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  1. Umm. Destroying pattern and all the reality is the DO's goal. Why DO can't destroy those? He doesn't need the power to create new version of the Pattern as that's not what he wants it. He wants it gone. Destroyed. Reality into nothingness. Not even dead reality with dead rocks. Just nothingness.
  2. You are putting too much faith in one power. It's not deus ex machina that solves everything. Rand tried using Asha'man against seanchans. They didn't run over them without problem... He tried using a handful. Use a shitload instead. No kill like overkill. Male channellers are equal to female channellers. Seanchan's have bucketload more of female channelers... Doesn't sound like winning plan ;) Actually in terms of warfare damane likely beats crap out of asha'man. Difference? Experience...Asha'man are still learning. Damane can draw on centuries of experience they have collected, learned and passed on.
  3. What exactly is Rand's plan? Precicely. Nothing. Difference? Egwene wants to have a plan before acting while Rand is going to increase DO's influence in the world with no idea what to do next.
  4. You are putting too much faith in one power. It's not deus ex machina that solves everything. Rand tried using Asha'man against seanchans. They didn't run over them without problem...
  5. Knowledge was lost during breaking when many AS died due to breaking(causing loss of waves only those AS knew) and written works were largely lost(good bye recorded versions of notes etc). That knowledge was lost LONG before white rod use was started(indeed they had no detailed knowledge of it's working by then). Blaming them using oath rod for loss of knowledge is silly when that knowledge was lost generations BEFORE use of oath rod.
  6. Veins of Gold. Pure magic that chapter. One character having monologue with himself and it just captivates you. Splendid chapter!
  7. Nope. She took all the sensible precautions against attack and then went to secure Cairhien which helps preparing for last battle and after it(monarch who ignores after part is bad monarch).
  8. Yes. If they know about them. Kinda hard to fight against trollocs if you don't know there's trollocs to be fought... Oh I forgot. Andor should just know magically whenever there's trollocs at TR. Nevermind at that point trollocs were exceedingly rare outside borderlands. Lol! Why people assume characters in books are omniscient just because we as a reader know everything. Last time I checked books should atleast follow some logic and part of being logical is that characters don't know more than they realistically would. Magically knowing that "oh damn now there's trollocs at two rivers" without anybody telling them is NOT realistic.
  9. If he was allowed to split TR from Andor it would almost certainly cause serious unrest for Andor and very likely result in devastating civil war. Right with TG at doorstep. He might not be dangerous rebel as in actively seeking to overthrown goverment and take it's place but he's dangerous rebel by mere fact he is rebel. That needs to be sorted out and as Elayne is reasonable, smart and honourable she figured out legal way to do so ensuring that everybody's interest is followed. Elayne was in no obligation to do so. If she had wanted she could have crushed this rebellion for good by force of arms. But that would be senseless with TG at door and she recognised TR's claim as sensible one. She's too smart and honorable to go around doing such slaughter with TG at door so instead opted for diplomatic solution. What she couldn't do is leave it unattended, let TR split on their own and cause Andor to split up as a result. That would be just horrible(and weaken mankind in TG to boot. Shadow sure would love that!)
  10. Please. It's not like we are talking she's weeks away from Andor. She can get BACK to Andor in like 5 seconds. She can be INFORMED about attack pretty damn fast. From attack starting to Elayne coming back it's like half an hour, tops. By that time any attackers are still trying to go through border guards and Elayne will be bringing up reinforcements along. Your point would be correct pre-travelling. Now only difference she could make is leave army to capital BUT she had no way to know attack there would even be possible. As far as she COULD know nothing could come to Caemlyn unnoticed. Not their job. Their job is to find out about army in time and delay them until Elayne can bring main army via travelling. This way she can defend whole country effectively rather than just the capital. Afterall alternative is to camp entire army at one place...Good at THAT place but no good for others. Maybe Elayne is more concerned about WHOLE Andor than just the capital? You know? All those Andorran's OUTSIDE capital? Remember them? Or do you see thm just as sacrificial cattle that can be killed and eaten without concern? So she goes, sees it's sealed. Then what? We don't even know she didn't do that. Book isn't telling everything they do(and then she went to eat dinner. Then she yawned as he felt sleepy. And then readers fell asleep reading this 1000 book serie). Checking that waygate is sealed(which readers already knew) is useless waste of pages. Something that can be done off screen just as well since it doesn't tell readers anything new.
  11. Ummm...Taking precautions against the most realistic source of attacks is doing nothing? Ah well. Guess you can't appeal to people who think book characters should be omniscient gods because we as readers know everything by the virtue of reading a god damn book.
  12. Sure she doesn't KNOW it will fail without her but odds of finding don't exactly suffer if she comes. Rather opposite and the bowl was vital. World was BOILING to death without it. Andor < bowl. It's find the bowl or die through world boiling itself. Nothing is certain but you can increase odds.
  13. Lol. She took precautions against attacks. Okay sure she didn't go around destroying waygate. She wasn't in possession of knowledge it WASN'T safely secured as she was told and had every reason to believe it was true. She took every precaution that could be expected and strenghtened defences on the areas attack is coming if it's true. But since she isn't omniscient she doesn't know that the waygate ISN'T safe and secured. It was sealed. Elayne doesn't know(nor could he find out in time anyway) that it could be forced open. She has no reason to believe that happens. Therefore only way she can predict attack to come is outside. And guess what? Against that he prepared for. She didn't ignore it. She acted on it. It's just that she isn't all knowing GOD so didn't take into that 0.00000000001% likely event(as far as she knew).
  14. Sheesh. Have you rewritten the book to more your suiting? Because atleast in my copy I bought Elayne does NOT want Perrin dead. So could you stop spreading that LIE!
  15. So what she should do? Waygate was locked and dealt by as far as she knew(she didn't know or have reason to suspect it could be forced open). She did order border guards strenghtened. Afterall since by all logic Caemlyn doesn't get attacked inside any assault would come from OUTSIDE. Ie the side whose defences she increased. What more could she do? She strenghtened guards so that if the attack comes they can hold better until reinforcements come via gateways. She took the sensible and reasonable precautions. Again you are assuming she knows stuff very few in Randland knows in a first place. It's sorta hard to expect her to know we as a READERS know!
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