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  1. But you *did* have an actual choice at the time you made it. Why does it matter that someone else knows what you chose to do? How does that take away your choice, or make it an illusion. An illusion means that you never really had the choice, that you had only one option at the time. But if they had more than one option, then that represents a real choice, and so free will can be exercised, regardless of whether someone already knows the outcome. When Tuon started passing judgement based on Min's foretelling, Min protested and basically took Tuon to task for it. Why? Because Tuon was acting on what, from her perspective, *might* happen; and while Min may never be wrong in her viewings, some of them were conditional: if you stay with this person, you will live, but if you part you will die. Siuan made that choice of her own free will, and died. But she did have free will, even though Min foretold what would happen. IMO, free will is only lost when your choices are lost, not simply because someone knows what choice you'll make.
  2. Mr. Ares, Actually, if a being exists outside of time, it might be possible for them to see all points simultaneously. If so, then all points would (or could) seem to be "now". Such a being could see all events in the process of them happening. But even if you take the "after" point of view, just because someone looks ahead and sees something that has happened, it doesn't negate the choices made while that thing was happening. In other words, your capacity to chose is not impaired simply because someone else knows what you ended up choosing. Free will is based on a person being able to make a choice between two different outcomes. It does not require an *infinite* number of outcomes: that has to do with the scope of free will, not the existence of it. In the WoT universe, the D.O.'s existence allows for people to make "negative" choices. Its existence is required because without it, there would only be one choice, and free will cannot exist when there is only one choice. As Rand sees, a world without free will is a world of puppets, not people.
  3. No University of Washington Bookstore in Seattle, WA, eh? That's too bad. I think RJ made it there for nearly all of the prior releases. Ah well. The important thing is that the book will be out soon.
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