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  1. Has anyone asked this question? What would it take to make me NOT feel underwhelmed by Demandred? I have seen lots of mumbling about Shara and him suddenly showing up with a completely foreign and barely mentioned contigent of channelers. Some good mumbling but mostly bad mumbling. Would you feel letdown if he showed up with all the channelers of Shara? Would you feel letdown if he was a force controlling the Sea Folk and the 1 mile squared walls at every port city was a cover for him to set up Travelling Grounds for quick dispersion of troops? Would you feel letdown if he was the murderer on the throne in Seander and led a splinter force of Seanchan? Would you feel letdown if the "loose the balefire" directive from the Dark One applied to other realms that exist through the Portal Stones and he is personally responsible for shattering reality and weakening the Pattern by destroying whole other realities? At this point I'm not sure what I would need from him to be blown away. I will say this...I was underwhelmed and frustrated by Perrin for a long time. When he shrugged off Balefire and went about his business the underwhelming feeling was gone. I hope to have a similiar moment somewhere in Memory of Light.
  2. Aviendha's name seems to rarely show up in discussions like these. The sealing of the bore will require absolute trust or irreplacable knowledge. Aviendha,Moraine,Elayne, Nynaeve, and to a smaller extent Egwene are people Rand can implicitly trust. Even Rand at his Darkest would still have trusted Elayne, Aviendha,Moraine and Nynaeve. Moraine,Cyndane, and in very unlikely but possible circumstances Tuon, and Talene may posess knowledge that no one else can replicate. Cyndane has knowledge of the original bore, Moraine her knowledge from the Finn's. Talene has experience with weaves that no Aes Sedai can match from her Windfinder training, and Tuon could feasibly have knowledge garnished from centuries of damane training and royal family knowledge. I think Tuon is the longest shot and Talene would be a close second. What hangs me up the most is that a woman is supposed to direct the flows. It would be in some narrow respects anticlimatic if Rand is basically an observer for the pinnacle event of the series. That is what makes me look to Aviendha as a likely participant, something with the nature of the Bond will come into play for the circle. I almost feel like it will be Cyndane,Aviendha and Rand in the Callandor circle.
  3. I think Nynaeve's scene in ToM wherein she makes Myrelle pass the bond and Lan's later uncertainty is a big fat foreshadowing. Alanna can give that bond to whomever she feels like, and Rand may be able to tell the difference and he may not. Just for giggles lets say Verin was in the employ of Lanfear and somehow compelled Alanna to bond Rand. Alanna later transfers that bond to Cyndane/Lanfear who is Moridin's puppet. Could that be what allowed Cyndane to enter Rand's dream? Is the desire and yearning to help her part of the warder bond seeping through? For a long time the whole Rand/Moridin melding has been attributed to the crossed balefire, what if it actually a symptom of Moridin holding the mindcage of someone that is warder bonded to Rand?
  4. I think the flaw and ebony fist refers to the link between Rand and Moridin. I picture Rand+Nyn+Avi in a circle and somehow Moridin uses the true power conduit/balefire link that has grown between he and Rand to jump into the circle with Moghedien and Cyndane linked to himself. As they are mindtrapped he can reasonably feel confident controlling them and thematically we get Nyn-Mog, Rand-Moridin, and Avi-Cyndane Lanfear.
  5. I think that the Fields meeting will be all about the Tavern. The Seanchan puzzle is going to be solved by Mat somehow. Whether it is Mat blowing the Horn and Hawkwing himself Ordering the Seanchan to follow the hornblower, or Mat revealing that Tuon can channel and this forces her to cede control of the empire to Mat as Prince of Ravens. Somehow Mat is the key to Seanchan. I get the feeling that Caemlyn's invasion by Shadowspawn, WT invasion by Seanchan and BT civil war are all going to boil over at the same moment. That is the Shadow's D Day. Create strife and draw the eye to Borderlands, then let everything boil over in the three strongest seats of power in Randland. Andor, WT and BT. Perrin's mantle of leadership will be tested by defending Caemlyn and Rand will confront his ultimate mistake in the form of the BT.
  6. The Red Veiled Aiel didn't use the One Power that we saw. Now that people are connecting the cold eyes and cruel smile similiarity I am doubting my first thought which was these are the Aiel that were consumed by the Bleakness. Those that simply faded into the night and abandoned clan and sept even throwing down their spears because they could not cope with what was revealed at the Golden Bowl.
  7. I get the sense that what Cadsuane will teach Rand and the other Ashaman is that they must submit. Men will need to submit to the leadership of women in order to survive the Last Battle. I certainly know it is something that none of them will want and they certainly won't be happy with it. But the whole relationship between the sexes has been so paramount the entire series that it seems fitting
  8. Compulsion driving the borderlands rulers south from the Blight seems unlikely to me. As i recall (i will have to look up the chapter) they have their own little meeting to vote on whether they leave or not. They seem to have been in control of their actions. Might be worth checking that particular passage to see if any characters are present that seem out of place though.
  9. Perrin is not a Dreamwalker, as Dreamwalker is a title used by Wise Ones. They have not deemed him so therefore he is not. Neither is he a Dreamer as WT has not branded him as such. He certainly has a comparable skill set and abilities and is most likely worthy of those titles.
