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  1. this is ironic because it is a 95% complete parody thread @ fisher king it's nothing personal but there was this thread http://forums.dragonmount.com/index.php/topic,49974.0.html which really just alerted me to your posts and i took this as an opportunity to lash out. i am sorry if you were hurt
  2. This is not meant as a slam. When I was a lad, (many days ago) I read some of his posts and was confused by them. I was baffled. When I became older, I began to notice something and it is the essence of my question, which is: Has anyone else ever felt like the Random Capitalizations Throughout Sentences and Inane And Irrelevant Commentary upon subjects was a bit repetitive, predictable, pedantic, childish and even slightly off-putting after reading the same lines every few paragraphs post after post? That is my question - thank you for all input. chill
  3. i read the whole series also and loved faith of the fallen, though the whole book is really Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead in richard-land. there is way too much preach though and many of the secondary characters such as kahlan/jensen/whoever serve as nothing more than verbal punching bags for richard to bash on over and over again with his philosophy, which is just very unappealing. for me, the highlights of the series occur in faith of the fallen and confessor, where there's a message about how the effect of everyday actions can change the world. richard works as a commoner laborer, and his day-to-day efforts and work at his job serve as a role model and ripple effect to inspire the people to a revolution. you don't need to be a king or have an angreal with enough power to nuke the planet to make a difference. change is often achieved as a gradual process through small steps and the tireless efforts of joe schmoe
  4. you are making quite a few mistakes in your rant. first of all, you should realize that ayn rand was more an author who introduced the idea of objectivism, but contemporary objectivism was developed by leonard peikoff, who reapplied her ideas as a more legitimate philosophy. objectivism does NOT reject government. objectivism doesn't say that you shouldn't save that person in the lake. it says that you shouldn't save that person if you are going to drown with him or if he's a serial killer. objectivism's principle of self-interest isn't pure selfish greed, i cannot stress that enough. objectivism's self-interest benefits society through mutual gain. i.e. you would save that man because it is in your self-interest to not feel guilty about not saving him for the rest of your life or it is in your self-interest for him to continue to live and benefit society which loops back to benefit yourself, as long as he shares the same ideals of productivity as you do (not a serial killer). i don't profess to be an expert in objectivism but i have taken a few philosophy classes, read ayn rand's books, and read terry goodkind's. the amount of ignorance, judgment, and false information in your rant is appalling
  5. chel vanin is really demandred. think of all the times it is mentioned that vanin has a soft spot for elayne (ilyena)
  6. can you elaborate on constructs of power not being able to pass through gateways? i mean trollocs and such CAN pass through gateways physically, but they will just die. since a gholam is not affected by the one power, can't they physically go through a gateway and not get hurt?
  7. in towers of midnight, a cybernetic hand will be grafted onto rand's stump, and in a memory of light it will be revealed that the dark one is rand's father
  8. back on topic, i think what the OP wrote has a lot of merit. some of it can be corroborated by what was said in TGS. think about how the hundred companions are all male using saidin, and how they could only form an imperfect seal using the cuendillar disks. saidar or true source seems to be the key in patching up the hole permanently. the cuendillar disks could also be some kind of power source that fuels the seal.
  9. the sword of truth series is much more linear compared to wheel of time. for me this was good and bad. in some SoT books the momentum just builds up and keeps going and going, whereas in WoT there were a lot of slogging points with egwene or perrin that kind of bored me. however, the SoT really lacks some depth. i can re-read WoT over and over again and notice small things that will keep surprising me, but i think i got everything out of SoT within the first read. also, i noticed later that the scenes that i really liked about SoT, like Faith of the Fallen's slice of life and rebellion, were kind of ripped off from Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead or Atlas Shrugged. i guess in general TG's work is an homage to Ayn Rand, but FotF really has the same plot as The Fountainhead. TG gets a lot of flak, but you can't deny that he is a very famous author and one of modern fantasy's superstars.
  10. i agree that the blindness aspect has not been fulfilled yet. think about how the encounter with semirhage left rand with his out of focus/blurry vision. nothing has really happened with that yet. i suspect that his vision will keep deteriorating until it becomes full blindness.
  11. oh man, the posts between Fisher and Ares just had me laugh out loud in several places. back on topic, i also suspect that there are hundreds of blademasters. i mean if you need a council of 5 blademasters, that implies there are definitely more than just the named character blademasters that we know. plus there are millions of soldiers in randland. and rand became a blademaster in like 1-2 years? tam became a blademaster starting off as a farmer then soldier of fortune. it really doesn't seem to be THAT difficult to become one. and if you become a blademaster if you kill a blademaster... assuming that blademasters live by the sword/die by the sword, think of the chaining of blademasters that would create throughout history. every old blademaster would be succeeded by a new guy that just killed him, while new blademasters would be formed through the council, etc. etc. definitely hundreds of blademasters. think about how Rand was acknowledged as a BM in the rebel camp, Darlin looked at Rand with newfound respect but he didn't really bat an eyelash. there are probably more BM than aes sedai
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