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  1. I thought that Egwene's death was handled fairly well... at least she got to go out in a blaze of glory, _accomplishing_ something. If this was Harry Potter, she would have died offscreen, and noone would have seen it at all. Y'know, like Siuan and Gareth.
  2. Remember, Mat was of the opinion - however incorrect - that the Foxes could get into his head. I don't think he dared plan anything out on paper or get too detailed, just in case. And his luck was always strongest when there was the least order, the most chance - as in, no plans.
  3. Another perspective I thought about when reading the thread. Again, it's just another beam shoring up my previous position. So what? I still think it's a valid point: Egwene, who was arguably the one most looking forward to the great big world outside the Two Rivers (even Mat wasn't enjoying the thought after the horrors of Winternight), has managed to never let go of the "Women's Circle"/"Village Council" arguing back and forth dynamic that occurred in Emond's Field. To her, the Dragon Reborn is just the Village Council on a much larger stage, and she's just the Wisdom to bully - er,
  4. As soon as she left Two Rivers, she stopped braiding her hair and began to emulate Moiraine. Then it was the Tinkers she wanted to be like. Then the Wise Ones. Then the Aes Sedai again. Egwene's a chameleon, for good or worse. She's learned a lot and made other people's strengths her own that way, but also adopted their negative traits and prejudices (mostly from the Aes Sedai). Point made. I agree, that she's always been a chameleon, but I think the later parallel/counterpoint with Rand's trauma was an intentional theme, even though most of us, reasonably, don't get around to caring a
  5. I've always thought that blocks are not the same as bars - that bars are artificial self-limits on effectiveness, while blocks are artificial self-limits on channeling at all. Small gateways can be used inside the body or brain, if Androl has or gains a good mental grasp on anatomy. Bam! Instant Mesaana. Bam! Instant 'heart attack' or 'catastrophic rupture of the femoral artery'.
  6. Had a crazy thought when re-reading earlier today: What if the whole thing - from Nakomi until after the crystal spires part 2 - was a dream? What if she still hasn't actually been to Rhuidean for her second trip yet?
  7. I was re-reading the fight with Mesaana, and the scene where Mesaana attempts to use a dream-a'dam on Egwene in particular. And... I think I saw something for the first time. Some of you above have touched on this tangentially, but here's the summary and the explanation of my thought: I think that Egwene was far more broken by her time as a damane than she or we realize. In this section, Egwene didn't just come across as afraid... This was shades of Rand in its desperation not to be bound, hearkening back to ACoS ch. 34, where on the Seafolk ship he was swamped in claustrophobia,
  8. Personal opinion - I don't know that anyone's ever even asked the question, let alone gotten a definitive answer - I think the Warder Bond was invented by someone attempting to 1) give Gentled men "something to live for" so they don't fall into depression and suicide/give up, and perhaps 2) find some way to set up a link between men and women while subverting the rules of a 1-to-1 link so that women could lead. If they were trying to achieve #2, they failed... but they might have succeeded at #1, and over 2500 years everyone forgot about the original intent.
  9. Hmm... that would fill an irony quotient for Tuon of "I choose not to channel". I think it will be Moiraine, but that would certainly fulfill the irony requirement.
  10. Crazy thought - because the Forsaken don't tell each other all their plans, one of them sends insane numbers of Shadowspawn to attack the Black Tower about the same time as the attack on Caemlyn. Due to the direction of the attack or whatever, Taim's forces take the brunt of the damage.
  11. After some thought... as a group, the Forsaken are foolish and weak. However... While from the reader's perspective, Graendal's plan to kill Perrin was worthless - how much do any of the Forsaken (save perhaps Moridin, and he's the kind of jerk who doesn't volunteer info like that) know about Wolfbrothers and their capabilities? How many wolfbrothers even show ability in Tel'aran'Rhiod, let alone this kind of strength? If Perrin had not had this ability, or had not been able to get strong quickly enough, Slayer would have killed Perrin and the Trollocs may well have taken out everyon
  12. Very possibly this. People seem to think that because Verin wasn't Evil, that she suddenly wasn't lying in anything other than the bare minimum that we've been forced to see, and otherwise she was a paragon of virtue. Yet for over 70 years, probably for more than 100 years (I don't recall her age), her methodology, her habit, her instinct, has of necessity been to bend and twist anything she says or writes in order to get things done while bending 6 contradictory oaths in an attempt not to shatter any of them beyond repair.
  13. BS has stated that Carlinya's death was not a mistake. The theory that Min's vision had something to do with the Seanchan was apparently wrong. -- dwn AFAIK, he also RAFO-ed the death so we may just have it coming up again. TAR is almost guaranteed to play a big role in AMoL - the BT, the Cyndane-LTT thing, maybe an explanation for Nakomi, Slayer, etc., are still live angles where TAR could pop up again. I bet we find out one of two things: 1 (most likely): Coincidentally, a Bloodknife killed her body about the same time as that attack. 2: One of the Darkfriends with Mes
  14. More to the point, blindly trusting your interpretation of someone else's vision is pretty dumb.
  15. Stepping away from the BA interrogation for a minute.... I kinda thought to myself, in the Sun Throne scene, that maybe Birgitte sleight-of-handed that needle in order to have an excuse to sit on the throne first. A bit of payback/tweaking Elayne's nose. Elayne did seem to alternate amongst silly, sensible, and stupid, and back to sensible, often several times in a single conversation. Which made it harder to enjoy her sections. I think my biggest frustration with her in this book is that her focus seems to be ENTIRELY on 'Andor after the Last Battle', with little or no thought t
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