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  1. Dear Dragonmount community, Is there anyone out there that can explain to me why almost every single book of the Drenai Saga by David Gemmell, has a different 'Cover Art Style' (Title Position/Size, Author Name Size/Position, Picture style)? I love collecting fantasy books almost as much as reading them. The Drenai Saga has almost always a different spine art, and cover art style for every book, and that definitely looks awkward in my bookshelf! :/ I ended up returning all my orders from Amazon until I find out if there is a way to order these books with consistent "Cover Art Styles"! Does anyone know of a book seller that provides this saga with consistent "cover art styles"? If we look at the standard publisher "Del Rey", the cover art styles are rather inconsistent throughout, as can be seen in the attachments: Book 1: Legend Authors name at the top in large writing Title at the bottom of the page in large font size Picture of protagonist in the middle of page Book 2: The King Beyond the gate (Similar style for Book 2 to 8) Authors name at top in medium sized writing Title in small in the middle of the page Scene in the middle of the page Book 9: Hero in the Shadows (again similar to Book 1) Authors name at the top in large writing Title at the bottom of the page in large font size Picture of protagonist in the middle of page Book 10: White Wolf (again completely different Cover art style) Authors name in the middle in large Title at bottom in large writing Picture of protagonist in the middle of the page covering most of the page (similar to Book 1) Book 11: The Swords of Night and Day (similar to Book 10) Authors name in the middle in large Title at bottom in large writing Picture of protagonist in the middle of the page covering most of the page (similar to Book 1) If someone can help me solve this mystery, I will be eternally grateful! Thank you very much.
  2. Thanks for the answers. I really thought ToM would have had much more about the black tower considering it's name but unfortunately it's still a very mysterious plotline. Another thought: Is the title really appropriate for this book? I mean it sounds cool and in the grand scheme of the original AMOL book planned by Robert Jordan as a bridging title it kinda sounds right. As the word midnight symbolizes the buondary between one day and the next as someone mentioned in another thread, so a sort of intermezzo between the two other books of the trilogy. But in the end the Towers of midnight, the Senchan towers which is the direct meaning the Book title refers to are never really mentioned in any relevant detail so as to make the title a bit iffy... However, this might be in someway a foreshadowing? The Red aiels coming from this Senchan Tower of midnight?? Is this why the book was called this and the red aiels have a huge role or something? Ok i am going in very vague territory... i'll just throw it out there...
  3. 1) What exactly was the small detail that was missed and revealed in TOM? Is it the role of Matt's spear in freeing him from the Finns? 2) Does Slayer have any role in terms of fighting for the light? I remember a quote in the lines of that Isam hates wolves but Slayer doesn't at all... 3) Why doesn't Taim convert all channelers in the Black tower into black channelers? Is it to maintain the mystery around the character is he good/bad, or is there any 13x13 related problem? Thanks. Haven't read all pages soz if repeated questions.
  4. And then they talk more, and the viewpoint returns to Faile. Yeh I also noticed this. Maybe there's a paragraph break missing, in any case you are right. I don't think it's really correct to have 2 viewpoints in the same piece... To be honest I hope that TOR gives Brandon more time to finish the book properly because these are serious mistakes for a book. First book I read with such obvious mistakes :((((((((....
  5. Not to hate or anything because I absolutely loovee the book, but I did notice that the english in some of the book was a lil off... I mean there were one or two mistakes with pronouns and mispellings, and one sentence which actually didn't even make sense like the word order was all wrong... Anyhow, I am pbly overexaggerating but I mean a published book cannot have that many errors. I guess the book might was pbly rushed but I dnt think this is acceptable... This was my impression I would pbly have to read the book again maybe i was just tired when i read the book... edit: i guess I can also not spell but I am not a writer :P
  6. Hi! I haven't read the book entirely but whilst reading I found a misprint in the Orbit version I bought in The Netherlands. I have been closing my eyes to get no spoilers whilst posting this so I don't know if someone mentioned it before. Anyway on the top of page 217 in Chapter 15: Use a Pebble (3rd page of the chapter) in the following quote the word "foot" is mistyped as "food" Just wanted to put this out there! I am starting chapter 16 book is simply a Wow wow book... amazing!
  7. From the first page of this topic. I agree with this line of thought she just compelled the Aes Sedai she is impersonating to Swear the 3 Oaths again :D. Sorry for being a party pooper! ciao.
  8. That pbly explains it. But bad planning by the Wise one dreamwalkers, I would guess they should have attached one of themselves to each of the Ta'varen... but I guess it's not their way, Aes Sedai are a bit more organized I would say...
  9. No problem. I think if Perrin's group had a Dreamer Wise one, they could meet in The world of dreams with other Wise one dreamers of Rand's company, and discuss their location... Pbly the reason for them not using it, I guess this could answer my question, is Perrin's entourage had no Dreamer wise ones (or since they are in a part of the world they don't know very well they are not sure where they are, but this is weak since they could just ask someone)...
  10. I think this might have been discussed already...But I was just wondering why do Cadsuane + wise ones not use the world of dreams to locate Perrin? Why do they have to get it out of Rand through Nynaeve?
  11. What if Taim is a kind of Grey Asha'man? As in kind of a Verin for the Aes Sedai? So, he pretends to be a baddy but is actually a good guy (like Snape killing Dumbledore in Harry potter, he has to pretend trying to kill people (Rand) to seem credible to other DF's maybe Osan'gar or Demandred)? To me it seems like a possibility...
  12. I was wondering if the possibility has been discussed that Taim might have been set up/ been under compulsion when he "ordered" the attack on Rand (maybe by Osan'gar pretending to be Dashiva). And if he were a drakfriend isn`t this going against the DO's will since Moridin said not to kill Rand? Just some thoughts.
  13. We're currently in the Age after the Age of Legends. AoL was the Second Age, we're in the Third Age. There is one Dragon, he is reborn in all 7 Ages according to the basic theory. How do you know there are 7 ages... from an RJ interview?
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