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  1. i have never thought that it could be different memories ... for me , the Finns just gave him access to his old memories ( from previous lifes ) , they didn't create anything ... that's why his memories are always those of a Manetheren's soldier and that's why one hero of the horn thinks that Mat is the oldest one on the battlefield ... due to this , i don't think that he is Aemon reborn as he was fighting side by side with Aemon in one of his old memories ... and for the last question , Mat is the hornsounder and i think that as a hero ( the gambler ) , he is always supposed to be alive when the horn is sounded ... so as he obviously can't be dead and alive at the same time , he can't be a hero of the horn ... That is a good point. I suppose if Mat is the Hornblower (provided he is anymore, since that seems to have fallen to Olver), it would be hard for him to actually be a "Hero of the Horn," per se. Of course, it was never established that "Hornblower" is a title linked to one individual... well, after they blow it obviously, but it doesn't seem to be the case that it's always the same soul that blows the horn, since Olver and Mat were both Hornsounders. I have always thought there was a strong likelyhood that Mat was Aemon reborn... everything in the books (particularly the first three) seemed to be pointing towards that fact. I even remember there being speculation that he'd marry someone who could channel because Aemon had as well, despite similar misgivings about channelers. Tuon doesn't channel exactly, but she is capable of learning. Plus, the Red Eagle of Manatheren was in his viewings that Min saw, and not Perrin's, even though Perrin is ultimately the one that would use the banner of Manatheren. I don't particularly remember the part where he is fighting beside Aemon in an old memory, but even if that's the case, the memories that were shoved into his head (if you're talking about those memories and not a pre-stuffing flashback) come from other men's lives... it doesn't ever establish that they were all past lives of Mat. I like Mat. He's been my favorite character since book 3. I just had to say that, since this is his arc page. I always felt that he was perhaps RJ's favorite too, by the way he was portrayed, but of course RJ would like all his characters in their own way. Could be my own bias talking, but still...
  2. I read the book relatively quickly... one of those situations where I almost couldn't turn the pages fast enough, and upon finishing it I was most disappointed with the way that they just killed off Padan Fain off-screen somewhere... ...that is, until I was talking to a friend, went back, and realized I had accidentally turned past the page where he and Mat had their little exchange. /facepalm All in all not a perfect book, but I'm grateful for what we have. Thanks to Brandon Sanderson, Team Jordan, and Tor for doing their best (I know some would disagree, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt that they did do the best they could) to bring us the conclusion to the Wheel of Time. I don't know that it was the ending I wanted for a lot of the character's (although I did like Rand's ending), but it was an ending.
  3. I was just going to mention that Elan Morin didn't make the Bore... Lanfear (Meirin) and Beidomon (or something - someone else will remember his name) did. Indeed Beidomon is correct. We have already been told by RJ that a number of things in Curtis' theory are incorrect. Further proof that Bayle Domon needs to be watched like a hawk. The second Boring may be closer at hand than humanity thinks. Never trust an Illianer, that's what my pappy always said. Especially one who gives up smuggling to marry a Seanchan officer.
  4. You forgot one very important fact.....the Bore is closed and TP is no longer accessible. Wait... the Dark One took all the TP in the world with him when he went? So he did win a victory of sorts after all... don't shake hands with anyone from that world... Sorry, I'm feeling a bit whimsical this evening.
