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  1. The DO was potentially able to taint the One power because since it was only men at the sealing it was 1/2 creator power vs full Dark One power. It does not prove that the Dark One's power beats the Creators power.
  2. Those quotes could be from previous Fourth Ages, or from a possible future the same way Min's viewings for events after the Last Battle will only happen if there still is a pattern. On topic, you could make an argument that the pattern itself is a weave holding the Dark One in the same way the One Power is a weave. The Dark One is constantly tring to pull apart the threads and the pattern is constantly being put back in place. It's kind of like the DO is being shielded (with one that is able to stretch, like that one person was able to do) It's also possible that the pattern has to be unraveled carefully in order for the DO to not destroy himself in the process. It could explain why the Dark side stopped using Bale fire. It could unravel the pattern, but would be like when Avienda let the gate explode. The effect would destroy everything including the Dark One. The DO wants to unravel the pattern in such away that he survives.
  3. Perhaps we will find out who Gaidal Cain was reborn as. I wouldn't be shocked if Elayne gave birth to one very ugly child. Yeah the timing isn't perfect, but we know time works differently in the dream world.
  4. I'm pretty sure Egwene names two Black Ajah with Rand, don't recall the others name.
  5. Are you sure about this or are you assuming that we would have been told if her name was on the list. Egwene mentions, in her thoughts, the Black Ajah who are with Rand. It has been a while since I've read the older books, and I don't remember where she is, but I believe Eqwene would consider her "with Rand".
  6. He may just kneel for appearance sake, with the understanding that the Prince of Ravens (Mat) will be put in charge of the combined armies.
  7. The one about Rand standing on his own grave. (At the end when he was on Dragonmount)
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