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  1. i agree whole heartedly i would go on an Aes Sedai stabbing tangent if given the chance. STABY STAB STAB
  2. Also it wouldnt matter, because Ish/ morridin/ others can track Tav'aran
  3. Callandor deflected balefire in TAR. Which could have something to do with it.
  4. L-2-word order, your arguements that have been disproven over and over.
  5. Obvisouly Taim isn't Demandred. Its much more likely that Demandred is Taim. :o
  6. Uhh Star wars has had some of the best video games ever made. Dark Forces DarkForces 2 Jedi Kight Dark Forces Mysteries of the Sith Jedi Outcast Rouge Squadron Force Unleashed The MMO Star Wars Galaxies (Very debatable but the crafting and loot system were amazing) KOTOR KOTOR 2 Theres a new Star Wards MMO by Bioware coming out Star Wars Bounty Hunter( you play as Jango Fett) Never, say Star wars video games fail...EVER! For the Rest i agree Movie/book video games mostly fail.
  7. Bethesda is the only choice. All the Elder Scrolls they did, and Fallout. I can't imagine they would do anything less than amazing with WOT.
  8. I always thought that once the BT was destroyed, as the Foretelling says it will be rent with blood and fire, that the Ashaman would move into Eladias Tower. I mean they have a half built tower right next to the white tower already, just seems too convienent
  9. Because Ordering one of his men to Kill the Dragon Reborn screams Good Guy
  10. Each age isnt the same, events do not play out in the same way in every age. The Nym do not have to return because There doesn't have to be a Green man for the next age. You are wrong in thinking this.
  11. I dont believe it is the Silver that the ghoolam is hurt by. It seems logical that the Ghoolam would have come into contact with Money, weapons, jewelery, armor that had been crafted with silver. It states that it has never been harmed/ felt anything like matt's medallion before, so the fact that its silver seems to easy. I think it has to do with the fact that Both the medallion and the ghoolam are unable to be touched with the OP. Perhaps the effect of them coming into contact causes the reaction for the GHoolam.
  12. Most Pron works out well with more than 2 people, i think it can be done.
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