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  1. I agree with this. I think it had to be one of her requests. Otherwise, Lan(and probably others) would have tried to save her and they all would have died. I think the destruction of the doorway severe the bound Remember that Lan could feel his bond change to a new sister as soon as Moarein went trough that portal. I don't think there could be enough time for her to make wishes for severing the bond. This leaves us with: 1.she intentionaly switched the bond the way Nyn got it later on, or 2.the destruction of the portal did the job. though she's been to the snake/foxes world once before(in tear) and she didn't loose the bond Either way, I don't think any of her wishes had anything to do with Lan's bond.
  2. Any idea where I can buy it if I'm from Europe? Are there any USA online stores that don't care where I live?
  3. It's not working like that. Best example being that he didn't smell anything evil about Katerine(spelling?) when Gaul kidnapped her. He can smell...let's say the current mood of the person. It was the wolves with Machira that could recognize when someone is telling a lie.
  4. It was more like the will of Tuon. Sandersson said that she thinks of her as the most important person in the world, great importance and all that come with it. Will of the pattern have very little to do with the outcome of this mind fight. She thinks of Rand as a lesser being compared to her, so I doubt she was ever going to bow before his will. Especially when she ain't getting anything out of it.
  5. If what you say turns out true then Mat's role as a general, and Perin's role as king of the wolves are going to be next to pointless. 2 major characters scratched from having an important role in TG right away, since both of them would hardly have anything to do outside the steel vs steel aspect of the battle. /offtopic
  6. Rand could still be Cuendillar for all we know. What happened to him doesn't mean that if given the chance again he wouldn't wipe out a palace full with compulsion damaged darkfriends plus a chosen one. Personally I'm happy with the end of TGS and Rand smiling and laughing and all, but I'd still expect him to do what's necessary to wipe the forsaken/darkfriends from the world and win TG.
  7. This can not be true since as soon as the a'dam(link with Semirhage) shattered Rand should've lost the access to the true power, however he did not I believe. Leaves either Moridin-Rand connection that gave him access or he always had access.
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