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  1. I just re-read this part of the book and Verin does not say that the poison cam from Laras, just the specific Tea that Verin asked for. Because that particular tea hides the foul/bitter taste of the poison. Laras had no idea about the poison and Verin was very taken aback when Egwene even suggested that Laras was a dark friend.
  2. Copied from the Q&A SLC Transcription posted at Theoryland.com
  3. Also the part about the walking stick. (EDIT: actually I forgot, was that in a Dream or a Prophecy, can some one correct me?)
  4. Thank you! I have had the thoughts in my head as I have read other peoples post but just have not had the time, or the words, to get it posted. I agree with you 100% your description and interpretation of the effects of Balefire have be confirmed multiple times within the series and also in "The World of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time".
  5. I agree completely! And I have a feeling another thing that could possibly add to this dynamic, Moiraine! I imagine that what she has gone through while trapped in the other world has changed her greatly, but also she had changed already before she got trapped. After her whole experience I could see her standing up to Cadsuane and teaching her how to act proper!
  6. Nynaeve( slightly ), Min ( only recently ), Karede, and Ituralde are the only characters we've seen that demonstrate an ounce of sense. After 300 years of being a bigoted bully, I aint bettin' Cadsuane is gonna "get it" in one go. Sure would be nice though. I am not saying Cadsuane will get it all in one go, but it is a push in the right direction, much as Rand finally took a step in the right direction.
  7. I feel that a "True circle" is a circle made up of Female and Male channelers. And with that being said I think it is obvious why he would be afraid.
  8. I have a foretelling. One of the more powerful statements in the book, when taken into account of Rand comeing back to his senses, is Mins statement in "Reading the Commentary", and just as important the effect it has on everyone in the room. "This is what we all get, Min said, "for assuming we can make him do what we want." The room fell still. They all, including Cadsuane, know instantly Min is right! Min has had this in her head for so long and I am so glad that she finally found the guts to say it out loud! Now if Rand comes back changed the way I think he will and Mins words actually sink into these stubborn heads, well lets just say I am dieing to read the next book!
  9. Concerning the Seanchan and Rand: First off what the Aelfinn told Rand: "The north and the east must be as one. The west and the south must be as one. The two must be as one. If you would live, you must die." I feel that there is an important point here, The Aelfinn do not tell him that they must be as one under Rand! Now if you go back to the beginning of chapter 49, "Just Another Man", and read through Rands POV carefully I feel that Rand notices some very important things about the Seanchan that will stear his decisions in the future. (Rand has a lot of important thoughts here, I am just listing a few.) Page 749: "As long as a person wasn't able to channel, he or she could find stability here. Saftey. That bothered him. They were his enemies. They were conquerors. He felt their lands shouldn't be peaceful. They should be terrible, full of suffering because of the tyrannical rule. But it wasn't like that at all." Page 751: "This did not seem like an oppressed people. There was no undercurrent of resentment. The Seanchan had a much better hold on Ebou Dar than Rand had on Bandar Eban, and the people here were happy- even prosperous!" (Important thing here, go back and reread Rands POV about how he felt when he left Bandar Eban, how he felt about his failure in Arad Doman.(Beginning of Chapter 42) Now considering where we leave Rand at the end of the book, which we are all assuming he has come back to a much better place, I feel that these thoughts and realizations Rand makes in Ebou Dar will come back to him. In whatever form it ultimately ends up taking Rand will work with our use the Seanchan to bring order and peace. Not all the nations, but he will use them to unit one side, or the other, of the Aelfinn's answer to him. ~Devlin
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