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  1. the people of the AoL didn't know that the battle against the dark one was eternal, they didn't believe the stories about the horn of valere, so i doubt there was any belief that lews therin was the reincarnation of the lights champion born to defeat the dark one again and again. Such things only became common knowledge with lews therins failure and the prophecies being foretold.
  2. He'll definitely have Lews Therins skills, and maybe a vague awareness of other lives.
  3. I seriously doubt rand is going to have full knowledge of everyone of his past lives. It would make him unbeatable first of all, and it would remove alot of the threat of the last battle if he remembers successfully sealing the bore thousands of times. This isn't the first time rand has a moment of enlightenment that let him remember one key aspect of many prior lives, he realized that he never served the shadow in previous lives but he didn't gain instant knowledge and skills from that.
  4. the darking of the room and menace aura are side effects of the original use of the TP, its not him tapping into it every time.
  5. There has to be some reason why the books are about THIS incarnation of the dragon, so we must assume something different or special happens. Whether this is the DO's closest chance at winning ever or Rand perma-seals away or kills the DO we'll see. That he brought up killing him and got the same reaction everyone gave him when he cleansed saidin makes me think he'll succeed.
  6. Well rand says he'll no longer hear lews therins voice again, so that leads the reader to believe that his MPD problems are done. Doesn't mean he still won;t have other issues, just now knowing love is the reason to fight would probably be kinder to his 3 ladies and people in similar situations (nynaeve and lan)
  7. I always saw it as: Rand started gaining the memories of Lews Therin. This scared him so much because his ultimate goal is to not become the dragon, not to break the world and kill his loved ones. So when he started talking and thinking like lews therin he mentally shunted the memories off into another part of his mind where they formed another personality based on lews therins personality before he died. But being still just another aspect of rand lews therins ranting usually coincided with rands fears and concerns. At the end of the book rand was finally able to admit that the lews therin voice was just him ( a fact helped by how lews therins memories were spilling over to rand more and more often)and in admitting that, his split personality was healed. Its multiple personality disorder not schizophrenia btw
  8. I just meant no one channeled the true power when the bore was made, they just sensed the new source of power (dark one/true power) and went for it.
  9. the bore was made in order to get access to a foreign source of power that we later learn is the dark one himself, pretty sure there was no using of the TP invovled.
  10. I'm sure the true power is similar enough to the one power that the same weaves work. Its meant to be this tempting force that once used it gets you hooked and basically slaved to the dark ones will. The forsaken all had access to the TP but almost never used it due to fear of addiction, but they still could do things with it. HOW could you teach someone TP only weaves when no-one but yourself can see the weaves your making?
  11. No I don't think so. The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills. Ta'veren's fates are controlled much more closely than regular people. I find it highly unlikely that the Wheel let Lews Therin screw up. Look at how big of a hand it took in controlling Verin in this last book. And she isn't ta'veren. How could it allow Lews Therin and 113 other threads to do something that went against the plan of the Pattern? I don't think it would/could. I think its simply a case of the Wheel's plan being imperfect this go-around. RJ said it had a fuzzy logic. My guess would be after making this mistake, it has "planned" differently to correct it this time, by spinning out three ta'veren. Secondly, the taint wasn't caused by saidin touching the Dark One. The taint was caused by saidin touching an area where the Dark One could exert enough influence to taint it. Thirdly, the way you are envisioning it, Lews Therin and company sealed the bottom part of the Bore, the part which was connected to the DO's prison. Assuming that this is actually true, which I question, the only difference Rand could make would be to seal the top part of the Bore. That would still result in an unhealed Pattern. Or he could use saidin and saidar to "stitch" it up, but obviously that would require saidin and saidar penetrating the Pattern and thus touching the Prison. Not only would this allow the Dark One to taint both sides, he could chip away at the stitching that lay at the underside of the Pattern until the whole stitched area broke open again. I see no other way. We've never seen saidin or saidar used to push the Pattern in a certain direction (as in, to fill a gap). I don't see why it would be needed, either. Ta'veren-ness does that exact thing. The dark one fears the power so much that he doesnt let his minions channel it at the bore, more so why would the dragon be born a channeler of unmatchable strength if the power had nothing to do with victory. Finally the shadow warps the pattern allowing even ta'veren to fail, otherwise the dark one would have a 0% chance of victory.
  12. The lack of 3 ta'veren in the AoL is not evidence either way. According to Herid Fel, the pattern goes like this (Fel used somewhat less detail in his explanation, perhaps why Rand didn't get it right off): 1. perfect seal - no knowledge of existence of DO 2. Bore into DO prison, chaos 3. Patch on Bore, taint of saidin 4. Breaking of the World 5. weakening of seals/patch 6. destruction of seals (clear the rubble) 7. Dragon et al repair damage of the Bore so that you can no longer tell there was a hole there. People retain living memory of DO 8. Other ages we know nothing about. Eventually, get to a point where there's a perfect seal AND no one remembers there's a DO. Rinse & repeat. If the whole opening schtick about this is an age that came before and will come again is at all accurate, then each of these steps must occur, in this order. LTT was never intended to perfectly seal the DO up. That wasn't his role in that age. His role was to create the patch on the Bore & Taint saidin. If the key to fixing the Bore IS in the presence of 3 ta'veren, the pattern would not create them during the AoL. so every turning is one dragon fails and one dragon succeeds? I would think it more likely that lews therin simply screwed up what he was supposed to do leading to the current problem. All herid fel said was by the time the wheel turns back to the 2nd age the bore would need to be completely gone. Lews therin tried to place a seal ontop of the dark one, my theory is that the 2 halfs of the power would mend the pattern itself closing the bore. So neither power would have to touch his prison directly and therefor no tainting.
  13. lews therin tried to PATCH the bore, he tried to place something over it which would hold the dark one in. We know thats not the solution since in the next turning of the wheel there can be no patch. Im thinking saidin and saidar together can be used on the patern itself to heal the bore, not as a patch. Its either that or the combined tavern effect, but there werent (as far as we know) 3 taveren in the aol just the dragon.
  14. saidin and sadar are said to keep the wheel itself turning, there fundamental forces of the universe that keep reality rolling. Using both together to CLOSE the bore instead of just placing something over it could work.
  15. we know saidin and sadar working with and against each other turn the wheel of time. So maybe using both together in some complex way can mend reality and fix the bore. As opposed to just placing some kind of patch over it which would lead to the power being tainted.
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