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  1. Some great outside the box thinking in this thread. My addition would be open a gate to iron core in earth how ever many meters above the ground you wanted. Wait for the molten arc to get near the ground and then open the second gate of water to cool the mile long iron bar you just created. Build your palace around it accordingly.
  2. I've entertained the same thought Stevros but... Using the powers involves channeling or embracing of the powers. Rand didn't need to do that for his pipe. So that means that if the Creator had his own power that he could share with mortals, it isn't really a yin to a yang because it's properties are different. My vote is he simply wills the pipe to be lit.
  3. I had a question about Nynaeve's new healing. In the previous books, don't we have a forsaken refure to the AS healing as a crude battleground version of healing? Then when Moraine is going to heal Rand the "old" way, she asked him to embrace the source. She explains the healing takes less out of the body that way. When Nynaeve used her new healing on the kid that is coughing, she makes a point to say he will need food. She says that she will follow up on the parents to make sure they won't sell the extra food she is going to arrange. So my question is, if the new healing still
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