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  1. it seemed like whoever wrote the screenplay for Eragon didn't actually read the book...so many fundamental things in the book are missing
  2. then we'll never see a WoT movie and if it were to be done the same way I hope we never do. The Eragon movie was the worst book to movie I think I have ever seen. Please, anyone who enjoyed the Eragon book even the slightest bit, do not see this movie. Let's hope that after this someone decides to show how a fantasy movie SHOULD be made and does the Wheel of Time. Sorry...needed to rant about my huge waste of money on this movie.
  3. This is the thread that never ends Yes, it goes on and on my friends Some people started asking it not knowing who it was And now they'll keep debating it forever just because...
  4. The scene where Rand has the Aes Sedai swear fealty on their knees just after Dumai's Wells.
  5. Faile is just a cute fuzzy puppy and an unrealistic woman.........j/k :D I think Faile is cool.
  6. "We'll talk about it," she murmered, the bond filling with stubborn resolve. The most dire words a woman can say short of "I'm going to kill you," Rand thought.
  7. Yeah, the Aes Sedai definately should have given Bela back to Tam when he and Mat's dad went to the White Tower to find out about the boys.
  8. It's called 'The World of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time' Amazon Page for the guide
  9. They would still capture them. They could get around the free will oath by breaking their spirit, which they already do. Just look that the former Aes Sedie that Tuon owns. When the deathwatch guard set out to track down Tuon, the former Aes Sedai was there as well. It was made pretty clear that she would do anything for Tuon.
  10. Basically, the true power is the power of the dark one himself. The one power is the natural force of the world. I don't think there is has been any reference to the true power being stronger or better than the one power, except that the only way to tell if someone is using it is the saa in their eyes. Also, it doesn't seem like this is something that Rand would be able to get ahold of unless he sided with the dark one.
  11. who knows. maybe descriptions of the forsaken are a part of that information the white tower hides from everyone except initiates.
  12. Well, I was just wondering about this. Rand, Elayne and Avienda can all channel which means they have a lot longer lifespan that people who can't. So does Min get any kind of extended life, or does she just get the short end of the stick?
  13. I believe the song they're looking for was explained at some point. If it wasn't in the main books it was in the BWB. Anyway, I think the song they are searching for is the song they sang to try and stop one of the male Aes Sedai from destroying a city. They made a circle or arc or something and sang and the male Aes Sedai looked at them for a while then destroyed everything. Also, it could be some sort of reference to the tree singing that some people would do along with the Ogiers and Nyms. That may have been discredited when they heard Ogier treesinging and said that was not what they were looking for though.
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