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  1. There's going to be outrigger novels staring mat and more short stories in the vein of New Spring. There's already been one WoT video game and another being made. There are WoT comics and graphic novels. WoT isn't going anywhere for awhile. Eventually, someone will turn it into a movie or a TV show and that will increase the popularity even more.
  2. I thought they were from the city in the blight. And it is explicitly stated that they are not Aiel by the POV character. First he assumes they're Fades because of their "sleek grace" then he believes they're Aiel because of their red veils. Then he admits that he was wrong about them being Aiel as well. Aiel don't wear red veils. Also, they have dark eyes while most Aiel have light eyes. They kill him with a knife instead of with the One Power. Thus, they are not Aiel. They have no connection to Aiel. They're not Aiel channelers gone to kill the Dark One. They are soldiers of the city
  3. Moraine marrying Thom. Their could be a huge ceremony with all of the heroes of the books uniting the night before the battle so that they can eat drink and be merry one last time before marching off to kill the Dark One. It would allow for some really touching moments and a nice farewell to all the characters. There could be a great speech about why they fight and how some of them will not return. It would frame the sacrifices they were making real by showing the emotional impact of those who die in the Last Battle. Also, Hopper should come back with the horn. This is such a great idea. R
  4. This part of the book left me confused as well. If let me wondering whether the author intended it to be ambiguous or it was just vague writing.
  5. Who should die: Everyone except Mat Who will die: Rand and probably no one else. The Shadow really isn't a threat in this series. The only thing they've successfully killed was Asmodean, one of their own. I don't expect that to change. There will be big battles and lots of nameless dead but no one important other than our messianic hero, Al'thor. The Forsaken will skulk around, brooding and doing little else. They'll talk about how evil they are and then do nothing. The Shadow is no threat at all.
  6. This is a question that has always bugged me. Do the weaves of the one power need a connection to the channeler? If someone lights a tree on fire does that weave have to touch the channeler, like a cord which runs from the tree back to the person channeling? At some points in the book, I think the description of the one power becomes muddled. I think my question is unclear. Let me try another example. When Graendal lowers a weave of compulsion onto someone, is there a point where that weave meets her body somewhere or does the weave just float in the air where she formed it? Is it con
  7. Could Elayne make one? Is there a weave that can prevent traveling to a certain area?
  8. Right on. Notice how the books become slower paced as the series moves on? This isn't just in WoT but in others series as well. A Song of Ice and Fire is a great example of a writer becoming too big for an editor. Once someone catapults onto the bestseller list I'm sure it becomes harder for an editor to wrangle that writer in. JK Rowling managed to do well after her success. Either she has a much better ability to create brief and simple novels, or she managed to somehow keep her ego in check well enough to listen to her editor. Most fantasy novels written today are too long. There's no
  9. Egwene was chosen by a group of women. Rand was chosen by the creator to represent all of the light. There are hundreds of Amyrlins in a single age. There is only one Dragon.
  10. Egwene wouldn't want to admit she's powerless to stop him. She may be self-deluded enough to think she actually could force him to change. Just ask Cadsaune how well that went. Or Eladai or any of the other Aes Sedia who thought they were greater than the Dragon.
  11. Elayne and Perrin's endless whining about his wife.
  12. if she used the One Power than that plot thread wouldn't have been dragged out for a decade and wouldn't have included some of the most boring (Wet Things) chapters in all of the books.
  13. Characters to die in the last Battle: Rand a lot of nameless soldiers a lot more nameless Trollocs Characters to survive the last battle: Rand everyone else.
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