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  1. I'm pretty openly anti-Elayne...for several reasons, although I liked her in Tanchico and before Salidar, her character seems to change a lot after that. It was like RJ realized he had to start making her act like a Queen, without much character development to get there, just an abrupt change in behavior First off, I seriously doubt her affections toward Rand. It isn't developed or convincing. They barely know each other, she claimed to love him after a few hours meeting in Caemlyn, and only spent a small amount of time with him in the Stone. I felt like her obsession with Rand was something she built up in her mind and had very little real substance compared to Avhienda and Min. Her arc securing the throne is ridiculous in the amount of time it takes, introduces WAY too many minor characters (all the Lords and Houses and stuff), and slows down the series at a time where things should be gearing up for the last battle. I have the same issue with Perrin and Malden, but at least there you have his collaboration with the Seanchan, Elyas returning, Aes Sedai and Wise Ones and Ashaman to keep it interesting.. The fate of one city's ruler, and her political machinations, just isn't interesting anymore when you have Forsaken and Aiel and Seanchan and all kind of crazy stuff going down. For real, we know more about the weird semi rivalry between Mistress Harfor and Master Norry than we do the destruction of Kandor, or whats going on with the Forsaken or Padan Fain. It's all little picture stuff. Thats why I like Egwene's arc, because it's big, dramatic, important. The impending civil war between two halves of the white tower, orchestrated by Forsaken, with big implications. And Egwene kicks butt while Elayne complains about goat's milk incessantly. /end rant
  2. We know Brandon added the scene with Cadsuane becoming Amyrlin in the epilogue. That kinda lends credence to BS killing off Egwene, since the original epilogue script had no mention of a new Amyrlin being needed. I agree with it, though, Egwene was a very black and white type of thinker, and would not have led well in a time of peace, when compromise is needed as opposed to her single minded "do whatever it takes to get things done" way of controlling the white tower.Almost reminiscent of Lincoln, now that I think of it. But yeah, Cadsuane is a much better choice for the 4th age.
  3. Okay so I had a crazy random thought. A lot of people complain about Alivia's role in "helping Rand die" just by giving him some gold. I agree with those complaints. Mainly, how on earth did she know Rand would survive in Moridin's body? How did the switch even take place? The way it's written, when Rand leaves, it's like he just woke up for the first time. How did Alivia know to put gold within his reach, and if she did, how did Rand know it was Alivia who had done so? It doesn't make any sense. The only way I can see that Rand would know Alivia was involved, was if he had seen her before waking yet after Tarmon Gaidon, and the only person he did see: "Was that Aiel clothing? An old woman, with gray hair?" He didn't recognize the voice, but Nakomi's powers could easily include changing aspects of her appearance. Also I don't recall any scene where Alivia and Avhienda would have met. It's a stretch, I know...but it makes more sense that a rescued damane with the mind of a child figuring out that Rand was linked to Moridin, that Rand would come to inhabit Moridin's body, and give him the gold he would need to escape the camp. It would also explain Alivia's fanatical devotion to Rand. Not a rescued damane, but the Creator's Avatar who was determined to see Rand stay safe for the last battle. And it might explain why Min sees so many viewing around Alivia, but none that she can understand, aaand it makes the "help him die" viewing make so much more sense, because she actually did help him die by orchestrating the body swap. Anyway, I know it's crazy but what do you think?
  4. I'd give Cadsuane more Constitution than Moiraine
  5. I wouldn't phrase it quite like that...the DO doesn't make people whole, the ability to choose is what makes people whole. Someone else pointed out on another thread that he is the "Dark One", not the "Evil One", and I thought that was a good way of putting it. I don't think we can really call him "good" or "evil", if he is a force of nature, since he has no moral obligation to be anything other than what he "is". This isn't a Sauron or even Satan who started out as a benevolent god and "fell". So yeah, I agree totally that RJs point was that freewill was necessary for good to exist in the world.