  5. You could read Terry Goodkind. What? You only said no Brandon Sanderson!
  6. Couldn't disagree more. RJ himself set the foundation for it, with that one Kinswoman, who was too weak to become an Accepted, but had a tremendious Shielding talent. Also, with some Kinswomen having Healing Talents that far outstripped what was supposed to be feasible for their overall strength. There was also a weak AS with the Talent of making cueindillar (the one murdered by Halima), etc. And really, the idea that in addition to just raw OP power, there is another variable, makes channeling fights a little more interesting. I mean, physical fights would be very boring too, if the strongest, biggest fighter was always guaranteed to win. Perrins would just pawn everybody and Mats would have no chance, heh. Jordan also said in some interview or QA that Talents of those with latent channeling potential often subconsciously affect their choices in life. Like, somebody with a strong Healing Talent would be more likely to become a herbwoman or whatever mundane medic equivalent. Which is why many of the older recruits after Egwene's reform were very good at Healing. So, it is logical that somebody with a latent Travelling Talent would have liked to move around a lot. Re: Travelling being overpowered, with all respect this is Jordan's responsibility. Travelling as described by him required you to know the ground you are on, not your goal (that was Skimming). And he side-stepped even this restriction in TPoD/KoD, postulating that you can Travel within line of sight without learning your ground, then Travel back to where you started and thus instantly "learn" the ground. Further, RJ was the one who made everybody of sufficient strength capable of Travelling, people who were too weak still being capable of learning the weave and using it with an angreal or a circle _and_ made it possible to make bigger Travelling portals in a mixed link, even though in LoC he described saidin and saidar Travelling as working on completely different principles. The way Jordan's Travelling worked towards the end, well it was pretty unbelieveable that it could ever have been forgotten and/or wasn't used all the time. It also pretty much invalidated a lot of normal military startegies and tactics. So, Travelling as described by Jordan was virtually an unlimited ability and Androl not having to do quick line of sight hops to "learn" the ground is an insignificant improvement. It wasn't what enabled him to do the lava gateways - anybody of sufficent strength/in a circle could have done it. It just didn't occur to them. It doesn't particularly matter whether Androl's ability was Sanderson's flair or whether it was the way Jordan wanted it... even if Robert Jordan had written the book, I think it would have felt contrary to the world he had established prior to this. Because Androl's only real ability with the one power was Traveling, it's all well and good that he would experiment with gateways... but using miniscule ones to cut leather, giant ones to summon lava, even summoning his tea from his workshop in the Black Tower? Did he somehow open the portal in between the tea and the table, or did he just slice a whole in the table surface? He may as well have been straight up conjuring things into existence. As for others being able to do this if they thought about it, he has an exchange with Pevara that indicates that's not the case - where she wonders how he knew there was a mountain spring with water in it nearby, and he mentions he didn't really, must just be part of his Talent. If he has the ability to just open gateways to bring whatever he needs or take him to wherever he needs to go, that's tipping the power balance scale a little too much in his favor. I think that's what I disliked about it. He became not so much a deus ex machina, but a walking deus ex machina dispenser. But, if you enjoyed the way his power worked, that's fine. I just personally didn't enjoy his character as much as I would've enjoyed seeing other characters that we'd been following for longer do more... or even if he used his gateways to get people places, instead of summoning stuff to him.
  7. I pictured his voice to be rather terrifying, so I always imagined him sounding like Richard Simmons.
  8. I was just going to mention that Elan Morin didn't make the Bore... Lanfear (Meirin) and Beidomon (or something - someone else will remember his name) did.
  9. Well, Perrin being Perrin and all he'd definitely bring a lot of wolves... which might make it difficult to keep the other animals alive long enough to repopulate... oh, wait... I thought this thread was about Perrin's ARK... my bad. All in all, I thought his story went pretty good... Perrin was a character that I came to associate, for good or for ill, with obsession and the feeling of growing sleepy as a result of his surprising lack of adventure while pursuing Faile... for most of several books... unsuccessfully. Still, he was a character who did benefit from the increase in pace, and as the storyline picked up speed he became more interesting again. There were certainly some characters who suffered from the overall pace increase, but Perrin, in my opinion, was not one of them. His role was an interesting one, and I did enjoy the familiarity he gained with Tel'aran'rhiod... I thought Lanfear seeking him out was a little strange... but I suppose she works with who is on hand. Would've worked better for her to just kill Rand et all by herself, though, rather than trying to get Perrin to do it. Pride, or in this case a strange desire to use men to do your dirty work, cometh before the fall, as they say.
  10. Clearly the pipe did not actually light itself. The book clearly says that would be impossible. An impossible pipe. The only logical conclusion is that since the Dark One couldn't taint saidar or saidin this time, he tainted everything else. Now channelers will be fine, but everyone who can't channel will go nuts. But since no one cares about people who can't channel anyway, all will be well again. Or maybe since Moridin was already, uh... unhinged... now that Rand has his body Rand is crazier than a fruit bat. The rest of Rand's continuing story will read like Don Quixote.
