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  1. Perhaps the cliff dream refers to the Last Battle where the Seachan help break the shadows siege of the white tower. I mean if any thing is going to turn Seanchan from the stubborn idiots they are now into a shadow fighting force, the trollocs and dreadlords would be it...
  2. RIP RJ... WoT was my favorite fantasy series I have ever read. In fact its one of the best series of books I have ever read. Having said that I think there is one body of work, which is better: your personal blog, which has provided us with an inspirational and uplifting look into the life of one man struggling against terrible odds, and not giving up. Your last battle was more heroic, then Rand's could ever be. Zac Gross
  3. Why would Demmy care even if it was found out to be him, its not like Perrin and him are the best of friedns anyway, and there is not a lot Perrin could do in revenge. Rand might get annoyed but really he is a bit annoyed with all the Forsaken at the moment.
  4. Really how would you say she loves the thrill of battle or is full of predjudice?
  5. Would you describe Min as Just settling an argument with some friends over WoT, and thought I would come to the best source of knowledge. If you don't think it is Min could you suggest any other characters it could be?
  6. Who's excited! I know I am!
  7. Dude, Loki, you just replied to the thread. *sigh* Some people never learn...
  8. Why the hell do people keep on replying then? What are they stupid!?
  9. I'll accept as a good addition to the game when someone shows, me the evidence and the arguments to show me that it IS a good addition. Will you be giving powers to people at will during the game? Do we have enough players to begin?
  10. I have played weired games before. But I am not sure what the point of the Wisdom is? Adding complexity isn't a good enough reason for me, if the role is indistinguishable from a vanilla townie it shouldn't be there. Besides isn't it normal to not annonce the roles beforehand, so that people can fake role claim with some chance of sucess. This way the mafia has no where to run, and thus when someone says I am the wisdom, the real wisdom will pipe up, showing the mafia.
  11. Yeah but having a doctor for each type of mafia, and a serial killer with only two kills is a bit simplistic. Also having a policeman for each type of mafia is a bit strange. Also whats the point of the wisdom? I mean it doesn't really matter who kills whom, in fact is half the fun writing up the death scenes with clues pointing to who did the killing? 2nd the compulsion expert is a bit convaluted. Why not just make it a Warder/Aes Sedai bond. That makes a lot more sense. I would recommend, 2 groups of 3 mafia 2 full cops 2 full docs 1 Vig 1 SK A group of Masons + a couple exotics +3-4 Vanillas
  12. I am in! But I agree the intial composition does seem to be lacking. Maybe make it simpler?
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