  6. Lol, with the way Kate Reading did their accents in the audiobook., I pictured all Sharans as looking like Inigo Montoya. One thing I've always appreciated in the WoT was the last of racial steriotypes. Randland and Seanchan are full of different skin tones and I don't remember any character treating another differently because of it. People in that world seem oblivious to those sorts of stereotypes. Gender, on the other hand....
  7. Malkier for sure, but I think the Borderlands are doomed short term... you have problems: Most of all, depopulation. Arafel was completely depopulated from what we can tell, Kandor got beat up bad, and Shinear was literally burned to the ground. We know that the borderlander army lost two-thirds of it's men BEFORE the battle of Merrilor. While Southern nations were still heavily populated during the entirety of the last battle, the only Borderlander kingdom that seemed tp escape massive population reduction was Saldea. The Last Battle was a Borderland genocide. This will make it nearly impossible for the Borderlands to have much influence on the world stage. In reality there are no Borderlands at this point. It's not a convenient stopping point for all the refugees out of the East, and it serves no vital defensive or economic function like it used to. I just don't see people making an effort to build it back up. So, unless Lan really inspires mass immigration to Malkier because he's so awesome, I see the Borderlands fading into obscurity for the next hundred years.
  8. I thought about that a lot. I think it may be a mix. Fortuona says in AMoL something to the effect that the Empire hasn't had a doomseer in 300 years. Apparently they have had people in the empire with Min's talent, and they were given some measure of prestige. They probably took the stories/writings of those individuals and what they saw in images and auras and corrupted them into their system of reading omens in the natural world. ie, a doomseer sees a rosebush (or whatever), interprets it as 'x' and Seanchan culture absorbs rosebushes as being associated with 'x'. Whether it works or not, it seems clear that the omen thing got started by people like Min. If Min's thing is genetic like channeling, perhaps it was more common in the bloodlines over there in Seanchan.
  9. I believe it was in TSR, I'm almost certain it was Melaine, but definetly a wise one. The gist of it was that making a decision on emotion blinds you for the moment, but making decisions solely on reason blinds you for a lifetime...Any ideas on where in the series this quote is found or am I imagining things?
  10. I for one am pretty happy about how BS handled the last three books, with a handful of MAJOR exceptions. He's not a super talented writer, and like someone else mentioned his "tell don't show" style is irritating, but having just finished Knife of Dreams on a re-read, and am now on TGS, I really appreciate how he picked up the pace of the writing in a way that was actually interesting. Yes, he put in some content and scenes that weren't crucial to advancing the plot, but they were gererally fun to read (Hinderstap!) and most importantly, they were SHORT. When RJ threw in filler, it spanned multiple books and made me want to gouge my eyes out (can anyone say the Kin?)
  11. I kind of liked the idea of Gawyn killing him...I know he's not everyone's favorite character, but it seems to fit the Pattern- it makes the attack on the WT, and the Seanchan's role in the Last Battle more meaningful, and calls to mind a David and Goliath type scenario. Have Demandred take on a few powerful channelers first, and have Gawyn with his blood knife rings take him down from behind before Demandred knows what is happening. Gawyn would still have to die, the Sharans could kill him...But I didn't like how Gawyn died for nothing. Lan didnt need to be more hardcore. He was plenty bad-a enough before he killed Demandred. I don't believe Demandred should be stupid enough to risk everything by having a one on one swordfight with some random guy, when the Sharan army could have stopped it at any minute. Dying by stealth makes much more sense.
  12. What happens to the Ways? Will they be cleansed now that the Taint has gone from Saidin? I can't remember anyone using them since the cleansing.
  13. Never thought about this until today, while reading in The Shadow Rising when Asmodean tells Rand's crew and the Aiel a post-Breaking tale, and it got me wondering... The Forsaken have only been free for a little while, and with the exception of Ishamael they have been unaware of the world. How do they know so much about the people and customs of Randland? They never show any knowledge gaps when interacting with people, and have no problem speaking the common tongue, and seem to have a better grasp than most about what's been going on for the past few thousand years. It seems like, in Asmodean's case, memorizing a ballad about Manetheren would be pretty low on the todo list after being free for the first time in over three thousand years
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