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  1. I may be incorrect about this, but I am assuming that many of the hasty wrap up were due to holes in the notes Jordan left. I believe these books were supposed to demonstrate Jordan's vision with Sanderson only filling in when he had to, Unless we get to see the notes, well never really know the answer.
  2. Have a feeling like this response is going to be copy and pasted a fair amount as well. "Yes clearly that's what it is. Didn't have anyting to do with the unpolished prose, blunt plotwork, wooden dialogue, "tell don't show" style or poor characterization. All that without even toching on the mistakes and structural issues. I'm just pissed Demandred came out of Shara." The point of my post was that people are so emotionally invested in this series that they are finding problems for the sake of finding problems in regards to the plot. As far as the writing quality, I think the same idea applies.
  3. The amount of complaining done about this book is pretty shocking to me. Of course there are things I would have asked to be done differently, but that's going to be true for everyone and no ones requests would be the same. The reality is, this book finished off an huge series and it did it well. People need to step back and realize how invested they were. The reason a lot of people are reacting bad is they wanted certain stuff to happen that didn't. I had the same feelings when I first put the book down. When you start to look at the book on a more general level, thinking about what happened and not each detail it only gets better.
  4. I'm the one who mentioned this before, and the more I think about it, the more I'm guessing that his move to a leadership role post LB was supposed to be assumed. He's currently married to Fail as well as being a in control of a major section of Andor. He can move any where in the world in pretty much the blink of an eye, so he is pretty powered up. Respected by everyone he has worked and fought with, with a focus being on his natural leadership. One of the good things about the end of this book is they didn't really spell out what happened, they left it up to people to decide for themselves. I think this is one of those situations
  5. Easily the most misused character in the last book. Without Rand or Matt the Dark One wins and without Perrin there is just slayer...I really believe he should have been set up as the leader of the people after the last battle. Mat to fight the battle, Rand to fight the Dark One and Perrin to forge the world afterwards. So much had been put on him being a natural leader beloved of the common people, he was the perfect person to take over and lead people into the future. He was respected by pretty much everyone in the Dragons peace and was one of the Dragon's most trusted friends. Instead, he was just a tool to kill Slayer, a character who should have been killed a book or two ago. I don't think his story line was bad, it just could have been much more.
  6. It was kind of odd that hes story was told threw a different person's POV, but I thought it was fine. I still think a showdown between him and Taim would have been much more epic then what happened, but w/e.
  7. This book easily lived up to 15 years worth of waiting. That’s a pretty huge accomplishment as far as I’m concerned. Personally, I would have liked Elyas to have more of an impact as well as Perrin having more of a role in the last battle, but that’s only cause I’m a huge fan of these two. My only real regret is that more wasn’t done with Padan Fain. I’m not sure what the original plan was with him, but I feel like it didn’t get executed. That being said, I really liked how in the end it was just another age in the turning of the wheel. I also really appreciated that nothing of the future was jammed in at the end. Pretty much was left up to us to guess at. I do hope some details get filled in with the encyclopedia, but all things considered, it was a fantastic end.
  8. Reading Perrin’s chapters in this book made me readjust my thinking of his role in the rest of the series. I now believe that he will be the rallying point for the common people in the last battle. His self analysis about being a leader and making bad decisions shows his true understanding of what it takes. I view him as somewhat of a people’s champion. Rand will bring his armies and channelers, Matt will bring his skills and technology and Perrin will bring the bodies. Perinn’s troops include everyone from seasoned soldiers to Aiel to Farm boys with bows. Some follow him because he is a good leader, but many because they believe in what he is doing. Also, he is in the process of dropping the people he rescued back all over the continent. They are going to spread the word and bring even more people. Perrin is just as important as Matt in the last battle, and I think this is how he will do his part. Is it coincidence that the prolog was all about a blacksmith gearing up to go north to war?
  9. To me there is a big difference between the darkhounds and the trollocs. The trollocs were bred using animals and humans if I remember right. Darkhounds are not crossed with anything, just tainted. Grey Men chose to give their souls over. Draghkar, I don't remember if they ever went into detail. I think the wolf to darkhound relationship is much different then the human to trolloc one. That being said, most likely nothing will happen.
  10. I've always thought that Perrin was going to do something with the Darkhounds at the last battle. They are the only shadowspawn that I can think of that were taken and twisted as opposed to just being a new species. The wolves think of them as being related. Has Perrin every tried to talk to one of them? It's been a while since I read the earlier books.
  11. The entire scene with Verin was the best IMO. It was nice to see that there are some wildcards out there actually helping Rand out. Also, I can't wait till Matt blows the horn and Verin comes out and starts bothering him.
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