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  1. There has been much discussion on this and it seems that the consensus was that passing over to the world of Snakes and Foxes in combination with what they were doing to her, draining her of her ability to channel, caused the destruction of the bond. I think that because the bond of a warder is a weave it stands to reason that when the party that wove it changes in an eternal sense, death or their ability to channel, the bond is broken. Remember that never before has the ability to channel ever just been able to drain away from a person. You could be stilled and healed improperly (Siuan and Leane)but while being alive it is impossible to be drained of the ability in Randland. But since Moiraine was not in Randland and regular rules do not apply to the Finns it goes to say that they could change her eternally or to put it another way, change her soul almost. Since we know channeling is directly linked to the soul from knowing that if a person is reborn they have all the same abilities; the Dragon will always be able to channel. But there were some other ideas. Its not exactly a simple answer. sorry.
  2. Meeting between Rand-Perrin-Mat will be awesome. i just have a feeling they wont be able to have THE MOST INTERESTING conversations ever because the story is going to move too fast. so much to do in one book. Taim v. Logain will be epic, if that is who fights Taim. Half the BT might be destroyed in the process. Androl with some deathgates, i cannot wait. Rand and the Seanchan. that is a chapter i may just re-read on the spot several times if it happens. so when is Mat going to be able to tell Rand he is married to Tuon? I think it won't be him at all. My money is on Tuon herself or maybe even Moiraine.
  3. I think at least one of the great Generals will survive. my money is on Ituralde. Although i can easily see him dying. I see both Siuan and Byrne dying, maybe not at same place or time but it seems fitting. Bashere because he is going to be where the worst is im sure (except for Lan). He will most likely be the one who holds of the red-veil Aiel while Rand plus two are fighting the dark one or some such. It looks like Elayne has no chance of dying with the birth of her twins and such not coming before the LB. Egwene could die. but i have a feeling she will be leading the AS for much longer....Leane i have a feeling lives, but if she does die it won't be some big thing. Alivia will die, somehow. Really I am just hoping people die in this book. It will be bring so much good drama. I agree with the idea that Sanderson did not in fact screw up Carlinya; there is no way he did not know about her foretelling.
  4. Actually that's not true. He came pretty close to being beaten by Ryne Venamar in New Spring. In fact the only way he won was Ryne underestimated him once he was wounded. If i am not mistaken New Spring is about 20 years before tEoTW. And Lan did not stop training in those twenty years. What I meant was that we have never seen him challenged in the main 13 books.
  5. and would you please spell GAWYN correctly. it is bugging me big time.
  6. I am not sure how people can think that Lan can be bested by anyone with a sword. He has never been challenged or come close to losing. In TGS, chapter "An Offer and a Departure", when Gawyn dueled Sleete and Marlesh at once and beat them twice Gawyn recalls that Sleete "was said to have bested even Lan Mandragoran twice out of seven bouts, BACK when Mandragoran had been known to spar with other Warders." This may seem like it is helping prove someone's point that Gawyn is the best but it isn't. That quote can be found on page 214. Gawyn only dueled them twice and yes beat them both times but would he be able to keep that up for a straight seven times. i dont think so. Also whenever Lan goes into battle he NEVER seems to get seriously injured or wounded. He has been in a lot of battles for him to be just lucky and we all know he is not lucky, he is just crazy good. The way the second half of the quote was phrased it seemed that Lan became too good to want to duel with other men. But I do think Gawyn is better than Galad, and that's because Galad just barely beat Valda (who granted is well known for being a great swordmaster) while Gawyn pretty handily beat Sleete who is "near legendary in the White Tower for his prowess" (p.214).
  7. I never got the feeling that Logain still thought that he was the Dragon Reborn. Where are the Aes Sedai that he bonded? with him? they must be right or Rand or one of the guys at the BT would have been able to locate him pretty easily.
