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  1. It's quick and easy on the surface. Mat is seen, in Tuan's (damane's) foretelling, as a fox chasing ravens into flight. The fox that makes the ravens fly. This also just "happens" to be his signet, which is how Tuan recognizes him. Also, when he meets Tuan she is the Daughter of the Nine Moons and he kidnaps her. Thus he snatches the moons from out of the sky. As for luck and fortune, play a few games of dice with Mat. I'm sure you'll see where that comes in. ^.~
  2. Not saying the DO should be balefired. Just saying it's possible the DO has a physical form, possibly. :o
  3. Actually, I just went back and read it again. What breaks apart isn't the university, but an orb floating a thousand feet -above- the university. They call it the Sharom. The ground ripples, and a small piece of the Sharom breaks off, shooting black fire from it. The piece falls toward the ground, and then a thousand bits of the Sharom break off, black flame shooting in all directions. It shatters, the sky goes black. It takes about half a page to read it, but you can find it in TSR p.436 - 437. With that description, it feels like the Sharom was a physical manifestation of the DO's prison. Makes me think the DO may be more than just a dark spirit.
  4. Serves me right, trying to site something I haven't read in a while. <sigh>
  5. The DO could very well be a physical thing. After all, the AS in AoL created a drill to bore through the DO's prison. I seem to remember flaming pieces of said prison raining down in fiery death at the end of the AoL in Rand's vision of the past. Just saying...
  6. My thoughts on how to stop the DO: Take Fain, throw his ass into the Bore, and let the two evils destroy each other. :o
  7. I really want to know where Fain is. We haven't seen him in a couple of books, and I feel like he's going to leap out and bite someone in the ass real soon now. :-X
  8. Hmm, I hadn't thought of that - I agree with the skill part - I wouldn't have thought teaching shields was very high on the novices learning list. Actually, there is a very reasonable response to this. Novices are trained to create balls of fire on their hands, as well as threads of air. Most novices aren't strong enough to do much with these weaves, however if you add them into a circle their reach and strength would be much greater. One of the things Egwene showed them was how to uncollar a damane with flows of air. Once the damane was uncollared she simply stopped, shocked, in all cases. Then the novices most likely fireballed the soldiers and sul'dam. That would, also, explain how they captured so many damane.
  9. It's a bit odd it isn't in any prophecy that we know of, considering the Choedan Kal has done more to change the world so far than Callandor.
  10. Then I wonder if the drops of oil could represent all the black ajah who fled. :o
  11. Yes, she dreamed about the Aes Sedai being scattered like drops of oil, and that did not happen. I do not think that is because the pattern is in flux, however. I think dreams, unlike Min's viewings, are not what -will- happen, but what -may- happen. I believe the WOs even say something to this effect.
  12. I came here with a specific question, and completely forgot what it was with the Cadsuane stuff. Rand notes that nowhere in the prophecies of the dragon is the CK mentioned. I wonder if the CK is mentioned in the prophecies of the dark one? O.O
  13. Cadsuane was the one who came up with the plan, and brought Rand's father to see him. The disgust Rand felt at almost killing the man he saw as his father made him flee, and kept him from simply destroying the Seanchan immediately. When he seized the power, and saw everyone so concerned at his sickness, he fled and eventually ended with the lesson she was trying to impart from the beginning. So, without Cadsuane, Rand would not only have -not- learned to laugh again, he probably would have destroyed the pattern.
  14. I think it would be the other way around. That this was altered by her dream. She had at knew herself that it was coming and so wasn't totally panicked or confused when it happened. That means her reaction time was rather fast. Since there were shadows down one of the hallways, making her turn toward the other novices, I believe if she hadn't reacted as quickly as she did they would all have been captured and collared.
  15. It is my opinion (please take it as only opinion) that without Egwene where she was, the dream she had would have become truth. If Egwene had not been in the tower, where she was, when she was then the Seanchan would have come in and taken a lot more captives. They also would have found next to no resistance. The entire WT would have ended up broken and scattered, just as her dream predicted. I believe it was just as much about her becoming Amyrlin as it was about keeping the Aes Sedai together at all! I was also under the impression, speaking of dreams, that they are never 100%. I could be completely wrong, though.
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