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  1. Shannara ( excluding Word and Void ; though it's tied to Shannara now it's still pretty modern fantasy and doesn'that that usual fantasy medievial feeling as does WoT and others ), Dragonlance, The Sword of Truth, The Lord of the Rings.
  2. I thought they were great books ; the first fantasy saga that I've read that is mostly concerned with mortals. I'm almost done with Confessor....I took a peak at the end when I got the book though and was astonished to see that mostly evrery major character suvived, including Cara of all people :D. I thought she would undoubtely go out in a blaze of glory, defending Richard. Oh, well *chuckles*
  3. I'm actually enjoying Ice and Fire more than The Lord of the Rings :D ! I've been reading it since July and am near 500 pages into Feast For Crows. I am missing Jon and Dany something fierce :'(. I hope somewhere down the road we'll get a POV Rickon or Osha so we know how they are doing. I hope the remaining Starks stay alive and reunite one day.
  4. Hello, all, I'm new ! *Stumbles around*
  5. I started reading The Wheel of Time two weeks ago, beginning with the prequel New Spring and thoroughly enjoying it. It saddens me to know that such a great writer has passed away. He belongs to the Ages now and will be lamented and his work adored Forever.
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