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  1. The Wheel of Time turns, and threads come and pass...
  2. On Braids and Bosoms - Travelling with Nynaeve Al'Meara, a collaboration between Thom Merrilin and Juilin Sandar, with selected anecdotes from anyone who ever met her.
  3. The Three Oaths maybe? While defending the Tower from active attack is obviously fine, a premeditated strike against a fleeing foe would be far more questionable. Their escape could easily lead to the loss of Aes Sedai lives in the future, but it's the sort of thing that would probably descend into paralysing discussion, arguments, plots, counter plots and baths. Also, in the immediate aftermath of the raid, the Tower was not yet unified - one faction had been virtually decimated and had lost all sense of leadership and the other had more or less no idea what was going on. They had a new Amyrlin and Hall to choose, no idea of how fast raken could travel and no guarantee of the route the raken would take...
  4. It is slowly subducted into the planet's core, where it accretes in the centre, pushing the iron in the core outwards, destabilising the planet's magnetic field, resulting in a massive increase in dangerous stellar radiation reaching the surface of the planet. All life ends in flaming, cancerous doom, and Shai'tan starts getting very lonely.
  5. I don't see any reason why you couldn't weave without being able to see. You can tie your shoelaces without looking, after all. It would be hard to do much of anything useful, though, and I imagine it would be extremely hard to learn anything. I'd also like to know how much feedback you get from your weaves of air. If you push a weave against something, do you feel resistance or do you just have to watch for the effects? Would it be possible to have a network of tiny air 'feelers' around you, each one like a stick for a blind man, to help you move if you lost your sight? It just occurred to me - why didn't someone go to the Choedan Kal statue in Cairhien and start dropping power-bombs on it from a distance? Cyndane at least knew where it was.
  6. At the Cleansing, saidar doesn't react how Rand expects it to - he says the weave looks different to how he would have thought it would look. Also, the way men and women travel are somewhat different - women make two places in the pattern the same, men bore a hole through the pattern to travel through. Plus with all that jazz about birds not being able to teach fish to fly, I'd say that the weaves are pretty different, even if the effects are the same. It seems likely to me me that the simpler the weave, the more similar the male and female versions, but that's just speculation.
  7. They're not super soldiers. They were meant to be, but it didn't quite work. However, they're still big, ugly and hard to kill. They seem fairly easy to supply and maintain and they are available in vast numbers. The siege of Maradon seems fairly indicative of how they can be effective - against a well disciplined, well organised force of humans, with Ashaman support, they were slowly winning through force of numbers even if they were getting slaughtered by the thousand. When the Shadow's generals, whoever they were, managed to disrupt the discipline and command of the Light forces with some sneaky tricks, the Trollocs, being big, bad and ugly, were pretty good at turning some cracks in the line into what would have been a rout if there'd been a lesser general in charge. The final reason why Trollocs exist is that they're a big, scary monster that are just dangerous enough to be a real headache for anyone normal but can be slaughtered by our glorious protagonists :P
  8. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glorfindel It gives sources. Thank you it seems I need to get myself more of Tolkien's works than the Silmarillion, the Hobbit, and the Lord of the Rings.
  9. Nope. It's a long, long history but in the beginning Eru (God) created Eä (the universe) using the Ainur (it's a beautifully poetic creation account). Some of the Ainur decided to enter the universe to complete it's material development. These are the Valar and the lesser Maiar (including Morgoth). The Elves awoke in Middle Earth and were led to Undying Lands, Valinor, where the Valar had made their home, by none other than the Valar. Their race became split with some staying behind, some travelling and staying on the shores and others going all the way. After so and so a time eventually the Elves had their "Fall" comparable to Man's Fall from God's Grace in the Garden of Eden. Let to the Second War with Morgoth (and evil Vala, having fought the First War against the other Valar). The exiled Elves were pardoned and were invited back to Valinor. Some went, others (for reasons too deep to go into, stayed). The Men (who awoke in Middle Earth at a later date) who fought with the Elves became great friends and were awarded by the Valar with a gift. An island in the Western Sea where the shores of Valinor were just in site sometimes. They were forbidden from sailing West however. It is in this kingdom that Aragorn and Gondor etc., have their heritage. Anyway the Númenórean eventually "Fell" as well because of the mechanisms of Sauron (Morgoth's lieutenant). And Valinor was then sundered from the world (only Elvish boats can sail there). Nope. Just.. burned up. There is a lot of Tolkien's stuff out there besides The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings. The Silmarillion, Histories of Middle Earth, his Letters etc. There is a pure wealth of Tolkien's legendarium out there. If you want more Wiki is actually a very good source for Tolkien. And of course his fan forums. Hey I'm far from an expert as well . Can you point me in the direction of where you got that bit about Glorfindel from? I was under the impression he was another guy with the same name. I've not heard that before and I'm quite curious :)
  10. This. Also, you would be right to be wary of a big man with a battleaxe hiding in the shadows. "I'm a main character in a novel, trust me!" is not a very reasonable defense (even if it is often effective).
  11. Sorry for the pedantry but isn't that more or less what prejudice is? As to the rest, I agree with you and the others which say that the organised ajahs will tend to become far more diffuse. There will always need to be specialists - that's why we have chemists, mathematicians, physicists, biologists, engineers, historians, whatever you care to name - but as with science at the minute the roles of each will cross over more and more in times to come, I think.
  12. I thought they would, at first, but then something occurred to me - have we seen any other case where the taint has affected something done with saidin after the weaving itself has finished? Because as far as I can remember, the weaves themselves are pure, the taint affects only the channeler. I'm wondering how the ways became tainted in the first place...
  13. Someone needs to ninja this on Brandon just to see his reaction :D Interesting interview there, thank you :)
  14. Rand had a horse somewhere in the Dragon Reborn, didn't he? I'm fairly sure I remember a Perrin POV where he mentions they found Rand's horse looking like it had been mauled by wolves, but he was still staying ahead of them...
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