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  1. Only 3? Ah ok i seemed to recall more, don't have the books on me :(
  2. Why can't the forsaken simply create Angreal's, Ter'angreals and Sa'angreals for their needs? From what i recall they we're pretty powerful Aes Sedais in the age of legends where Angreal's, Ter'angreals and Sa'angreals were plentiful. Elayne can make Ter'angreals and have taught other Aes Sedais how to make them so the issue of not knowing shouldn't be a problem...
  3. I haven't checked for any signs with Lan being Ta'veren in any other books besides New Spring but this is what i've found so far: If he didn't twist in his saddle the moment Moraine said something to him he would of taken an arrow to his heart. Lord brys young son Diryk fell off a balcony but survived the fall and Brys said Lan's "luck" has rubbed off on Diryk. While following Merean Sedai he gets pushed by the one power down the stairs and servent's exclaim over how he was lucky to survive the fall.
  4. I'd like to point out that Mat didn't have his memories when he fought against Galad and Gawyn. Also isn't the ashandarei basically a quarterstaff with a blade on one end? If so mat wouldn't need to change his fighting style that much to use it.
  5. Im guessing Noal/Jain is part of Mat's Plot line. But i have a question What did Noal mean when he said "tell a malkier that Jain died clean."? I seem to remember Jain Farstrider catching the traitor who caused Malkier defeat. So why would they need to know he died clean if he brought the traitor to justice?
  6. There's actually 7 ages. We only know about 4 of them. 1st age - The age before the Age of Legends. 2nd Age - The age of legend 3rd Age - Present time in the series 4th age - The age after the last battle. I can't find anything about the other ages.
  7. The OP is a real life dark friend. Get him!
  8. Mummy i want a jack in a box forsaken for Christmas. Anyway Rand wouldn't be able to recognize him if he was using that appearance weave. I think that Taim is Taim and he isn't a dark friend. He's more of a overly obsessive person in need of some attention.
  9. In book 6 when Taim present's Rand with the seal Lews Therin Telamon was telling rand to break the seal.
  10. What i wanna know is if the way's will return to it's former state since rand cleanse the taint.
  11. I don't think it is possible to use 2 angreals at the same time and she was using the bracelet on the docks. So I think its impossible for her to have a belt angreal. It is possible. When Rand and Asmodean were fighting for the CK key at the end of TSR, Rand won because he used the fat man angreal on top of the "half" of the CK that he was fighting over Asmodean with. This gave Rand the upper-hand (barely) and allowed him to defeat Asmodean. Oh yeah I forgot about that. He was using a ter angreal and an angreal, not two angreal's.
  12. Correct me if i'm wrong but didn't avi already go through the column's back in book 4.
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