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  1. Ever wonder how the average trolloc might view the story of WOT? What exactly would growing up trolloc be like? All we ever see are full grown rampaging trollocs. It begs the question where are all the Trolloc young? all the infant Mydraal? For that matter where are all the Trolloc women at? Are we to believe that Trolloc barabarism makes them inherently less sexist and more egalitarian than the average Rand lander? (Excepting of course the Seanchan who not only have women in their army but integrate them as regulars, unlike the aiel who allow their women to fight but still mainta
  2. Fain really confused me. Other than a walking zombie plague, WTF was he at the end? His POV mentioned the battle going on in the pit and called the combatants his old friends? Did he mean Elan and Rand or the DO and Rand? Was he there just to provide the idea that evil isn't monolithic? If so how does that square with the idea that the world can't be the world with the DO extinguished? Or was he really just another poor deluded creature of the DO, the unwitting last line of defense for the DO when all the other weapons had been spent ? It's easy to read his underwhelming presence in s
  3. after my first reading i admit to having been underwhelmed. However i think that was mostly becuase I was just plowing through the book to see what happened. Once I settled down and did a slower second read I saw all the little flourishes that I had missed on that first "just tell me what freaking happens to Rand' read. Much better the second time.
  4. was dead on about predicted callandor being able to handle the true power and being used as the fulcrum for the 3 become 1 using the taint to shield the DO was way off in the following was convinced either perrin or faile would die. still think this should have been the case, they were both perfectly set up to be tragic hereos lan lives, annoying, if anyone had been fated to bite it in the last battle it would have been him. letting him live after slaying demandred left me unfufilled. was convinced that elayne would die. ok with this not being the case thought loial woul
  5. the things i really wanted to be in there but were not 1. loial addressing the stump and having his shining moment as he convinces the ogier to unite with humankind. 2. afterglow, there was no bloody afterglow.
  6. My guess. Callandor can also serve as a saangreal for channelling the TP. Through it, the three powers (Saidar, Saidin, and the TP) become one. Also, In the TDR final battle between Ishmael and Rand, Callandor fends off balefire. Not sure how it that is managed, could be an inconsistency in the rules of the world, but still there it is.
  7. ok this may be a little bit off the wall but here goes my suggestion. At the end of chapter 32 when Rand is sitting by himself at his campfire, he is playing a song called "Rose of the Morning" and thinking about the crazy dreams he had been having. The song is mentioned by name 3 times in as many pages. To me that appears a little heavy handed to be just extraneous detail.
  8. I don't believe her plea was genuine. I think her appearance in his dream was her taking over the role that Moridin had previously assigned to Greandal. I'm not sure of the quote but when Moridin gave the Dreamspike to Greandal to aid in the assasination of Perrin he mentions that the task of driving Rand to distraction had been assigned to another. I'm pretty sure that dream was the first installment of Cyndane's efforts toward that end.
  9. most touching scenes (in no partilcuar order) 1. the three girls bond rand 2. elayne and aviendha go to the wise ones to become first sisters 3. rand asks to ensure that the two boys outside the walls of tear get food 4. min crawls into rand's bed after rand has been wounded by fain 5. the whole of the two rivers story arc in TSR 6. gawyn vows to betray anything and everything for egwene. 7. egwene admits her lie to the wise ones 8. rand counts the dead maidens after dumai wells
  10. I'm beginning to think the borderlanders wanting rand to meet with them in far madding has nothing to do with demandred controlling them, but rather their fear of rand being controlled by ashaman converted (or previously sworn to) the shadow. I think they know something about more than we have previously been allowed to see about how mazrim taim escaped captivity (and perhaps bashere's role in that escape) and want rand to come to far madding so that he can be isolated from the shadow tainted ashaman controlled by taim.
  11. just a comment on the writing (not the plot). Did anyone else think that the speech egwene gave when the rebel aes sedai were returning the the tower just rang cheesy? the whole legendary comment just seemed so much like it was trying to be all hipster. the plot was awesome but the writing was just not up to par for most of this book.
  12. My guess is that Demandred engineered the chaos and regicide in Seanchan and then used that chaos to take control of the Seanchan homeland. Considering the Seanchan military culture (the only army in the world that seems to have after action reviews) is far advanced of that in the west it would be an attractive prize for the Shadow's leading general. I don't entirely discount the possibility that Demandred is in Shara or the Land Of Madmen, but I do find those possibilities less likely due to the fact that adding those cultures and the characters that populate them doesn't make much se
  13. awesome read. when Rand used the TP I was in shock. I'm going to have to go back and figure out if the TP comes directly from the DO or if it can only be used by the DO's minions becuase they are the only ones who ever learned how to use it. We know that the Forsaken and DF's can only use the TP with the DO's permission, but are we sure that the DO's blessing is a requirement for any channeler to use the TP? Verin's scene was both cool and annoying at the same time. You'd think that with the level of dishonesty endemic to the DO's camp he would have tightened up the loopholes of t
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