. Demandred Taim - hmm i have read all the books several times, what was it in WH that gave it away? While Taim could simply be a darkfriend, which is quite possible considering how close Saldea is to the border and the likely hood of him being guided by the black ajah just like logain was. Hmm, im also curious as to what rand will do with the second key now the the power is clean im sure it will play a pivotal role in his power battle with the dark one. To top it all off rand and logain along with a few ashman and aes sedai were able to hold of a 100,000 trollocs with the the Black Tower behind him what threat can a trolloc invasion truly pose to the world?
  3. Well here is what I have learned so far and a few theories of my own. Feel free to add on anything else. Also would appreciated comments on any errors i have made. 1.)Rand is of the royal blood line of caemlyn. - Rand's father was killed by Luc/Slayer who is Rand's Uncle. 2.)Elaida's Prophecy referred to Egwene. 3.) Taim/Mhael is Demandred. 4.) Logain will kill Demandred and take control of The Black Tower. 5.)Somehow Rand and LTT will merge, Min's Viewing in LOC. 6.)Rand's Schools will bring back most of the lost technology of the Age of Legends. 7.)Moridin is Ishamael. 8.)In order to reseal the Dark One's prison Rand must destroy the remaining seals. 9.) Lanfear is cyandel( sp? ) I know there are things i must have left out feel free to correct me or ask for a book referance to any of the ideas i have posted
  4. well when siuan and old keeper were in salidar they manipulated the council, before there was a hall, in to doing what they thought was important. soo couldnt it be possible that since now there is a hall couldnt it be possible that romanda and lelaine are using the same ploy of arguing and agreeing on important issues to get control of the hall.
  5. What if they control the sitters the same way as Siuna and her old keeper? ( The name escapes me at the momment )
  6. If the Creator and the Dark One are equal and opposite forces then the Creator would also have to take a bigger hand in the fight against the Dark. Otherwise this seriously tips the scales in the favor of the Dark. However, we have not seen any involvment of the Creator up to this point and never will. Therefore is it not possible that Ishmael's Soul is an extension of the Dark One, ie when LTT sealed the prison it only partially sealed Ishmaels Soul allowing him to have free reign as a human for 3 thousand years? IF so this would make Rand the ideal counter balance as he can tap into the greatest amount of saidin and he has the choden Khal. So, When the Dark One breaks free, the other part of Ishmael's Soul and he becomes an all powerful force of darkness could not rand counter with choden khal?
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    So, in theory could not noal take out slayer in AMOL final culmination of his adventures?
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    Noal, Noel not sure on spelling but he is jain farstrider correct?
  9. i dont think many wise ones will be darkfriends remember Suroth mentioning that not many suldam came back after swearing to the dark one and since there are huge amounts of females weilding the power from seanchan that a large portion of those will be found out to be darkfriend channelers.
  10. Perrin will probably rule gheal and two rivers area as a kingdom with mat as his general or equal remember RJ is southern and im sure that this idea of two rivers serperating from the powerful caemlyn(sp) would appeal to him. What is Elayne going to say ? i just got carhein and caemlyn and im pissed that you guys are leaving? heck no she should understand that the two rivers was getting ravaged by trollocs and half-men and was saved not by the queens gaurds but by the people of the land. .... Lan and Nyn will rule malkier and Fal Mora area at the end as well because i think that most of the kings will follow Lan's banner into TG in effect electing him king of Majority of Borderlands, since after TG there will be no more border to the blight it will just become another plain country.
  11. Very well thought out i agree that semirhage is the embodiment of cruelty but i think the attack of fire was something of a deer in the headlights. She did not expect for Rand to recognize her so when he did she freaked. It is human nature i think RJ will use her to help rand or nyn pull more knowledge from the last age and on the other forsaken, remember rand lost his only link to what was going on on the other side when asmodean died and Nyn has always been the healer. I cannot remember which book, its been a long time, but u seem to remember it saying the semirhage was the ultimate healer before she swtiched over. This could prove useful in that through Nyns questioning she could fix Rand's missing hand. I realize that it sounds a little over reaching but there it is, also her knowledge could be used to finally seperate or merge LTT from rand and or remove the taint that has seeped into Rand's very being. Once again probably stretching it. Tell me what you think.
  12. What if: Rand has two wounds on his side that are competing evils correct? one from fain and one from moridin sooo what if blood on the rocks of shayol ghul is the blood from those two wounds and somehow the competion of these two evils will be magnified and in effect reseal the prison but when the wounds are drained all the evil that has consumed rands body will be drained out with it in effect killing him but giving him a small chance to live through nyneave's healing.
  13. I just hope Jordan doesnt do the jesus thing with rand, that hole concept crops up everywhere the matrix is one that most people know but video games and books alike seem to love the whole concept of the hero getting killed off to save everyone.
  14. Rand could seperate from Lewis Therin in Dream World, or The Dark Ones twisting in Shayol Gul could pull them apart Lewis Therin will die because he has been begging for it forever this will absolve him of his crimes in the breaking and rand will live on completly healthy because with Lewis Therin's Death all of the taint and holes and missing hands wil go with him to the grave. Since there is only one dragon's soul being weeved into the pattern the existance of two dragons in one body is a contradiction to the pattern that must be righted. Im sure Moridin will die but he is the dragons enemy and a conduit to the dark one. Therefore his death will not make the shadow go away because he is not the one re-sealing the dark ones prison.
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