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  1. I think the first time, Ishy said that he could only do a temporary job... likely even with the TP. The DO himself however, may be able to do more. Personally, I think healing a damaged brain should be next to impossible.
  2. Honestly, sending that buffoon back compelled has to be among the most retarded decisions possible. More useful to find other people Rand trusts and compel them. Beyond that, staying at the palace once her security had been compromised was an incredible risk, considering you had no idea what Rand would be planning next. She should've left on the 'just in case' assumption, and come back days later to see if everything was fine. I'd have bloody well panicked in her position :P
  3. So... one wonders what is in Verin's notes apart from the info on the Black Ajah. What are the objectives of major factions of DFs? Or rather... are they interesting? Considering the Forsaken - probably not. I'd really appreciate it if Brandon were to take some creative license and add at least a few good non-channeling baddies to WoT. At least, let there be some impression that the Shadow is trying to put up a good fight and isn't just going to be crushed under the Pattern's luck based boot heals. Seriously, its about time the DO actually fried the pattern so we can have a respectable war between Light and Shadow. Anyway, what other truths do we expect Verin's notes to reveal? ... I got nothing unexpected or unusual that would make the story seem better. Anyone else have high expectations?
  4. We know that Rand is one with the land. Cadsuane... debateable. I'm not sure where the idea of hard means brittle started to apply to humans. What's wrong with Rand is that he doesn't have the ability to maintain his detachment. His whole 'I feel no emotion' bit rings completely false. More like 'I'm trying to restrain my emotions until they explode again' Blasting some of the Borderlander armies to teach them a lesson wasn't really a horrible idea, even if there were other simpler and better options. What do you think the President's opinion would be (let's assume while the country is at war), if possible allies showed obvious signs of wanting to kidnap him? ...If they're useful, putting them in their place isn't a bad idea. If they're not useful, destroying them would be a perfectly good idea rather than risk them causing more trouble later. Choices made when things are desperate are very different from choices made during peace time. If the human race as a whole was at risk, there would be a lot of 'do what it takes to survive'. Its kinda like how democracy has things going for it in peaceful times... it is however a very inefficient system. A single leader who actually knows what he's doing is always preferable to such a system (if he knows what he's doing). In Randland, all of this division of forces and separate political allegiances are not really well suited to the needs of the time. ... It would be rather amusing, if in a world like Randland, you instead had someone like the Buddha to lead the forces of light :) ... There's a time and place for everything, and some tools are better suited to certain situations than others. If the DO was fighting seriously, there would be no choice but to fight him back as seriously... which is not the case, so admittedly Rand can afford to be nicer since his actions and apparently the actions of anyone else don't matter anyway, and the Pattern is going to take him to where he needs to be to die how he needs to die to save a meaningless existence where everyone is ruled by the Pattern... pathetic.
  5. Except that its because of this and to make a point with Rand that Tuon attacks the White Tower, which she wouldn't have done if she was allied with Rand. Its supposed to be like: ta'veren bend the Pattern, and the Pattern bends ta'veren much harder :P Its like: Can one of Min's viewings fail? Not unless the Pattern is screwed. Rand for example has been a stooge doing everything the Pattern wanted, no matter his desires... also getting saved by the Pattern no matter his incompetence. The world depending on someone like Rand as a leader under normal circumstances would be a truly terrifying prospect :) In any case, forcing Tuon to bend was really not that difficult a problem... Rand just chose not to bother after having put in 5 seconds of effort and not immediately getting the result he wanted.
  6. Perrin rediscovering the song after bashing Bornhald's brains in would be utterly awesome :P
  7. Even the CK wouldn't have stopped any half intelligent baddies from taking Rand down. That happening would also have been interesting. But seriously: 1. Destroying the CK - an immensely useful tool for TG was incredibly retarded. 2. Rand can cause as much destruction using his forces and a little bit of planning anyway. There are many kinds of power. In fighting the DO though, without knowing beforehand that he has no further use for them, destroying the CK was not an acceptable idea. Besides there is no such thing as too much power :) The various US presidents have had the ability to nuke countries for years. Anyway, with the whole ta'veren and the Wheel of Time weaving everything into exactly what it wants, Rand may as well be invincible... until he goes to die like a puppet.
  8. The creating backstories for his men thing, was a form of battle preparation. Meeting unknown people on terms that would give him an advantage. The way Brandon expresses things is different though. The way Rand and Nynaeve defended Mat, seemed rather out of character and felt like something one might get in fanfiction where the writer is expressing his personal liking for the character rather than writing the story.
  9. Apparently Nynaeve has been upgraded to the point that very few, and not many of the Forsaken are stronger than her in the Power. Which really doesn't seem all that interesting. I prefer my baddies being more powerful and threatening. The Forsaken have been turned into losers in just so many different ways. Honestly, if you took away their powers and just made them random high level DFs, they'd be about as significant in the story. If they didn't have the OP, that would actually make them more interesting since they'd have at least made their minimal achievements through intelligent action and use of available resources as opposed to this situation where they completely fail to use the powers available to them. Seriously, if nothing else, with Mesanna in the Tower (or any Black Ajah really), they should've been using the 13 AS, 13 Myrddraal thing to convert everyone. Seriously, how hard could it be to call meetings, get people alone, and start converting? Even easier with Forkroot. Convert Elaida first and you're already in a good position (not that Alviarin being Keeper was in a much worse position) Seriously, RJ never thought much of this story through.