  8. I find that to be a bit of stretch. Many people on this forum have brought up a quote or reasoned out that it is much too late to bring other lands (shara) much less other worlds (portal stones) into the series and make it fit nice and tidy. Some think that might be where Demandred was hiding but I don't think that is where Logain's glory is going to come from. The taking back of the BT helping Lan fight in the blight have been mentioned. If you read the your own quote it says "black stone" (unless thats not true, someone will correct me) which leads us to the BT. A fake Rand can easily be Taim since he is the one training the men and not Rand and wishes he could be Rand. Someone said that Taim is the analog of this age's Demandred- who went over to the shadow because he hated Lews Therin. I like that idea. Remember that Egwene 's vision are always metaphorical.
  9. Just because Rand has been accused of favoritism by Logain does not mean that he his talking down to him or unwilling to follow him. At the time Logain was probably worried about the situation at the BT and could not understand why Rand would withhold information from him. Accusing someone of favoritism has no link with thinking you are better than someone. It just means Logain thinks Rand does not think Logain is worthy or some such. I never understood why you were arguing against my point. I just meant that Logain had not reached the point where he completely loses his mind and destroys everyone around him. Did you think that i was saying that he wasn't crazy at all?
  10. You could just as easily argue that Rand was functionally insane. He was undoubtedly batshit but he still got shit done. Narishma, Flinn, and Naeff were all insane as well but they were functional. And Logain has, without question, channeled more of Saidin pre-cleansing than they have. Logain is a lord, however minor. And has been shown to be extremely arrogant. I doubt he will enjoy playing second fiddle to anyone. Much less someone he sees as a younger less experienced farm boy. despite bristling at the comment made by Cadsuane that he hardly deserves his noble title, we can hardly make judgments on his character as to whether he his willing to serve the Dragon since we have never had his POV. There are some nobles that do follow Rand willingly. You are right, Rand was a functional insane person. If functioning was balefiring everything in sight and nearly killing his father over. Sounds functional to me. How long has Logain been gentled? towards the very beginning of the series. He has probably channeled more Saidin than most Asha'man but not by huge amount because he was out of commission. If i am not mistaken he realizes Rand is not a less experienced "farm boy" when the trollocs attack the manor in KoD, and he says something along the lines "were you just going to save those weaves for the special ones?" So he is admitting right there that he does not know as many weaves as Rand.
  11. I am not so sure that Logain despises Rand. And i guess that Logain could very well be crazy but I tell you one thing, he is a functioning crazy person. That is unless that his madness has something to do with his absence, at which i will feel like a fool. Logain i think will enjoy being the new Rand's No. 2 because just as Durinax said that he thought Rand was not doing the right thing the last time he met him. As I read through people's posts more and more it seems to me that Logain is being held in the BT and not out recruiting in some far off place. He will be rescued by one of the Asha'man we saw in ToM. Whatever does happen though it has to happen within a few chapters since (crossing fingers) there is only one book left.
  12. hahahaha. you people and your Bela theories. no. that would be too much, even for Robert Jordan.
  13. Maybe Logain is mad even though he's shown little to no sign of it and still thinks he is the Dragon Reborn. So, he kills Rand because he would see him as a false Dragon. That would explain the stepping over Rand's corpse to sit on a thrown and the maniacal laughing quite neatly. Could also kinda fulfill the glory viewing. Logain seems clean, Taim on the other hand seems to still think of himself as the dragon, and being mad to boot probably doesn't help. Yeah Logain does seem clean and it might have something to do with his gentling since he wasn't able to channel for quite awhile. But Taim could be mad but, if he is a darkfriend then he might get the benefit that the forsaken get by being connected to the DO so that they dont suffer from the madness.
  14. Just to help out johthohar: Along with what he has already said about angreal and sa'angreal, maybe you can look at the power requirement in a sa'angreal as an inherit flaw that must be accepted in the making of the object in order for it to be able to have that much of the OP flow through it. This line of thinking is based possibly off that their is a "ceiling" to how much an angreal can flow through it and if you want to pass that ceiling you must accept an object that cannot be used by everyone.
  15. I am not sure Taim is more powerful than Logain since through Rand's POV in KoD he notes that Logain's deathgates are not that much smaller than Rand's. Who exactly would have been able to tell in the books that Taim is more powerful than Logain since that was well before any Asha'man. Doesn't make much since. It's not like Aes Sedai are able to tell how powerful one man is compared to another. I would like to see a quote.
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