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  1. Just got an idea on how to "fix" Egwene, have Mat use her as a) a target to demonstrate range/effectiveness of Dragons b) Build a bigger dragon and see how well Egwene can do falling in style. 0
  2. Not going to lie here but when I read this part I thought Admiral Ackbar was going to show up and proclaim,"IT'S A TRAP!"
  3. Side effect of burning-out is to possibly being burnt to a crisp due to drawing on more OP than you can so I guess just bee happy you are alive and not ashes.
  4. Not that I don't believe you but where was it stated that this wasn't the original Guardian. GO PACK GO!
  5. I guess illogical works for Far Madding because when Rand went there in ToM he made a statement that the people there had always been a bit different from the rest of the world.
  6. Remember as Mat was going to meet Elayne that he noticed that the palace could hold its own in a siege and the only problem was that the guard had to camp outside the palace gates. I think that the band will battle into the New City then the palace to hold it until help arrives.
  7. Rand probably smells like sugar spice and everything nice...
  8. Just throwing this out there, but isn't there a prophecy where it says how the land is connected to the dragon. Well couldn't the Bore bee compared to Rand's original wound and so when he breaks the seals and goes to the DO and starts to bleed on the rocks is to use both halves of the OP in concert to heal the wound thus sealing the Bore again. Or having Alivia make some connection between the Bore and the wound so that if/when Rand dies so does the DO.
  9. And if I have a sword, and only use it exclusively to open cans of beans, it's still a sword. Yeah except the sword is not being used for is purpose and has been changed and is just a really fancy can opener. Or you can say that if all swords were not being used for their original purpose and directed to the same new purpose that the definition of a sword can be changed to match its current state. SO Aes Sedai can still be Aes Sedai since the entire organization has changed to the same direction of being manipulative idiots.
  10. Just quick question now that Rand is all intune with himself is he the Tamrylin like LTT was and so has a higher rank in the Aes Sedai than the Amrylin does?
  11. Just pointing this out that most if not all the MEN and WOMEN have the ability to follow the principles behind channeling: submitting to Saidar and overpowering Saidin. Rand finally came to this conclusion when he merged with Lews and Egwene is still missing this vital point. She is try to brute force through the problem when going with the flow and gently/subtly changing it to the desired course.
  12. But none of this is likely to occur, and so I kept my comments to analysis of the current state and not ideas to better it. Yeah if wishes were fishes.
  13. Great post! I just had a thought about bringing in greater numbers too, if the different ajahs implemented your idea then their various bases throughout the world would be able to find/recruit more girls that have the spark or are able to learn to channel.a
  14. I wonder if the Amyrlin shows the DR her anger because the DR got in a fight/duel with her warder over a parental issue?
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