  10. Setting Tuon straight about her status or winning that encounter in general would've been pathetically easy without any need for ta'veren abilities. And Tuon's supposed mental strength really doesn't mean anything since she did exactly what she was supposed to do. If she were violating the will of the Pattern, it would be different and actually interesting.
  11. The only thing that would interest me with a super strong sa'angreal would be if Moridin had it. That's the kind of thing that should follow the stupidity of Rand blowing up the CK and destroying one of the most powerful tools available to the Light. Stupidity really should be a punishable crime.
  12. We also have a comment from Demandred about how the bore has been growing larger since he got back out, although that may just be due to some of the seals that have been broken. The bore might generally be growing with the fewer seals and I'd rather suspect it is, but the last time... it was a good eighty years or so from the creation of the bore to the point where the War of Shadow started. Even if the DO can expand the bore, he might not be able to do it very fast.
  13. Part of the point I suppose is that its something none of us have really focused on or considered significant. The only thing in this book that I found interesting was Rand's ta'veren effects. More than the greater effects on people, its also the effects on stuff like food. If the food is rotting near Rand like we'd assumed the DO was causing - and Rand's ta'veren powers really aren't limited to his immediate vicinity(even Mat's aren't), then perhaps a lot of the negative effects have always been random side-effects of Rand's un-mastered ta'veren powers. Perhaps Rand really needs to realize that he's practically a God. If he understood his ta'veren powers like he does the One Power, who knows what he could do. The potential and growing link with Mat and Perin is also interesting - more in... what else could these powers achieve?
  14. The Seanchan consider the raid on the WT a fair success - especially with them gaining Traveling from it (which I think was confirmed by Brandon). With Traveling, they could bring a whole army to the White Tower if they wanted to.. Not that that is likely to happen. People in WoT never use the tools available properly, to get what they want. ... This whole book, since Rand's encounter with Semirhage, it has seemed like Rand was using his ta'veren powers intentionally. He says stuff like 'do you think I could kill you just by wishing it'. If someone reported to him the variation in his ta'veren affects, that might have given him something to work with. The whole thing with Tuon was interesting. On one side, it seemed like Rand's ta'veren powers were trying to and failing to make her bend. On the other hand, she did exactly what she was destined to do by the Pattern, leading to the attack on the White Tower that Egwene had dreamed of... seems like Rand's ta'veren powers came up against the will of the Pattern and flunked. Brandon seems to have implied that it was indeed Rand's ta'veren powers that Tuon managed to resist with her will, for all that it sounded like compulsion, rather than luck and her choosing a low probability choice. As for forcing Tuon and the Seanchan to bend... he had the Choedan Kal. It would've been pathetically easy. Like I've said before... make a giant fireball in the sky of Ebou Dar, and you've damn near proved that you could nuke them if you wanted to. What're they going to do? Choose oblivion? Realistically, not having the CK doesn't change that much. With the tools available to him, he could still do things like that... using the Asha'man and AS available to him, and links among other things. ... You know, I'm surprised that the general impression is that Rand with the CK could only channel as much as 200x what he could channel before... Even if it were just 1000x, that would mean that 200 Asha'man linked to Aes Sedai, (assuming one AM as half of Rand's strength) could have erased the taint in a month. A thousand, could have done it in a day as easily as Rand.... Lame. The CK really should have been 100000X power (not that that would really still make it difficult for Asha'man to be used to remove or at least manage the taint, but still...) - Random thought: If I were Rand, I suspect I'd be going into the mirrors of the wheel to harvest copies of people I know to be useful. More people who can be trusted... more people who have talent like Flinn with his super healing. Heck I'd have more of myself - but I'm not sure Rand could trust other versions of himself so much, not to mention it being inconvenient to have a bunch of clones of the main leader. Might still be worth it to have an Alt-Rand leading the Asha'man though. - And now to the reason I dropped by the board today :P Was just reading TGS again, and saw the part where Rand has just erased Graendal, and then Nynaeve is half supporting Rand's choice, and Min like Cadsuane is going on about their usual 'Do we dare send him to the Last Battle like this? It won't be victory if he goes against the DO as he is' crap. Seriously, its like having a dog that can't think past its supper or its feelings for its master, thinking that it understands the needs of an entire world and should be making choices. So far, apart from their feelings about what they want or how they feel things should be, none of them has presented one reason that suggests that there would be an advantage to Rand and the world if he goes against the DO changed. Pre-TGS, I was rather hoping that Rand would walk up to the DO and find out that the DO is a female. That would've been just awesome :P But seriously, if he was weak and cowardly, one could hardly expect that to help his chances of beating a force like the DO. Of course, for all we know its going to end up something like that part in Highlander where Duncan beats Ahriman by cleansing his heart of evil, causing Ahriman's evil to be defeated without fighting. So far, we really don't have any indication of how the DO can be defeated.
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