  11. He had a very brief appearance... or at least his corpse did. When Rand enters Shayol Ghul and sees the giant gaping hole that is the Dark One, Moridin references the corpse and how the Dark One doesn't need it anymore.
  12. Rule of Three in action. If anyone is presented as the perfect swordsman, it's Lan - he's always been presented as better than anyone else. Also, surely the problem with already being "maxed out" on "coolness points" already applies to Mat? And another instance of Mat getting dragged into a fight he doesn't want, and another instance of guy-with-staff-beats-guy-with-sword is surely taking the problem of repetition and exacerbating it? Sure. I won't deny there's a degree of redundancy in having Mat kill him in a duel also. I would've preferred he die in some fashion other than a sword battle, really. I just felt that if they were going to have him lose a duel, Mat would be the more logical choice. Even applying the Rule of Three, there is typically a connection made between the three at some point prior. In this case, the only real connection that Lan had to either Demandred or Gawyn and Galad was that they were all swordsmen. Lan has never fought either Gawyn or Galad prior to this, has never really been involved in fighting any of the Forsaken, has no real relation to Gawyn or Galad - he essentially only gets dragged in to answer the question: Is Lan the greatest swordsman? And that's where my disappointment with the Demandred arc lies. At the end of the day, the only thing he contributes to the story, aside from a supply of Red Shirts for the Last Battle and some speculation throughout the years as to what he's been up to all this time, is that he becomes the foil to answer the question "Who is the greatest swordfighter?" And even then... Lan's battle with him doesn't ultimately come down to who is more skilled. Where it simply about skill Demandred may have won... it was Lan's intent - to kill Demandred - that won the day. The same way Rand beat Ishamael in book three: impale yourself on their sword so they can't block and stab them. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind that Lan killed Demandred - I like Lan, think he's a cool guy, it just seemed... random. And yeah, war is random, but there just seem to be more logical choices to have an encounter Demandred. Mat would make sense because I could see Demandred going out of his way to kill him... I think Tam would be a good fit too, since they had established he was good with a sword earlier, he was the one who truly taught Rand to fight, and it would have been a nice Rule of Three progression: Gawyn - The Dragon's Brother - The Dragon's Father. I could see Demandred hunting him down as well if he knew he was on the field, since he was trying to lure Llews Therin out. As it is, Lan's not a bad choice, and certainly capable, but I don't know... felt random to me. Especially the way it was carried out, with him just riding up to Demandred and attacking him. That made the three duels feel forced. They were three actual one on one duels, sought out and intentional, as opposed to just encounters that happened to take place via the course of the battle, and that's what felt redundant and repetitive about it.
  13. I actually thought the Shadow's overall endgame plan was pretty weak... you've had three thousand years to plan, and a bunch of trollocs and Demandred getting killed in a sword duel to a Warder while linked to a full circle of 72 is all you can come up with? Even Moridin's plan with Alanna ultimately fell a little short, since in the end Alanna just decides "Oh, I'll just release the bond." Really? You've been imprisoned and dying for how long now, and you wait until he's throwing the knife to release Rand's bond? Ah well, kept Moridin from grabbing one of Rand's other bondmates. I would have preferred to see the Shadow do a little more damage, actually. Yeah, they razed Caemlyn and numerous Borderland nations, but beyond that they seem to have done more damage during the Trolloc Wars. The Trolloc Wars took place over a longer period of time, sure, but still... after planning for several millenia, I would be disappointed were I the Shadow.
  14. I can see both sides. On the one hand, split second actions and muscle memory are a part of swordplay. On the other hand, he had been channeling far longer than he had been a swordsman, and snapping out weaves should have come as involuntarily as any sword maneuver. True, the medallion would have protected Lan from many of them, but you'd think that a swordsman from the Age of Legends, who is also one of the most powerful channelers of his day, would have made the One Power a natural part of his swordplay... I mean, if he thought he was fighting Llews Therin, would he really have done things the same way? Just a sword and some rocks, like Darth Vader?
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