  10. I fully expect Taim to be revealed as one of the new Forsaken, and it to revealed that he made his own trip to SG to bask in the DO's presence. Whether forcibly turned or not, I think he is a peer to remaining Forsaken and not a servant. I expect Taim to kill one of the remaining Forsaken.
  11. I have lurked through a lot of speculation across multiple volumes of the series and I one thing I have seen fairly little speculation on is the level of Taim's insanity. He channeled for quite some time before the Cleansing and outwardly shows little signs of it affecting him. I have seen various theories on him being a Forsaken in disguise (most of which are disproved), a fair amount of pondering as to whether he is a Forsaken's lackey (plausible), and fair amount of theory on him being forcibly turned to the shadow (likely). It would be interesting to see events unfold that incorporate his own madness into whatever schemes he is involved. We know he is arrogant and a bit of a meglomaniac. He craves power and standing. All of which make him an ideal candidate in the Dark One recruitment. What Im guessing is happening at the Black Tower is this...Taim is looking to become Naeblis. He may have been trained by Sammy/Ishy/Demy in some manner, but I don't think he views himself as a subordinate. Whether the result of a forcible turning amping up his own ego and ambition, or taint induced delusions of granduer he is not what I think of as a lackey. He may very well be training up a group of dark Ashaman, but i think they are for his purposes not any of the Forsaken. I don't see any plausible scenario where he is going to turn out to be a force for good. I do think that Demandred/Ishy think they have a servant and in truth they have a new peer. When there was the duplicate order from Taim and Demandred to kill Rand, many assumed it was Taimandred. I think it was Taim posing as Demandred and relaying the orders to cast doubt on Demy. Taim may be posing as Sammuel to create dissension or confusion amongst the other Forsaken and sending Trollocs into the Ways. Hell he might be crazy enough to believe that he IS Sammuel reborn. I suspect that more than Rand is in for a surprise in Towers. When everything cracks at the Black Tower I almost expect the Forsaken are going to be in for a realll surprise.
  12. To me it seems that Ituralde's true role in the series is to enforce the idea that the Seanchan empire is the most sound military unit in Randland. I believe it is Rand at one point that mentions the Five Great Captains and muses on how All the Seanchan leadership to a certain extent are peers if not equals to the Five Greats. To me that was foreshadowing that ultimately Rand needs to let Seanchan forces be the leading force in TG. To draw a parallel to real world history. There have been several generals/leaders of great legend. Alexander, Napolean, Hannibal of Carthage etc. As remarkable of a military mind as Hannibal was, Rome ultimately defeated him due to their discipline and ability to adapt. What happened with Ituralde was a good demonstration of this. While a phenom in his own right, his sub captains and those around him are not on his level. Graendal seems to apply Compulsion to nearly everyone she runs into. Whether it turns their brain to mush is a question of whether they are destined to be her pet. The Ituralde compulsion may have simply been to maintain destruction and war in Arad Doman for as long as possible. Morgase demonstrates that strong willed people can fight off certain levels of compulsion (Rhavin had this particular thought) which may be manifested in Ituralde by being smart enough to avoid the orders he knew he would follow dispite them being contradictory or self defeating. On a side note the little conversation between Ituralde and the fallen Seanchan general was great. It made me think of the old Looney Tunes cartoon where Wile E Coyote and the Sheepdog clock in and fight all day, then clock out and have a buddy-to-buddy talk. Certainly demonstrated the level of respect shown to each other and the sheer irony of war.
  13. I don't think this series needs a body count for emotional involvement. I think several folks aren't going to make it, but no one character needs to die or live for there to be a satisfactory conclusion. Every character has already experienced tragedy and great personal loss. On a personal level, the only character i sincerely hope comes out with a happy ending is Lan.
  14. My thought on how the Dark One is sealed deals a lot with ketchup. There are actually five/six layers of plastic in a bottle of ketchup to deal with keeping it fresh. Ive read in several places "You can't seal the Dark One with TP because that is binding him with himself". Like a bottle of ketchup I think Fain will be sealed in the Bore along with Rand in a bubble of TP. Then Saidar/Saidan with cuendillar will form layers over it. Rand will enter TAR in the flesh from inside the Bore and be attacked by Slayer as a last measure/counterstroke. As entering TAR in the flesh takes a part of you away, it will require the strength of Rand's bonds with Elayne,Avi,and Min to be put back together. Through his bond with Avi they will be able to link his past (Rhuidean columns etc) through Elayne his present (the babies) and Min will tie his future. Egwene will pull him from TAR and Nyn will do the actual healing. Rand+his ladies will be isolated and taken away on a Sea Folk vessal to recuperate. Fain/DO will be locked in a struggle for eternity or maybe just several turnings of an age.
  15. BS through Rand went to some fairly expansive trouble to detail that there would NEVER be a confrontation with Graendel. At the first sign of conflict she just bolts. Confrontation would seem neigh unto impossible given her characterization. A wise man once said "got to nuke it from orbit...only way to be sure"
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