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  1. it is mentioned in one of the books that female channelers can make longer bridges of the one power then men, when Rand is going to talk to the Sea Folks he makes a bridge and he states that a female channeler would be able to make it longer then he even if he is 10 times as strong,. I would say that has something to do with dexterity
  2. pretend im 10 years I just need to get this out of my mind, to get a clear view of how it works, it might be my non-native englsh brain which messes it up when they talk of dezterity, that womans are more dexterious then men, i sort of know what the word means, or it have a meaning but i can't seem to think how that works on the power, how dexterity works with the power or how that is working comperad to the strength, if you had one character with full power in strenght with zero dexterity and a character with full dexterity and zero strength, how would that work out if its even possible this is how i would to myself describe dexterity, it is like cooking a complex dish where all the ingrediances must fit togehter, be ballanced agiainst eachother, not overpower eachoter, but stil enhance the full taste of the dish, like making a dow, or bread yuo want all things in the mix to make one good bread by measure it all closly and not have something overpowering the other, i know how strenght is though, don't need to have that explained
  3. I just wonder if it would be cool or if it would spoil anything if the series includes a dragon at the final match like the dreadlords final and most vissious weapon or if the sides of lights learn the existence of a kind hearted dragons, since the word dragon is used alot in the books, the animal dragon is pictured on flags, banners, tattoos, car'a'carns arms, swords, would it be strange if dragons could exists for real in tWoT world, the closest would be To'Raken who are more Wyvern like animals, what if the Dark One is a Dragon
  4. they are both very strong, and often regarded as 2nd behind Lews Therin and Ishamael, but it is hard to guess who are the strongest of the two, just qutiour, since it is hard to make an accurate map over strenght in power, compared with all the forsaken, and the new strong channelers, like Logain, Taim, and some of the Ashaman, but who are strongest between the two so called 2nd after the the Dragon and the Betreyer of Hope, are they equal or are one a bit above the other, Aginor seems to be the most clumsy of the forsakem and not very lucky while Demandred is very lucky and hard to find, but who are the strongest, like that matters, i just want to find that out
  5. maybe the dark counterpart is ravensister/brother, or something,
  6. i did not implay they should be a couple i juste think their tallents are related or are at the oppesite side of the coin of eachother, while Min can see other peoples faith/destiny, she knows that you are gonna fall down a cliff one time just by looking at you, or be bit by a dog or get wed with someone nobleborn. it just that chance/luck and faith/destiny are related tallents that are commen in a lot in fantasy but are used in different consepts. it is very handy to have one around you who can know peoples intention just by looking at their auras, and it is also handy to be around a person who is constatly having the odds on his side, i hope i don't confuse with my polls, im new to the site and i have just so many questions of my own that i would like to talk about, or just thoughts and concerns that i have towards caracters and events in the books,
  7. How to make an'gerals and other items of power - by Elayne Trakan, with help from Aviendha How to avoid biginner mistakes "how to avoid overdose of saidin" - by Aginor
  8. both Mat and Min have so far as i know pretty rare gifts and tallents which is solely theirs, and it also seems to be a new tallent or a totaly new tallent which has nevre been seen before, (that is recorded of corse). Min had the tallent when they met her and Mat hav his tallent developed through the series, though he have other gifts also as remembering old tongue + the abilaty he got from the Foxes battle tactics, (was it not so that Mat spoke old tongue fluently both times he went through the dors to finnland, before he got the tallent) btw that is a digeration so luck and faith is two old terms in human history, destiny and chance, often depicted as dietys or spirits in some fantasy and films it seems to have creept in on two main carcrters in the series as Mat who is recarnation of luck/chance and Min who can se faith/destiny, Mat can alter a positive chance or turn chance into his own favour in more ways then just the ta'verens pull on chance, he is chance in person, Min sees things auras which she can read peoples destinys out of and is not possible to escape from, what Min sees, happens, sooner or later, i don't know where i take this thing, it is not realy a theroe more of an observation, and wild guessing, i wish thye two had more time together, playing dice or a game of stones,.
  9. two things i would like a Wheel of Time themed Mastodon track, that would be awesome, they are a band who is really good at thematic songs, and make the sogns feel the theme they are playing. and in my head the Wheel of Time soundtack could as easly be a heavy metal soundtrack as it could be a celtic new age soundrack, i would be satisfied if Mastodon was asked to make the sountrack to Eye of the Storm, cause they know how to make intence, dark but also melodic colourfull songs and yet have enough depth and imagination to make fantasy related music, their style is based around writing music to mythical beast and heroes, it would be easy for them..
  10. I just started reading tEotW and started watching for some subtle changes in the three boys developments, mostly regarding Mat, when they yells the batlecryes, aproaching Shadar Logoth, (Rand and Perrin yells Manetheren, Manetheren), and Mat yells that other thing in Old Tongue, when they are inside and located in the white building, Rand think Mat seems distanced, or introverted (we don't have Mat's PoV to see what happens but i thought that might be the first subtle change towards something inside Mat) or he just was startled about saying something in old tongue, i also noticed on the describtion of the dagger, it had snakes carved in on the blade, it is probably noting more then nice carvings on a blade but Mat will have some later experiances with Snakes (and Foxes)
  11. Aginor is my favourite forsaken cause by the fact he is the clumsyest one he is stil one of the strongest channelers in tWoT universe

  12. how could i forgett Aram, who was corrupted by Masema (and Perrin of course, his mind twisted by the ta'veren claws )
  13. this is not a to serios poll, just wanted it to be made, but i like to see who people think is most insane of the insane trio both Masema and Fain have been in contact with Whitecloacs if i remembr correctly
  14. They all share the title of being a pain in the butt to the main characters, a bore in their foot, mostly towards Rand and Perrin, Mat have certainly been lucky to not have to deal with over-suspicios or over-fanatic alies/enemys, (exept his wife, who is a bit fanatic), Dagar became insane after watching Rand fighting Ishamael in Falme (and in Fal Dera), and the rest of his life he lived as a falce prophet to the Dragon Reborn, and led a terrible regime of suspician and fanaticisme. Jaret Byar have been a bore in Perrins foot for 11 books, or Perrin have been a bore in Jarets spine, that dipends on where you look, the other two-rivers have not experianced Byar, he was Perrins sole enemy. Padan Fian is as we know is filled with hate, but most of all he hates Rand, but he also have a conection to Mat through the dagger, only Mat knows of the darkness of Shadar Logoth on his body as Padan Fain dose now, only Fain consumes it and uses it for his own evil. are there other insane comenours who is not Forsaken or darkfriends, who is obsessed with one goal or is refucing to bow down a claim of a certian in-build fact. Elaida is also a honorary member of the fanatic league i could probably add Fortuna to the list of corrupted or fanatic minds, but she have a honoray to be mentioned.
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